H-Town Stripper Jhonni Blaze Goes in on Erica Mena!

Jhonni Blaze vs. Erica Mena

HSK Exclusive – Remember that Houston stripper who MTO falsely reported suffered a miscarriage “in the middle of her dance set” … the one we told you was once pregnant for NFL running back, Bernard Pierce? Well, she’s got a big problem with Erica Mena … and claims she’s heading a ban against the LHHNY reality star from her H-Town stomping grounds.

We’re talking about Jhonni Blaze [stage name], whose claim to fame is ‘Twerk Goddess.’ Insiders say the H-Town stripper — who Drake and RiRi recently squandered $17,000 in make it rain money on — has beef with Mena because of her recent disses on strippers.

Check it:

jhonni-blaze-vs-erica-mena-4 jhonni-blaze-vs-erica-mena-3 jhonni-blaze-vs-erica-mena-2 jhonni-blaze-vs-erica-mena


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    J(ho)nnie…is a filthy stripper pig who needs to get her self esteem up from the gutter..ugly dark flat nosed fake booty abortion prone scumbag CUNT
    Erica moved up Johnnie still suckn dick after 2am til she retires from the pole and porn.
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