Gina Torres Traded Laurence Fishburne in for a White Cowboy!

gina torres boyfriend

Gina Torres finally revealed she had split from her husband Laurence Fishburne after pictures of her swapping spit with a mystery man hit the net.

Now, more details about her new boo have been leaked by Page Six.

“The ‘mystery man’ is a ‘cowboy type’ father of six from Utah. We’re told that Torres met divorced entrepreneur Kevin Wright on the beach in Dana Point, Calif., in mid-August — and that they have since become a serious couple. Sources say that Wright wasn’t even aware of who the former ‘Suits’ star was when they first met. But they bonded over the fact that they have both recently left long relationships: Torres has split with Fishburne after 15 years together, and Wright ended a 20-year marriage within the past two years.”


  1. Good on ’em. Waiting for the ‘right one’ could be an arduous task otherwise.

  2. Live your life more power to you! Love is Love. Happy, safe, fabulous weekend everyone! ~

  3. Sistas you may hate me for saying this, here it goes. Most white men who consistently date black women are racist and have Monsters Ball/ghettogaggers fetishes and fantasies. Sorry I had to say it.

    • No, you are correct. White boys just want to gain a house slave to do his laundry, dishes, clean and mop. Ask these sistahs who’s been in an interracial relationship… People don’t want to be honest with themselves. Choosing instead to ignore or disregard the subtle racist shade their white “counterpart” does, says or acts toward them on the daily. That takes a lot of energy to put up with. But you MUST also admit that the same sexual predatory reverse psychology ABSOLUTELY exists amoung the slave mistress (aka white bitch) and the chamber bucks who date, marry and sleep with them!

  4. One hundred percent silence from black women and shea butter twitter. You damn right there is heavy evidence of hypocrisy within the black community. Nate Parker, Tiger Woods and Tay Diggs were destroyed by black women on social media and mainstream media. These same black women said nothing about Halle Berry, Stacey Dash, Tamera Mowry, Soledad O’Brien and Serena Williams swirling with white men. These same black women remain silent in regards to Gina Torres. Speak up ladies, I want to hear from you. Why is there no outrage directed towards Gina Torres?

    • Black men date and marries other race all the time. Why is it a problem when Black Women date other races? Is a person is Racist why even have Sex with the one you hate. Love is Love!!!!

    • The only black woman you correctly listed was Serena. What you fail to understand is that when you have HALF of your genetic code as a so called white person. You are going to be HEAVILY SWAYED by that genetic pool. So this is why a hybrid/biracial will date someone who REMINDS her of her father!! You can not expect to include a hybrid in your argument and expect to be taken seriously. You don’t know how genetics/biology and emergenesis works.

  5. Some don’t try to love their own but his love may be tainted his daughter struggling emotionally to. Find LOVE

  6. Emotional times for Laurence Fishburne. His wife leaves him for a white man and his daughter is a hoe. In case you didn’t know his daughter did porn movies with the porn star Brian Pumper.

    • Who the fuck are you to call anyone a ho, you fucking bitch ass nig…

      If she got the love and support she needed from her father, she might not have done what she did as a cry for attention, you ignorant bitch.

  7. Nba is fixed

    Why bring that up u google searching punk?

    You alright with your lil reseach but it time for you to shut the fuck up.

    Laurence is goin through some thangs that require spiritual guidance not some faggot on a computer with decent typing skills.

  8. Dang. Larry must be heated. It’s one thing to step out, but to step out with that…uh

  9. That’s gross af.

    Seriously. She’s something resembling a black woman, why would she get with a caucasoid?

    They’re so gross.

    • I”M SAYIN!!!! “a neanderthal is terrible thing to date” That should be the new NAACP motto. YOu can tell she’s not “alright”… She has been neglecting self very badly (hair, skin, clothes) You can’t get to True Love from desperation and lack of self care. If she were really in a “good space” psychologically it would reflect in her appearance and she definitely would be with a Brotha – a reflection of herself. These neanderthals are not genetically wired to be honest nor to genuinely love. She gone find out! She think she’s hurting now… just wait till the devil shows his true horns.

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