Fabolous Doesn’t Care About Missing Teens in D.C.?

fabolous responds missing teens dc

After posting a bunch of pics of his head-to-toe Gucci ‘fit on IG, one of Fabolous’ followers called him out and asked him if he even cares about the missing girls in D.C.

Peep his response:


Do you agree with him?


  1. I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. I will say though that the repetitive nature of his statement made it sound like he was stalling or avoiding the topic.

    • If Fab read a newspaper instead of IG he would be plenty well informed from many sources on whether he should be concerned or not. #unawarebychoice

  2. I think his statement is appropriate. Nothing is worse than someone running their mouth before they know the facts. I don’t think that statement indicates apathy on his part.

  3. Is his daughter missing or something? Why do he have to shed light on something that has nothing to do with him?

    Its great that people do snd Im sure appreciated by the people looking for these girls. But if he chooses to mind his own business, let that man be, he aint kidnap them

  4. Fab, ignore them people. if they care so much, they need to make a difference on there own. They need to gather they on following and post it themselves or go protest or something. but to get mad at someone for minding they own business is crazy

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