Reginae Carter Confirms She’s Dating 27-Year-Old YFN Lucci


    reginae carter yfn lucci

    Since February there have been rumors that 19-year-old Reginae Carter was dating 27-year-old rapper, YFN Lucci. Lil Wayne’s daughter has finally confirmed the rumors by attending the Insta Gala Adult Prom and bringing her new bae as her date.


    1. Khia dogged her ass and toya ass

      She can’t get child support from baby no more who was really over waynes money

      Toya had to get pregnant again after reginar grew up just to get money from some dude

    2. YFN is looking to come up off who Reginae is otherwise he wouldn’t be messing with a lil girl when he’s closer in age with her mother Toya. Also, she’s not appealing enough for a grown man.

      • I disagree her dad is a Rap vet

        Wayne not my favorite rapper but he been around long enough and had hit songs and platinum albums to be considered s vet

        Reginae claim to fame is being a rappers daughter

        Toya never did nothing but reality TV and she was still using her credibility as waynes ex wife to get by

        • That’s exactly what I’m saying, he’s trying to capitalize off of her dad being a vet. Honestly, I wish her and her mama would go away, take a break and raise the new baby for 6mths! They’re in the news more then Lil Wayne!

    3. In…… 5…..4….3….2…1

      Reginae Lil’ Ass Will Be Coming On Social Media With An Angry Rant @ Anyone Who Criticizes Her Prom Post & Ugly Ass Morticia Addams Dress & Git Up!!!


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