Hospital Staff is Fed Up With Kanye!


    While (Kardashian) sources try to paint a picture of Kanye being mentally stable enough to leave the hospital, Radar Online has confirmed the rapper is still struggling with his mental breakdown, and the hospital staff is fed up!

    Nine days after being handcuffed to a gurney and taken to the UCLA Medical Center, Kanye is still “very combative.”

    “He won’t allow doctors to do their job, and has been fighting with the medical staff non-stop. It is just making the situation that much worse. His non-compliance has become a major issue. It’s gotten so bad that the staff wants to transfer him to another hospital.”

    Can’t they just sedate his crazy azz?

    Kim is reportedly telling everyone Kanye is “fine,” but her sisters know that’s not the case at all.

    Radar says the “deranged rapper” has been “resistant” to medical care, and even made “several scenes” inside the hospital. Is anyone really surprised though?

    How soon before UCLA Medical Center gets fed up and sends Yeezy packin’?


    1. I know they have a strained relationship, but…

      I wonder if his father has seen him yet, since he went out there to check on him.

      • He doesn’t speak of his father much for a good reason it’s like most black fathers are absentee and hands off. t

        If his father had chosen to be in his life more Kanye wouldn’t be the fooled today I blame black fathers for all these black males acting like idiots.

    2. Wtf are all you talking about the question this website is asking is as if the website is government owned. Talking as if kanye is in the wrong when in reality against his will persons are holdng him and then claiming hes crazy becuz he wont let them mess with his body and touch him..

      If this was your son, brother or mother think about how wrong this is. There needs to be an outcry , if society can lock up kanye for nothing and say hes crazy becuz he doesnt wann be there and get drugged up by peesons he doesnt know and drugs he dont know then wtf..

      • Kanye does not want to be drugged up, tied down to a gurney, then given electric shock therapy. He knows they will lobotomize him is they can get him sedated. Kim will sign the papers. He needs to run far. He’s now permanently tagged as mentally ill and he knows what will happen next.

        • Lobotomies are not performed any longer. Are you thinking of electro-convulsive therapy? Even that cannot be performed without patient consent. Next of kin cannor authorize it.

          Kanye has been using stimulate drugs for a long time, and the benzodiazepines he had been using to bring him down and allow him to sleep had ceased to work. After over a week without sleep a person becomes delusional and erratic with symptoms of extreme paranoia(mimicking schizophrenia.) He basically was taken to the psych ward so they could help him detox from the benzos without convulsions. Once the patient detoxes from benzos they become effective again and the patient can sleep. The real problem is going to be getting him to stop the Adderall and cocaine which leads him to need the benzos. That will be very difficult because he feels the Adderall feeds his creativity.

          • ^^^THIS!!!!!^^^

            Finally a voice of reason!!!!

            Like I said that man is just f*cked up in the head and is NOT clinically mentally ill.

            • The hype is bullshit. just another way to make him look crazy cause he said some real truth behind that shit he said in his “rants.”

          • No silly. They don’t have to lobotomize you via traditional methods, they can do it perfectly with certain drugs. These handlers in Hollywood have the authority to do a lot of illegal, unethical shit once you are under their control; and especially if you are valuable to them. Kanye will be reprogrammed, likely, and will be kept under close supervision.

      • That mutha fuka put his own self in this position. His Confederate Flag loving as can get himself out of it. BYE BOY!!!

        • Yep Kanye put his own self in that position kissing the ass of white witches and he gets what he deserves I have not one single a piss of mercy for him.





      • THANK YOU! Like him or not, this mans rights were violated. If they can do this to him, a celebrity with supposedly money and “power”, what can they do to the average everyday citizen?

    3. How is this medical information getting out. I hope Kanye sues all the people the wife has been talking to who later print the information. Those witches cannot be trusted with information.

    4. Kanye needs to pretend to go along with the program with the goal of getting out of there and getting his own attorneys. His wife and mother in law are his absolute worst enemies.

    5. The fact that his medical stay is public gossip fodder shows this is publicity fueled bs. Why is Kanway in a hospital though? Aren’t there rest stops for rich folks? Why didn’t he go to Cedars, where all the super rich go to die or get fixed up? The whole thing is crazy and uninteresting because there are smoke and mirrors and most of us don’t have time or energy to care.

      • UCLA has one of the finest psychiatric wings in the entire country.

        Cedars is excellent, but when it comes to mental issues and drug addiction UCLA is the best.

    6. Play the game Kanye. He should instruct the docs to prohibit Kim and her entourage from being allowed access to him whilst under hospital care. He should do as asked – apart from having EST. Take the cognitive therapy, eat your meals and get well quick.

    7. He’ll calm down eventually.
      In other news: FBI is trying to violate the rights of people on the planet with Rule 41. Any celebrity come forward to stop the mass hack?

    8. I’m just tryna figure out is anyone on here commenting related to Kayne or somethin cause every body seems to know his mental state what prescriptions he’s taking when where and why he acting like this or that. Just asking!

    9. You know your a huge problem when even the staff in the psychiatric ward can’t do nothing witcha. I thought that is why they have strong strength medication & techniques…

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