Hiriam Hicks Signed Up For Latifah’s Leftovers!!!



HSK Exclusive – Details of Queen Latifah’s once close connection to the stripper who Hiriam Hicks left his longtime wife for are surfacing.

According to our tipster, Latifah was tricking off hard on ‘Miss Pooh’, back in 2001. That’s when we’re told ‘Miss Pooh’ was married to a [now incarcerated] Detroit D-boy — the reported father of her two children.

Check this .. La isn’t the only lyricist reported to have got some. Know why? Our source says during her ho’in heyday ‘Miss Pooh’ was serving up rappers who pulled through the D. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Miss Pooh’s former partner in NaNa-slang’in, Camay [the ex-wife of Mel Farr Jr., who’s said to be the heir to Jet Magazine].

Here’s the drop:

“Hiram Hicks got Latifah AND Puffy’s leftovers. Back in the day, Latifah and Puffy both smashed dat Pooh thang.”


  1. I hit it before all of them in High school and Beat up her Mamas Boyfriend her Name is Janell, she use to be a Gucci Girl and she was a Mercedes ladies the Muscle she was Turning Hoes out I tried my best to get in them Queen Latifa, party’s all women in the D her Toi, Celeste,Aunjana, Boom jet , creme, Browney, candy, these was the Good days 92 on up they started in the new Dance show Facts we started everyone SMOKING WEED IN THE BARS IN THE D FACTS BEFORE THE LIL NIGGA’S STARTED THROWING MONEY WE HAD THE MONEY ALL IN THEY ASS G STRING GARDER,BELTS BEFORE THE FOOD IN THE BARS WHEN I SEEN HER WIT MIMI, I KNEW THEN THAT’S WHO TURNED HER CAUSE POO POO IS VICIOUS SPINNING BITCHES OUT THAT’S MY GIRL 100%

    • as a former of the Gucci Girl gang I was just tipped off that was her I am in shock… Had I walked past her In the streets I would have never know she does not look the same and she does not sound the same I haven’t seen her in years WOW

  2. As soon as I saw this and knew this was her… LOL I REMEMBER here and Celeste from the New Dance Show. Detroit shit!

  3. Pooh looks transgender & so does Karlie Redd. Theonly attractive females on LHHATL are Rasheeda & maybe a couple others but for the ost part all them fake. Karlie Redd has fake booty & boobs, fake long hair & she still fugly. Pooh has fake booty, boobs, fake teeth, nose,lips & probably more. These chicks are insecure. Rasheeda the only good looking decent woman with not a fake everything

    • I knew that I remember ms.pooh…smh..she made it if she last after this season!!!!yes

  4. Pooh looks completely different to much work done.Yes she used to dance and grew up on Colfax had a rough life shes not the same Pooh i knew👎👎

  5. Yea her name is Janell started on Dance show than to strip pole.Have 3 daughters which stayed in Detroit when she relocated to ATL years ago.Wow looked prettier before surgery she didnt need all that plastic surgery.Best wishes for her and family.


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