Here’s Why Blac Chyna Is Upset With Tyga & Rob


    Blac Chyna’s on the attack against Tyga because she thinks he is teaming up with Rob Kardashian — to spread lies about her.

    Sources close to the family tell TMZ … Chyna went off after she heard Tyga’s telling people she wants to kiss, make up and get back together with him — a news flash that came from Rob.

    We’re told Chyna got pissed because she hardly talks to Tyga, and had only reached out to him recently to demand he pay King’s nannies — even though they’d normally do that on their own.

    Other sources say Tyga misinterpreted the call from Chyna, and thought she wanted to talk about more than co-parenting … something he shared with his new bff, Rob. We’re told the guys have gotten tight ever since BC and Rob broke up.

    The problem’s obvious — Rob and Tyga talk ABOUT Chyna, but Rob’s also talking TO Chyna about all of it.

    Let the secrets flow…. What are ya’ll thoughts?


    1. Well atleast Rob is telling her, but this is the bed she made. You don’t get pregnant by your ex’s girlfriend’s brother……I don’t think this makes sense.

      • Did you mean your ex-boyfriend’s girl friend’s brother. She did it for revenge. Kim got real close to Chyna while the family plotted to hoop up Kylie with Tyga. It’s predictably backfiring on her.

    2. more proof you can’t make a wife out of a whore , why do these guys all continue to make the same damn mistake and basically with the same damn females ..smmfh

    3. Anonymous. These people. Famous people have more drama. Stir up drama amongst yourselves. Can’t u live in harmony with each other. How much NI certainly life would be. Grow the funk up. We and u are not in high school. U got one chance in life…

    4. Life would be simpler with ur lies. Bull shut. Games. And so in. U are not in high school. I grew up years ago. And games almost gother me. Lol

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