Hol’ Up! Is Apryl Jones Calling Omarion a Deadbeat?!

apryl jones omarion deadbeat

After Omarion gave a shout out to his kids, Megaa and A’mei, on Instagram, his baby mama and ex-fiancée Apryl Jones clapped back.

It all started when Omarion posted this photo:


And this is what Apryl had to say:

apryl jones omarion kids

apryl jones omarion kids 1

Is she calling him a deadbeat for stunting with their children on the Gram?


  1. I can’t take him seriously. He’s a himbo.

    He likes dudes, so don’t know why she expected him to play house with her.

    Isn’t one of the kids by a Mexican?

  2. Women got to realize that they are going to have and raise babies on their own these days. There will be no one helping.

    • exactly, especially when you’re a BEARD…. didn’t they learn from granny and mommy that women are responsible for the kids and if they are lucky daddy might take them every other weekend…

      • You sound like a complete “coon”/idiot. Seriously. Your remarks contribute to the problem at hand today. Validating these “slave mentality-run and hide” fathers. Granny was married and mama was too…. so WHAT is your point?

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