Blair Underwood Hit With Tax Lien

blair underwood irs tax lien

Yet another black celeb has been hit with a tax lien, and this time, it’s actor Blair Underwood who has received a state tax lien.

Cali is demanding the actor pay $49,396 in unpaid taxes in a lien that was filed earlier this year in Los Angeles. The lien lists the actor’s wife as a co-debtor for the money owed.

The state is ready to start seizing his assets and properties if he doesn’t pay up. Even though it was filed earlier this year, Blair still hasn’t paid a dime!

He joins a long list of celebs who haven’t been paying their taxes, including Iggy Azalea, Cam’Ron and NeNe Leakes.


    • @Sarah!…You little Hotsy totsy!??? He's been married for over twenty (20) years, where have you been?..???

  1. The IRS is not playing! They are going after alot of black hollywood celebrities! It pisses me off that the IRS will not go after Donald Trump, General Electric or Monsanto. It's true, the richest white men pay less taxes than the poorest black men! And this country expects us to pledge our allegiance to their flag? BULLSHIT!

    • @NBA! Tell me about!…All of the Ethnics get knocked first, but that goes without saying!…What can you do, especially when most of us submit cowardly?…✌ ✌

        • @Chernise!…Al Sharpton's office is located inside of the Empire State building, and only government minions, are allowed to do that!…Al is the devils advocate, and can't be compared to a low level, entertainment coon, or an everyday schmo!…There are devils to this shit, and certain perks, come with certain levels…A person can't make a proper assessment, about the goings on of government, unless the understand the game!…✌✌

          • P.S! When they want there money, they'll take it right out of Al Sharpton's ass, if they haven't already!… Black people are devil's too, you know!…People of all races commit high treason!…Al Sharpton is a race traitor, to say the least!…

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  3. This says two things to me:

    California is bankrupt so it is going after people

    Just because the name is Goldstein, Silverman or Abramowitz, doesn't mean that you are going to get your taxes done correctly.

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