Gwyneth Paltrow Called To Comfort Hova & Beezus After Elevator Fight


Gwyneth Paltrow recently said in an interview, when she saw the Beyonce and Jay Z’s elevator fight on social media last May, she immediately picked up the phone and reached out to the power couple.

Here’s what Gwyneth Paltrow revealed:

“I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends. My best friend is Cameron Diaz. Jay Z and Beyonce are my others. We became friends after I met them at a benefit in New York.

I normally don’t do that but we vibed in that particular case. They’re the greatest people. They are funny and sweet, and self-aware and intelligent. I never say ‘What’s going on?’ If any of my friends have anything like that, I call right away.”


  1. Say what you want, but that’s the happiest I’ve ever seen Jay look. And when have you seen a photo of Goop cheesin’ with a big smile? You haven’t. These three really are friends.

  2. Let’s forget this BS story. Let’s talk about the Russian owner of the Nets putting his 80% share up for sale and what impact this may have on Brooklyn and the Barclay Center.

    • She’s hot by white mans standards not Black males standards ! She’s the type of white women that a poor meaning not rich in the public eyes Black male could score stop having white people tell you all what’s really beautiful ! If she wasn’t a rich white woman she would easily pass for average look at her again ! No body straight 6 o’clock flat nothing stands out ! Gwen from no doubt the singer is hotter and even she looks almost averge ! Pink , scarlet , sienna miller , Rachel Nichols now they are some attractive white females ! Plus have a shape that’s actually flattering on the eyes but this chick here hell nope ! Hell her mother is hotter then she is and she’s old….! She should’ve spent more time on the phone trying to keep her marriage alive and less time being nosey in other people’s love life she would’ve have seen hers falling apart !
      Jz looks like a camel sooo he’s far from a catch , Gwen looks like an average soccer mom, and Beyoncé looks fake her skin complecxion is fake her ass is fake meaning she Sponsors butt pads everything that makes her sooo hot ain’t worth the ink its printed on ! Now we’ve all seen them without makeup and we’ve all known some one we’ve seen on a daily basis or passer by that looks stunning even when they’re not even trying ! I’ve been with women just like that an I’m with a woman like that now nope not bragging just appreciating what I’ve got! The only thing that separates them is income that’s it but at least I know exactly what I laid down with and happy to wake up with !

  3. U know she did more than make a phone call. Ppl in hollyweird fix their problems by having 3somes.

    On a personal note; i find JZ very unappealing. But this is the best pic I’ve ever seen of him.

  4. They slap skin with this chick? I guess that’s the best Jay-Z could do, despite having deep pockets. If they swing like that, Beyonce is the “Cupcake.”

    • Tyrone is everything based on looks alone?
      And for the record People Magazine named her the “most beautiful” last year at 40. She’s a goddam Oscar winner ffs. Don’t tell me that she would not be considered desirable in the celebrity world of ‘you are who you can f*ck’. I mean he HAS the hottest chick in the game already…

      • Not saying that Gwyneth is an unattractive woman, I wouldn’t make moves on her…Just Me! If I had Beyonce in my camp, rest assured, the other woman would be on her level. All kinds of ish going on in “The City.”

      • People gave her the accolade after that chick from Hunger games, Jennifer Lawrence turned it down. The one who is now f*ckin Gwinnies ex husband. So that People title doesn’t mean a damn thing. Nobody I know considers that boney stringy haired squared jawed heffa beautiful.

        • I Agree! Jennifer Lawrence is head and shoulders above Gwyneth Paltrow in the looks department. Nowadays, it’s about the curves curves curves.

      • Her publicist pushed for that. GOOP is plain by any standards. All she has is a stick body for clothes and some bleached hair. I can pick five women off the street right now better looking than her. What GOOP has that other actresses don’t have are connections. Nepotism is HUGE for GOOP.

    • I know right. I was just saying the same damn thing. All three of them are definitely getting it in.

      • Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. But if they are, it’s not the typical threesome on Molly one-nighter
        that is the norm in Hollywood. You can tell they have a genuine relationship based on more than JUST sex.

  5. I have never found Jigga attractive. In that picture he looks good. He looks happy.

  6. Ive been seeing this story everywhere online, I dont understand the purpose. The elevator fight was way last year, that’s over. They’re rehashing this again to say what? To remind us that the three are friends? I thought people already knew that though. If they’re doing it for relevancy, this is pretty pathetic.

    Btw, Goop and Beyonce are looking pretty disheveled in that photo, Camel’s all smiles from ear to ear, wonder what did they just get done doing??

  7. She called huh? Im surprised she didnt just roll over in bed and hand the phone to whichever one was layng between her legs at the moment. Freaks.

    • For real. I hear that Bush doesn’t wear deoderant so I imagine she smells like wet dog and beer.

      • She’s a vegan. If she practices good hygiene/bathes 1-2 times a day she might not smell bad without deodorant. The meat and dairy is usually what causes odor. I went vegan 3 years ago and drank lots of water, and i didn’t need deodorant either, but of course i took 2 showers a day. Use all organic soaps like peppermint and grapefruit, I had such a fresh natural smell. Time for healthy living again….*sigh

  8. Jayz ginning like a mug! Hes happy as a pig in caca cuz he knows soon as they get home its on like Donkey Kong. He looks so ecstatic he almost looks cute. Sweetest smile ive ever seen on his face.

    • That’s what I’m sayin’. He looks good!! It’s amazing what a smile can do.

      • It’s amazing what white p*ssy can do to a color struck negro

        You ever seen him smile that wide when JUST pictured with his wife? lol

  9. Bey looks so much better with less blond non yaki wefts. Wish she would go back to natural brunette. She looks pretty here.

    • I find it odd that she has NEVER worn her real hair as long as she has been in the spotlight. I mean, not never? Don’t you get sick of all that after a while? I would. I like feeling my scalp too much I guess.

      • Few and far between Joi. Her mom was dying her hair as a child so her scalp is probably numb. You have to do a search beyonce real hair to see the struggle ponytail and transition styles between the highlight and lacefront damage. She has natural thick long healthy hair so when goes natural she will break the internet(whatever the hell that means). She should retire the blond and let Tinashe take the reins.

  10. Who ever made the first comment your dumb as all f*ck, that satanic f*cker is smiling because he gets to screw his wife and her blond best friend, he don’t smile that damn hard in pics with his wife smh sheep

    • Guess what? YOU are the sheep if you believe the whole PR created story that the Carters are Satanists. They do that because it makes them seem more exotic and dangerous, just like the Illuminati stuff. It’s all an act fed to the sheep for the benefit of the Carter’s fame quotient.
      BAAAAA BAAAAA motherf*cker.

        • Yeah, and the Easter Bunny is real too.

          You ever heard of a gimmick? The old rock stars did the same shit in the 70s and now admit it was for the press and attention.

  11. Jay Z is very good friends with Chris Martin and that is the only reason why Gwynnie is around Beyoncé – makes sense to me.

  12. The full opened handed grip of a dudes hand on the top of a womens rib cage which would mean directly underneath the womens tiddy is a public display of a mans ownership of that women to other men,

    plus camel has both hands placed in the exact same place on both hoes rib cages, and both hoes heads are tilted exactly the same and leaning into camel at the angle…menage a three no doubt but id have to pass on three if i had to f*ck a pasty white hoe..peace to john crawford, tamir rice

  13. Look, all I’m sayin is that for an allegedly homely guy, dude gets the Grade A p*ssy.

    That is all.

    • His money and fame gets it. Let’s not get it twisted. If he was Jay working at Burger King these broads wouldn’t look at him twice.

      • You could say that about Henry Kissinger too.
        Old ugly dude is now dating Padma Lakshmi the beautiful Indian lady from Top Chef. You know they saw power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Men look for beauty as the trophy, women look for the qualities which bring a man power.

      • @ Love my fans I’m not defending Paltrow’s looks, but I think it’s a cultural thing not a beauty thing. White people really do find her beautiful. I mean, even if her PR team arranged it, People can’t name someone Most Beautiful if they are homely.
        It’s the same thing as when we think a sista is gorgeous and white folks don’t get it. It’s not so much racist as it is cultural taste. They find Halle berry beautiful because her look is familiar to them. Same with Kerry and Gabrielle. Viola Davis, not so much.

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