Halle ‘Done With Love’ Berry Breaks Down During Major’s Concert

halle berry major concert

Halle Berry is really going through it after her breakup with Alex Da Kid.

After announcing to her fans that she was “done with love,” she got emotional and broke down on stage while singer Major serenaded her.



  1. Here are the real reasons why hit and run Halle is going through it:

    1. She is over 50, looks like she is 60 and is no longer black hollywood’s number 1 sex symbol.

    2. Taraji P Henson is the new popular black actress #ProudMary

    3. She has been fucked and dumped by a gang of white guys

    4. Every guy she has given up the pussy to has dumped her; she continues to blame the men instead of herself.

    5. Most black men no longer find her attractive, they find her atrocious.

    • All that’s wrong!!! She dates losers who know she will eventually leave them so they tap out before she can.

      If Halle wanted to be married she would be! I don’t care how old or wack her vajay is, she is still beautiful, rich and famous and a man will marry her just for either of those 3.

      Halle got enough money to reconstruct her vagina and face if that was the actual problem.

      And at 50 she still beautiful. I know most men find this hard to believe but not every woman wants husband! My Mama divorced my Daddy and he been trying to get back with her since. My principal in middle school and counselor and high school wanted to marry my Mom and she turned them both down.

      Janet Jackson is the same way, that debarge guy still in love with her.

      What men don’t know is water from a shower and vibrators feel better than your penis, the only thing you have over it is cuddling and kissing and half of y’all try to rush through that.

      It perhaps maybe Halle just wanted kids and not a husband. That’s what my Mom said she wanted but my Dad wanted to get married.

    • Halle has bipolar disorder, but Hollywood calls it “low blood sugar due to diabetes” anywho…. maybe that’s the reason for unsuccessful relationships. she is all over the map emotionally.

    • Your crazy as shit. Halle looks wonderful for her age! She don’t even look 50! She looks a million times better than these instagram hoes with fake lips, fake hair, fake , asses etc that that to look like kardtrashians. Unless your Halle or any man she’s been with (which your fucking not) you need to stfu because you don’t shit

  2. I don’t like falsettos. Maybe that’s why she got into her feeling there. This is an academy winning actress that has allowed her personal issues get in the way of her money. It’s too bad. It’s better to keep your life private private private. I from afar know way too much about her and I shouldn’t. She chases after emotionally unavailable men. That’s not good when you yourself aren’t right in the head. She needs to submit to therapy and then find a nice gentlemen closer to her age and settle down. Hopefully someone not in that sewer industry.

  3. Plenty of beatiful woman don’t want husbands. The singer Mya, she can get someone to marry her clearly without having sex with them first, so can Halle and so can Christina Milian if that’s really what they wanted to do even as hoes. Many men are marrying hoes with no problem Cardi B, Draya, black Chyna…. and many more so that has nothing to do with any thing. There will always be a man ready to marry a beautiful female even if the next nigga don’t won’t her.

    I’m trying to figure out when did this woman are out to get chosen epicdimict start because woman do the choosing in my world. I’m so lost!!!

    • Maybe that’s why y’all are confused about Halle. maybe Halle, Mya, Janet and Christina still have the old mentality of doing the choosing and not waiting to be choose. Because I personally know plenty of men that will marry any of them.

    • Wrong. Mya is a KNOWN Ho in the DMV area.

      Unless she’s worked hard to transform her Ho tendencies- she WILL continue to be known as the cute, ran through mixed chick.

    • Men turn more hoes into house wife’s than wholesome woman. So that statement is not true.

  4. like all hollywood actors, Halle is told who to date. ever notice how they all date each other in hollywood/music industry??? hollywood is an OCCULT industry where actors and actresses, who want to make it to halle’s level, have to get down with the get down, to include beastiality, GROUP HOMOSEXUAL sex, child abduction/rape/sacrifice, eating poop, ritualistic lucifer worship, and riutualistic DEMON POSSESSION to name a few. could you date someone into this???? NOT ME!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPCYR_94bMc&t=1s&list=LLPVfjFGGTKEi7d-g6HcNZpg&index=2

  5. Halle has a knack doesn’t she, ok wait a minute. Halle dates a DJ and expects loyalty, she’s going for players like she always does.

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