Bow Wow Threatens to Expose Jermaine Dupri

bow wow expose jermaine dupri

What’s going on with Bow Wow? First, he was talking about he wished he never existed, and now he’s throwing out threats to expose his homie, Jermaine Dupri.

bow wow threatens jermaine dupri

Instead of calling him, Jermaine subtweeted by responding to this post made by Charlamagne instead:

bow wow threatens jermaine

Is this Bow’s cry for help?


  1. These 2 Napoleon Complex Niggas Need To Keep Their Shit Private……..#Keep It Moving.

    • Amen to that BS…stop all the down low undercover fudge-packing and be about it–stop punking out one another to get your punk ass jollies rocks off, thinkin ‘, “everybody does it”, because everybody doesn’t…D is for Dumbass of the Decade.

  2. More like looking for attention. He needs to call Adrien Broner cuz he’s the only one that wants to hear the BS Bow wow talking.

  3. Don’t care if he can exposed ratboy or not

    We know that ugly ass smurf is bisexual anyway

    But first let’s talk about all the boys bow wow had sex with didn’t he fuck Sidney Starr along with his pal Soulja boy

  4. Rumor has it all of this stuff coming out on Bow wow is for a reason they are setting up a stage to take him out and they are trying to make him look crazy to say he did it to his self I don’t know how true that is but you never know with them.

      • There’s a documentary (name escapes me) I watched about these men who only manage kids in the industry. These predators were molesting these boys for years right under their parents nose. Some ended up strung out on drugs. When it finally came to light what was happening, one predator skipped the country, another one just got a slap on the wrist and I believe is STILL working with kids in some compacity.

  5. First of all Jermaine Dupri just got a new full set of teeth, he got to learn how to chew food again and here comes Bow wow on his mid life crisis, coming undone like mike tyson after he bit holyfield ear off. That knock out tape made me feel like you need to reevaluate your whole security situation and lay low for now. Trust me this is not the time for a come back album for you. Just chill

  6. Jermaine Dupri is probably a predator but that’s why you tell truth when it’s happening and not as revenge for when you need help getting back on.

    • What difference does it make when he tells it?

      Who are you or anyone to tell someone who has been raped/abused/molested when they have the right to tell THEIR story.

  7. Those allegations about Dupri have been going on for a while. Bow Wow ain’t the first to accuse him of pedo moves.

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