Halle Berry: “I Begged to Be Spike Lee’s Crack Ho”

halle berry spike lee crack ho

In a new interview with W Magazine, Halle Berry reveals she basically had to beg Spike Lee for the “crack ho” role in “Jungle Fever.

Halle auditioned for the gig with a background in modeling, so she had to prove herself as a serious actress. The industry looked down on models at the time, so Halle said she had to “beg and prove herself over and over again” just to land the roles she really wanted.

When Spike first met Halle in 1991, he knew he wanted her to play the role of his wife in the film, but Halle had different plans.

“I said to Spike ‘You know I really am eyeing this crack ho role, can you please let me audition for that?’” – Halle Berry

Spike responded with, “No, no I don’t see you as the crack ho.” That’s when Halle started begging.

“I said, ‘I am the crack ho. Really deep down I’m the crack ho!’” – Halle Berry

And we all know how this story ended. Halle got her wish and was given the role as the crack ho. She said it was an “amazing way” to start her career.

Do you think that’s all she had to do to get a role in the film?



  2. ^^^^ No other black actress in the history of hollywood has had as much success as Halle Berry. Her performance in Jungle Fever was outstanding, but Halle Berry is not a very good actress. It's interesting that hollywood gave Halle Berry the a-list spotlight over better black actresses such as Angela Bassett, Regina King, Salli Richardson or Carmen Ejogo. Don't forget Halle won the Oscar for doing a raunchy sex scene in the movie Monsters Ball. I'm sure that scene was a representation of all the rich, powerful white men Halle sucked, f*cked and ghetto gagged on!

  3. Fact: Halle Berry was not the first choice for the movie Monsters Ball. Angela Bassett and Vanessa Williams refused to do the movie!

  4. I have some questions, how come Halle Berry never starred in a movie with Denzel Washington? Why did it take over twenty years for Halle Berry to star in a movie with Morris Chestnut? Why did Halle lie about David Justice hitting her? Why did Halle Berry give such a weak performance in the movie X-Men? Last question, why did Halle Berry insult and ridicule black men, knowing that we are her target audience?

    • becasue the jews sign her paychecks and she does what she is told hallie berry is a good whore for these men allof these women in hollywood are whores regardless what race they are. black hollywood will never be accepted no matter what they do. NO ONE IN BLACK HOLLYWOOD HAS POWER. CLIVE DAVIS runs black hollywood.

      • @NBA!…Another Question!.. Why did Halle, act is if Eric Benet was a sex addict, just because he cheated on her, bad in bed, crazy ass??? She left out the fact that Eric accompanied that bitch to the premiere screening of Monsters Ball, and he saw the uncut version of her f*cking that Nazi Klansman, Billy Bob Thornton!…He was highly upset, and left!…He lost all respect for that bitch!…Why ain't nobody talking about that?

        • @Truman!.Not just Hollyweird men, most so-called men!…The womb is sacred, and so is the pathway to the womb!…Men that are about the dirty dick slinging, can have at it!..It's not wise for a female to compete with the immature antics of an unlearned man!…We should always behold ourselves, to a higher standing!

          • @Truman! That's why the slut is promoted! The birthrate will be affe ted by infertility!… That's why pharma companies are lying about there being a antibiotic shortage! The pharmaceutical companies ate also making the antibiotics less potent on purpose, so that people weill believe that their are new strains of diseases that aren't cure by the current antibiotics! It's quite clever! They're no longer treating STD's on purpose!….

        • I never understood why Halle lied about Eric. That sex addiction scandal became his whole life story. And why did Halle not keep in contact with his daughter India when she had even adopted her?

          • @Sarah!.. Study the Narcississt and you'll get your answer!…You dont dare confront a narcissist on their bullshit because, they'll go on a lying campaign, destroying your image, and reputation to others! She's a classic case, ole sick bitch! Whern you stop worshipping her, you become the devil!..Eric saw her f*cking Billy Bob for real, and she didn't warn him!..He thought that the bitch had integrity, he was shocked!…She took roles that women of integrity turned down, and became a star!

        • Umm… I love all your posts but Eric is GAY GAY and more GAY.

          Seen him multiple times in LBC with his boyfriend.

          Just sayin…

          Carry on.

  5. That bitch played that role like she lived it!
    As she did with "Losing Isaiah"…. She played the hell out ta those roles!

  6. What's interesting about Jungle Fever is that Spike was dating Veronica Webb at the time he put Halle on the casting couch!

  7. Still don't understand why Halle made it instead of Salli Richardson. Look up Jacky's archives, Salli is a certified dirty BDSM hoe (Ask Robert DeNiro)! I guess the white hollywood Gatekeepers like Halle's p*ssy over Salli's!

  8. Halle Berry f*cking Spike Lee is proof positive that if a man has money and power, a gorgeous woman will give up the p*ssy and the throat in a instant!

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