Harvey Weinstein’s Pill Popping Exposed!

harvey weinstein pill popper

No big surprise that a Hollywood mega-producer would allegedly be a pill popper, right?

The disgraced bigwig was secretly photographed with a briefcase full of all sorts of goodies back in December 2016.

Weinstein was traveling on a commercial flight in first class when he busted open his case to medicate himself.


    • Ha! I have rheumatoid ,sgogrens,and lupus sle/dle and a brain tumor . and have 2 insurances. Do not have the completion for the protection and suggest your in some type of pain. They automatically treat you like your drug shopping. So i stop going and change my diet and do the best i can…

  1. That case is FULL of drugs.

    No one should carry that many drugs unless they have a fatal disease.

  2. Is this come clean season or something so everybody gonna confess to popping pulls, grabbing nuts, and pussy and having STDs, and running sex cults I mean closet bisexuals who.should have came out in 2005

    Who else doing drugs or raping girls on tourbuses and getting strippers pregnant

    • They are not doing it voluntarily – It is the Universe doing a Spiritual purge. Expect much more and bigger headlines.

  3. How tsa let this fat bastard on with a briefcase full of pills, like really? Tsa is lluminati, real talk. How they letting mfers on with a mfing briefcase of drugs knowing this bastard dont have the scriptZ for them. Wow tsa exposed

  4. I’m just waiting for the exposé of him mounting his wife’s dog. Well, what else evil is there for him left to do? Paedophilia✔ Sex pest? ✔ Drug abuser?✔ Bestiality?

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