Biggie’s Daughter Paid Off to Play Nice With Diddy?

biggie daughter backtracks diddy

Diddy got aired out this morning when The Notorious B.I.G.’s daughter, T’yanna Wallace, called him out for being a liar!

T’yanna took out her frustration on Twitter after Diddy forgot to give her a ticket to the Bad Boy reunion concert that would be honoring her father this month. She also made it known Diddy hasn’t checked up on her in years.

Well, all it took was a few tweets to get everything cleared up. Diddy finally reached out to her and offered her a ticket to the show.

She also deleted her previous tweets calling Diddy a liar. You think he paid her to keep her mouth shut?


  1. im sorry but she needs to wake the f*ck up. diddy dont wanna look in ur face because u look like ur dad who he set up to get murdered so he can come up. why would you want anything from the nigga who everybody and they auntie know killed him?

    • @Neo, you left out the part about how Diddy ain't checking for her because of everything you said and he don't want her to feel like she can ask him for ANY money.

  2. He paid her off the same way he paid someone to kill her father. When is karma going to get this piece of ish they call diddy.

    • Anyday now. KarKarma is going to roasroast.Puff:s ass. Yeah he paid Ty and her momma off.

  3. Why would anyone have their cash cow killed? He didn't need to go to that extreme to get put on…Biggie was signed to HIS record label. Plus, bullets ain't got no name attached and he was sitting in the car with him when he got shot. Makes more sense that it was a West Coast thang.

    • This is not just about a west coast-east coast beef. That was a manufactured beef just like the bloods & the crips was manufactured by the same entities who created the Black Panther/United Slaves beef–the US government and it's CoIntelpro activities. The primary target was always Tupac Shakur. Biggie was just 'collateral damage' to make the west coast-east coast thing look believable. Tupac was always seen as a threat b/c of his parents being prominent members of the BP. He even said the FBI used to visit him as a kid and ask him questions. So when he became famous and was able to have platform to speak to black male youth–well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why they would target him for 'neutralization'. Tupac, if he had of lived, would have been so much more than a rapper or actor. And it's been said that there is a special police unit that's strictly focused on rappers. It's just another extension of CoIntelpro.

  4. Didn't has cheated all his artist, just to make hisself WEALTHY, off of their hard work.. Satan will cast him out to the wolves soon, everybody has their day and his is coming soon., this man would sell his mother if he could profit from it.. SMH
    Girl get your life together, don't worry about Puffy his day is coming and it won't be nice, because his money won't save his SOUL……

  5. I know she's a female so puff can't have her around but I thought he would've looked out for Big kids. A college fund, something.

  6. I remember 2-3 years ago, a you tuber exposed Biggie (can't remember his name).When he was alive, he owned an apartment building in New York, he only employed white people (jhewish people) he didn't employ black people.

    My point is, some black people didn't care about black people, their mindset is swayed by the white money.

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