Gladys Knight Shuts Down Facelift Rumors

gladys knight facelift

Gladys Knight took some time to address all the people who think she went under the knife and got a facelift. The singer said her flawless appearance is thanks to good genes and clean eating.

Here she is September 2016. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like the same face to us. What do you think?


  1. She’s had something done other than genes and clean living.
    She’s a senior citizen and gravity alone leaves a mark. Maybe the work wasn’t intrusive like surgery. Laser? Hell, HWood got the latest tricks for face reconstruction. Smoke and mirrors!

  2. She may not have had a facelift but she sure as hell did something cause she had been looking haggard. I must say though that she looks very refreshed. She has always been beautiful and classy.

  3. LMFAO…why didn’t you put one of the pictures of her looking like aretha in the face as a comparison? The before pix are def out there.

    Hell NO I don’t believe her, she was starting to look like droopy dog and fixed it…

    • Yep,i jst seen the before and after pics,I don’t understand why she wouldn’t fess up getN a “lil wrk done”its the norm/no big deal n la esp @ her age,regardless she very talented &classy

    • Not Work. She just used too much Photoshop on the 1st pic and had to show her REAL face to stop the surgery rumors.

  4. Well her son claimed that she was losing her mind. Maybe she 4got that she had a facelift.

  5. Why do Celibrities LIE about plastic surgery!!?? It’s OBVIOUS that she had something done. To Each His Own!!!
    She Looks Great Though!! Do You Glady’s.

  6. She looks great and it’s really classy of her to give shout outs to her glam squad. Class act all the way.

  7. Why didn’t she shoutout her plastic surgeon?! he did a great job.! Clean eating?! Like your restaurant?! She played herself…lol

  8. Girl you are entitled to get some work done. Enjoy your freshened up face and keep on living your life.

  9. Plastic surgery was never meant to make old people look young, it was meant for those born with disfigurements to be able to fix them.

    It would be nice if people who are too lazy to workout, want to have features they were never meant to have or the prunes out there would just be who they are/ grow old gracefully, like nature intended.

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