Gilbert Arenas Says Laura Govan Is Escorting to Pay the Bills

gilbert arenas laura govan escort

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Gilbert Arenas clapped back at his baby mama Laura Govan. Gil was in his feelings after Laura accused him spreading rumors that she was Vince Herbert’s secret baby mama. So Gil went on the attack, exposing Laura as an alleged escort who sells her kitty kat to pay the bills!

According to Gil, the reason Laura’s monthly child support payment was reduced is because the wire transfers she was receiving from some of her alleged clients was factored in as a part of her income.

Sip this tea:

gilbert arenas laura govan 1

gilbert arenas laura govan 2

He also had this message for Vince:

gilbert arenas laura govan 3


  1. Here child support was reduced to 7k because of her huge escorting income? He probably just got her more clients…

    • Lmfao! I like the way you think! He just upped her ante by default or ON PURPOSE…????????

    • laugh all you want but she just went from free money that she could have saved until it stopped coming after 18 years to now she has to work for it all. how much of her body is she gonna have to sell to make up the difference for that kinda $$$?

  2. He sounds scorned and possibly still in love. He really should not care this much and he said “My” babymama.

    • the math says: $48k p/mo. x 12 mo = $576k p/year. Now reduced to $7k p/mo. x 12 mo = $84k PER YEAR! THAT plus her HOE CLOCK is ticking. Sounds like SHE is the one pissed and all up in her feelings.

      • he just save a half a million dollars a year!!! and the cherry on top is the shade thrown lol

  3. Wow….. just… Why must he always go in his MITCH mode? This type of fuckery should be kept off line. I just can’t!

  4. Will someone help this Negro native balls descend?! This the type thatll do a crime with you and will give the cops unsolicited information just because that x was to close to being a y. Does hew have any real friends?…smfh

  5. The only thirsty bitch in his post is him. Real men don’t gossip like bitches on social media.

  6. Both of these 2 were FATAL ATTRACTIONS
    He treated her like dirt when he was with her,
    And she responded like a mentally ill teenager.

    Gilbert needs to GROW UP

  7. Who’s surprised and how come you bitches can talk shit about people you don’t know, but he cant and he knows her personally?
    The only ones mad about his post are the bitches who do the same thing. If you can sit here and talk shit, so can he.
    This is what happens when you try to come up off one of those switch hitter ass ballplayers. Most of them have the ego, that even the sun couldn’t burn away. You risk that when you go for them.I hope his and her story are enough to diminish the hopes of future thots. All money ain’t good money!

  8. Maybe I missed something! Because I DON”T UNDERSTAND why anyone in their right mind would deal with her! She has been tied to so many different men but yet these dumb asses are still dealing with her! WTH is really going on? They love hookas and hoes! Yayy to you Gilbert for never marrying this hooka Laura G. I don’t think he sounds bitter but I am sure he wants better for her. He sounds frustrated with her. SHe is his baby mama!

  9. Bitch ass nigga always has been and always will be. Arenas ain’t about shit

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