Issa Fail! Iggy Tries to Make Her Cheeks Bounce

iggy azalea mo bounce challenge

Iggy Azalea participated in the #MoBounceChallenge on Snapchat, but she had a hard time trying to get those cheeks to move!

Peep the disastrous results:

Issa fail!


  1. Having a nice ass is great an all but butt implants is disgusting. The rectum area is a highly active and sensitive area of the human body and to stick silicones in it is beyond my understand. Self destruction seems to be the underlying theme of modern women ESPECIALLY black women. Ie tattoos weave, drugs, uplifting thugs, and strange butt fetish

    • You really need to learn to stay on topic instead of constantly expressing your disdain for black women. It’s becoming quite repetitive and oh so boring!

      • Mystique you fucking idiot.. Its not disdain for black women.. it’s not Liking fake asses and the black women who are fake

        • Thank you Anon. I find black women in natural state very attractive. But these other ones…man they are DISGUSTING. Its weird but when white women or other races try to mimick the superficial black women they look HIDEOUS. Look at cashmeoutside girl, Kim Kardashian and Iggy. Black standard of beauty has become a disgrace. Smdh

        • My comment was a general comment directed towards reformist. Not sure if this is your first time posting, but he says the same fucking thing on every single post.

          So kiss my fucking ass you uninformed bitch ass nigga!

    • Reformist, you ruin every post with your ” contributions.” So bored of your dumb squawking and useless opinions.

  2. What FAIL? She actually did a Pretty Decent Twerk AND Stayed on Beat. Easy to tell she’s been Practicing – Fake Azz and All.

  3. It’s actually bouncing she has tracksuits on herself and it’s hard to twerk with it. Later she posted a video where her twerking is really massive and good.

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