Iggy Azalea’s New Single Flops

iggy azalea song flop

After taking a much-needed break after getting dragged all over the internet, Iggy Azalea returned with a brand new single “Team.”

Iggy had high hopes for the song, but even her fans aren’t supporting this trash. The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #42 last week. And this week, it slid down to #71.

She refuses to give up on her rap career though, and she’s begging fans to purchase the single. Too bad no one’s listening.



  1. She needs To go into acting or something no one is gonna take her seriously anymore

  2. Hold up, it makes perfect sense. The cheating scandal was just a publicity stunt, to shift her floppy disc.
    Anything is possible in hellyweird, celebrities will get sad, and pathetic people buying their sh*t their, just because these sad and pathetic people feel sorry for them. Iggy thought, people would buy her music, because Nick cheated on her!

    • That's actually possible. It would not be the first time an artist or label's PR team pulled similar stunts. Sometimes it works but not in this case.Iggy may want to go ask Rob Van Winkle what he's doing now & follow suit.

      • Iggy knows full and well, no one gives a damn! She got her 15 mins of fame, her song Fancy was a hit, but that's it.
        Artists try to regain the same position they once had, some do manage to do, but some don't. And in this case, Iggy thought lying about getting cheated on
        will shift copies, but she's sadly mistaken. It's sad, how people will fake tragedy's just to make money!

  3. next. pasty, pale skin-looking ghost. your 15 minutes of fame since that song "Fancy" has been expired. now go away…literally, and back to that country from whence you came.

  4. Fancy was garbage too. if not for teenage girls who like to shop in the mall, no one would be talking about her music "career"

  5. wack wack! she said that her and Nicki have people writing for them?? if that's the case, then Iggy they give u the Bullshit!

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