Glady’s Knight’s Son Blackmails Her Over Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

gladys knight son blackmail

The battle between Gladys Knight and her son just got messier.

Gladys has been fighting her son, Shanga Hankerson, over the chicken and waffles restaurants that were opened in her name. Gladys is suing to have her name removed from the restaurants after Shanga was charged with stealing $650,000 in taxes owed to the state of Georgia to fund his lifestyle. The GA Department of Revenue have raided three of the restaurants so far.

The judge entered a default judgement in favor of the singer after Shanga didn’t show up to court, but now, Gladys says her son’s lawyers reached out to her saying they need more time to respond to the lawsuit.

They threatened Gladys that if she didn’t give them more time, they would reveal her Alzheimer’s diagnosis to the public.

The singer denies the health condition and says her son is trying to “embarrass and harass” her. She wants the court to keep the default judgement in place, but her shady son is fighting to get it overturned.

Messy, messy…


  1. Wow this is how your child or children repay you fir setting them up in business.. He needs a good old fashion ass whipping, he needs to pay his taxes and stop stealing from the business.. I don't know when people will learn to live within their means.. this is just shameful, be a man and handle your business….

    • Her son is a bitch ass punk straight up! And it points to bigger issues in our community that fonts here don't give Miss Gladys any protection, the typical mammy caping caring more about his bitch male ass than the women he chose to shame for the world to see! Infants, girls, women and elders, BW aren't protected or respected by BP!!

      • This is so wrong and when THE ALMIGHTY gets a hold of him, nobody is going to be able to deliver him out of GOD's hands. Honor your mother and father that your days may be long upon the earth. This boy don't know he has crossed the line and not in a good way. When he finds his life i constant trouble he will need his mother's help again. He is a sad ass punk bitch ass dude.

  2. She's 72 and may have some 'old timers' disease. So what. She aint sitting in a corner drooling! This shit here is so uncool. Just break the contract and be done with it. Sounds like Gladice might be broke and can't afford this loss and son mad about it.

    • Oooooo..U hit this one on the head! I agree with everything! Everybody is going to have some kind of memory lapse in their life, so what is so different about Ms. Gladys? Her son needs to get knocked upside his dumbass head and give his Mama her money back.

      • Memory loss aka senile dementia is one thing, but Alzheimers is a terminal disease.

        It is horrible.

      • I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!!! Not everyone goes through memory lapse and I plan on being one of those people who does NOT…lol.

  3. He's a classless piece of shit. She shouldn't be going through this, especially at her age.

  4. Her son is an asshole and black women this what happens when you coddled your damn sons. Lots of spoiled black sons are assholes and hate their mamas for giving them everything. He doesn't respect her period. She needs to cut him off in every possible way cut him out of the will get his name off any life insurance policies.

    Yall black mothers take heed this is your future unless you handle shit now and back off coddling spoiling and giving your son everything under the guise of protecting him.

    Black male hoes ain't even loyal to their own mamas!!

    • True. They ain't loyal. They pretend to be but really they're just waiting for you to start to age / decline then they can be who they really are.

      • Black elder abuse is on the rise. But sssh we can't talk about it without blaming the illuminanti or the dwight man, why 70 year old BW are catching HELL from their own flesh and blood.

    • You give you kids everything, they hate you…you make them struggle and they hate you. Many Black women can't catch a break in this world. Black males are brainwashed from an early age not to respect the black women in their lives, period. Spoiled or not.

        • If you are sane and balanced you will raise children who are the same. Unless they have some mental defect.

          The sad truth is most people lack sanity and/or balance which leaves us as a society pretty much screwed. Same thing with dogs. When the owner is off the animal is too.

            • It's true. People who are not balanced have dogs who are out of control. Shit I have been watching too much dog whisperer…lol.

      • Not true because i am Black and i adore my Black mother. I will kill for my mother if someone crosses her.

  5. I don't know her net worth but right about now she is redoing her will and this guy is not on it. He will of course contest it in court when she passes. She needs to make it air tight and take care of her grandchildren if any. He needs to set up his own joint and leave his mother out of it. This is elderly abuse and if it continues, the law should prosecute him for it.

    • Yes it's elder abuse, financial exploitation and now defamation. He's a low down dirty dog any male who shames his mama like this is a bitch.



  7. The world's heart is hardened and growing cold. It makes me shiver to think about what's coming next.

  8. Gladys had a very serious gambling problem. We pass on our genes, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional to our children. She didn't know what to do with her money, so how could he? clearly, there was no father around and this is the issue.

    It is very difficult being an entertainer and having children. children will always resent you because you are a public figure.

    • Gladys had a gambling problem, which she admitted to, YEARS ago. As for his father not being around that couldn't be further from the truth. His dad is Barry Hankerson of Blackground Records.

      Barry is the late singer, Aaliyah's uncle and R. Kelly and Toni Braxton's former manager. Despite their divorce, Barry was very involved in Shanga's life and in fact, Shanga lived with him for a time. He also kidnapped Shanga when he was divorcing Gladys and took him to Africa…but that's tea for another time.

        • Yeeeeepppp! Africa! I think he kept him there for a month or so before she ever even knew where he was. Their divorce was horrible…but they became friends later. He convinced her that Shanga, who has always had a weight issue, should live with him and his older son Jomo…that he needed to be with them to learn how to become a man. So she relented.

      • I stand corrected on his father. But once an addict, always an addict, even if it is a behavior like Gambling. She IS a gambler and money management was, is and always be a problem for her, so I doubt she was able to help him with the money thing.

        As for that divorce and kidnapping, I didn't know all that tea.

        Now, I can see why the boy got problems.

        • Hold up! This PUNK BITCH is dissing his famous mama for the world to see but yall trying to make HIM into a victim?!

          That's why black males are f*cked up! Too many mammy bw making excuses he isn't a baby he's old as hell!

          • No excuse, just fact and science. If you have an addiction that controls your life, it will negatively affect the children if you have any. Children have to be taught and if you can't teach them, or can only teach your bad habits/addiction to your children, yes, they will repeat.

            No mammying. No sista soldier here.

            You think a girl raised the same way would turn out different?

            • Nope sorry I'm staying focused on the main point: an ungrateful bitch ass son choosing to publicly shame his famous mother. That's it period. He's not a child he's a grown damn man. Put down the cape stop mammying that's the prob with our black males too much coddling and they grow to hate the people who do that.

              • First off, this is a lawsuit and they cannot talk to each other. His lawyers not him, are threatening to reveal, IN COURT DOCUMENTS, an ALLEGED diagnosis. Even so, everything must be proven in court. False accusations come with a price.

                Secondly, Try reading in full, with comprehension and get beyond the headline. This is a messy situation between an entertainer and her son. Maybe he is a DBRBM or maybe it is because of all the shit that comes along with being the child of an entertainer, especially one with a behavioral addiction.

                Thirdly, WTF you callin’ mammy or caper? BWE is great and an intellectual movement whose time has been long overdue, but DBRBW like you, take a really good thing and try to browbeat all black women with your fascist name calling. Don’t tell me ‘bout black men with your brand new BS, I’ll tell you ‘cuz you only know what you read, I know what I saw, and see every day.

                But I won’t because I don’t have to prove shit to you.

                So go have a good cry with your girl Christelyn in a big wine goblet, hiding behind a biracial 9 year old because HER efforts to form an army against DBR with a white power asshole did not work.

              • Your long ass message completely proves several points about you and I'm still on point: AN ASSHOLE IS DISSING HIS MAMA IS PUBLIC. The asshole happens to be a black male and by me not agreeing with you to cape for a male brings out GASLIGHTING.

                All that other nonsense is to get off topic also known as GASLIGHTING.

                Gladys Knight's son IS A BITCH ASS PUNK and so are YOU.

              • No gaslighting. Just your inability to think with complexity or to evaluate more than one idea. No one is falling over points you think are brand new. So you get in your rage (no feelings, too complex for you. All you can handle is rage).

                You are miserable, crunchy, basic and bitter as hell.

                Stay that way. You deserve it.

          • You're, they, their, males, Yall, black males hoes, black males ain't shit. You're way off topic and included a whole population. Since you're off topic anyway, flip the coin and EXPAND the topic. SMH at a shade thrower. You're way beyond Glady's and her son.

            • Still failing to stay on point still gaslighting and caping for an elder abusing black male. Black people are lost all they do is cape and make excuses for criminal males look around your community, that's your karma. E thugs don't mean shat to me, you're the fools who still live with your grandmamas, whom you most likely elder abuse as this fool is doing to Gladys.

  9. Oh and don't worry… He can say anything. Incompetence, not Alzheimers, is what needs to be proven. And that is the point. She can forget where she put her keys every damn day and her name, but if that is only for 5 minutes a day, he ain't got nuthin' to stand on.

  10. Poor Gladys. Such an enormous talent. I hope this business can be swept under the rug. She is too much of a legend to have to deal with this in the public eye.

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