IG Model Says Drake Got Her Pregnant, Now He Won’t Answer the Phone!

ig model drake pregnant

Why is Drake allegedly getting IG models pregnant and then not answering their calls?

His alleged baby mama is plus-size model Layla Lace, and she leaked the text messages she sent to Drake. She also has proof that she was setting up travel arrangements with the rapper’s friend DJ Spade to meet Drizzy while he was on tour in the UK.

Lace says they hooked up some weeks later, and then she found out she was pregnant.

Peep the tea with receipts.





She looks like his type (BBW). Do you believe her?


  1. rolling my eyes…i couldn’t even get to the second line. trash and drake is trash and will get what he deserves. rolling my eyes again!

  2. WTF is that in that pic. If u think he’s ur baby daddy, have the kid. Then get a court ordered DNA.

    Gosh, I just lost minutes, i will never back.

    • Word. People trip me out posting and calling out men. Just have the baby get a test then you can brag all you want but this is nothing but a come up for 5 minutes of fame

  3. Like I heard someone mention on another forum- Drake is a Jew. He ain’t gonna have no damn kids out of wedlock. If this bitch seriously thinks she’s going to use Drake as her come up, she might end up finding herself sleeping with the fishes; and rightfully so.

  4. Something reads very true in her comments. Unfortunately, most men just want a quick thrill and it is up to women to know this and establish boundaries. If you can’t take deal with the baggage that comes with dealing with certain type of people , run away from them because they play by a whole different set of rules.

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