Gucci Mane & His Girlfriend to Star in TV Show?

gucci mane keyshia ka'oir tv show

Now that Gucci Mane’s a free man, he’s allegedly looking to give fans a deeper look inside of his life through a new docu-series on Oxygen network.

According to Fameolous, Gucci and his ride or die Keyshia Ka’oir are finalizing their contracts for the show. The program will follow the rapper as he gets back on the scene following his prison stint for possessing a weapon as a convicted felon.

The docu-series will also go behind-the-scenes of his relationship with Keyshia.

A release date has yet to be announced, but are you excited to see Gucci on your tv screen?


  1. Gucci mane is cloned an shes his handler he dont even look real anymore. They did something to him ehile he was in jail

    • Huh???? Like WTF, take your meds dude. Why would anyone want to, need to clone this niggah?

    • Go to her instagram page and check out the video with him and her in the tub
      His ear dont look real and i'm not even into believing about cloning
      Go check it out…….. u might b right

  2. Yeah he look fake like thats not him i beloeve they cloned him something aint right wit him

      • People have plastic surgery all the time to look like famous people. Might just be that.

        • Um seriously, out of all the mutha fugguz inty one would want to look like, why on earth would someone want to pay to look like Gucci Mane?

          • Lots of people look like someone else. If you can make money from it why not? Do you think the current Eminem is the real Slim Shady?

            • Yes. Yes I do.

              Cloning or recreating a fully grown adult would be the greatest feat of science to date. It would literally change life as we know it.

              And someone thinks that they would choose Gucci Mane to be the one that they clone?

              Where do people come up with this idiocy? This even makes the sacrifice shit look sane.

  3. I'm not here for their show but I would like to see Keyshia getting on a flight to Dubai. Would that be edited out though?

    • Oh the shade…LOL
      Do you think they want her in Dubai? Don't nobody in Dubai want that hood rat. Amber and Black Chyna already have that market on lock. Now she could earn in Atlantic City or at the Baltimore Harbor.

        • I used to love LSA but that place became too crazy for me. The tea dried up and people were arguing left and right. It was crazier over there than it is over here.

  4. Man, I had to take a second look because the picture and the name didn't connect in my brain. I don't recognize him. I'll look for the ice cream cone tat on his face when I see a clearer picture.

    • LOL YES went through my mind especially with these CLONING comments LOL.


      OMG I remember when he got that silly thing lmao.

      He does look skinny. I think when ppl get locked up and come out, they do look different. No real fresh air or food….

  5. I checked out Keysha's instagram page
    It was interesting ……. like she is very, very in love with Gucci
    She is Jamaican and have a very good looking mother and grandmother, lol
    Even though i dont put anything pass hollyweird and cloning, i think
    that is the real Gucci and he just lost a whole lot of weight
    But who knows, lol

  6. But i dont see the ice cream tattoo on his face anymore
    I know it sounds dumb, but wonder if they make them get tattoos removed in jail?

  7. Man some on here is just stupid, Keysha is a personal weight trainer and most likely encouraged Gucci to loose weight because she lost a weight, she at one time was more of a thick women but either way she is fine and beautiful

  8. Gucci been cloned tru shit look it up and someone mentioned that tat is missing

    • Seriously.

      No one who has any sort of intellectual capacity could fall for that absurd YouTube bullshit. It makes me sad to read how many people here buy into that ridiculous stuff.

  9. HELLO!!! they would clone Gucci because he has a large following of teens who these wicked pervs market to. PLUS he RAN his MOUTH. They couldn't control him and make money off him too. That dude acts like a damn soulless robot. Weight loss does not take away your essence. What made him Gucci, foul ignorant just plain silly, is GONE!

  10. I posted some of the questions that were asked in response to your previous post. I think the self-selected nature of this audience screened out true skeptics – at least I didn’t hear any of them voice their opinions. Most questions were about joining the NPSL google group. Time for questions was very short – it would be a great thing to promote further discussion about – with/through NCG and listserv – or, gasp, another scheduled presentation in 2L that folks could join remotely

  11. “come on were almost there lets run it in together”. great idea I thought and not wanting to get chicked I thought I would give it a try. that lasted about 50 feet before i was hobbling along to the finish where a beer awaited me!

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