Jason Derulo Wants That Old Thang Back

jason derulo jordin sparks

Jason Derulo broke up with Jordin Sparks back in 2014 because he felt pressured to marry her. Now that she’s off the market and expecting a baby, it looks like Jason is trying to shoot his shot!

It all started when Jordin posted this photo on her Instagram account:


And Jason dropped this message in the comments:

jason derulo jordin sparks


  1. Shameless PR Plug by a bum ass negro. If he wanted to wife her he would’ve when he had the opportunity! GTFOHWTBS!

  2. So disrespectful. He thinks he’s finer than what he really is.

    The other dude looks taller so she upgraded and so he should take a seat.

    • How does height make u look better? Lol as if there are no ugly tall people… I can see more money or better personality etc but height lol

  3. He never acted like he really wanted that girl. When he thought he was gonna be the next Chris Brown his lame ass latched onto Jordan cause Chris did a song with her. They was all tryna ride the pop wave and hustled one another except that Jason broke his damm neck and that excluded him from the game. Jordan was right there by his side til he got better and acted the donkey. Loser ass mf.

  4. She was really hurt, he was her first and she prob does miss him.

    I don’t think she loves this dude, they have no chemistry when I have seen them together…she just got preggo and felt like they had to do the “right” thing.

    Going back is not my thing, but when this ends she might.

    • I don’t blame him.. Then it’s not going to work .. I can’t stand bitches that can’t learn to humble their controlling piece of shit assses..

      • STFU Fool.. this person does not know her and she did more for him than any woman has, that is why he wants her back, you Fucking Idiot.

  5. She was too good for the following:

    Jason Derulo
    Sage The Gemini

    Got finessed by both- but when you’re good they aLWAYs come back.

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