Gene Simmons on Michael Jackson: “He Molested Those Kids”

gene simmons michael jackson child molestation

Gene Simmons spoke to Team Rock about his relationship with Michael Jackson, and he is still standing by his previous claims that MJ was definitely molesting little boys!

The KISS frontman says he knew some of the musicians who toured with MJ…and one musician in particular quit a tour with the King of Pop after seeing little boys coming out of his hotel rooms.

He also brought up MJ’s travel agent who would fly boys in from Brazil.

“And then you factor in that his travel agent was put on the stand and in court said that she was authorized to fly to Brazil and bring boys back to America for him… Well, you know, where there’s smoke there’s fire. There’s no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt.” – Gene Simmons

Gene also questioned MJ’s sexuality…saying he never met one female who admitted to having sex with the late singer, and the only people associated with MJ were little boys.

“And incidentally, there’s never been a single female of any age that I’ve ever known about who has ever made a claim that she has had a physical relationship with Michael, ever. In fact, while he was alive, I never heard about mature men ever making that claim either – and believe me, you can’t keep it a secret. If you’re a celebrity, somebody somewhere will say, “Oh yeah, I shagged him.” – Gene Simmons

Do you think Gene is wrong for bringing up MJ’s old dirt? Do you believe him?


  1. Oh FUCK Gene Simmons, faggot ass! How many children did he rape, and torture?…..Since this f*cker vknows so much, why didn't he whoop Michael's ass, or kill him, since what he supposedly did, was so dastardly?…..I mean, give me a f*cking break, the man is dead, and these crackers are still so jealous of him, they just have to continue on their hate campaigns!……Are they mad, or nah?…Fuck outta here!…✌✌✌

    • I agree. And NONE of these can back it up. In court, MJ PROVED his case and even some people who once thought MJ was guilty even changed their minds because we saw the FACTS of his case. Michael always stood his ground, obeyed the authorities, and never changed his story UNLIKE his accusers who changed their stories, was caught in lies, tell tabloids one story but change it when it was I court, and many defended Jakson but now that their is money to be made, want say their were abused. It is easy to make a claim against someone even if it is a lie. But I will go on the facts, NOT the emotion. Look at those three swimmers in the Rio games. THEY LIED and many people believed them because they were banking on the image that Rio has to make a false claim to get away with destroying someone's property in Rio. That is the same thing when it come to MJ. Like I said, I will believe Gene Simmons is a pedophile before I would believe anyone else.

    • Thank you Michael was NEVER proven GUILTY.. Gene Simmons is a child predator, he was linked years ago sleeping with young groupies.. I find it strange that not one star said shit about him molesting kids, when he was alive… He needs to worry about his wifey, who was a playboy whorer and he's been sleeping around his whole adult life.. Why doesn't he talk about all the music executives that are rapist, they rape men and women.. That cow tongue us bigger than his pee wee.. They make me sick, let the dead rest.. We have have fall short of his Glory.. Because we are all sinners..GTFOOH

    • Let me guess O.J. was innocent too right?GTFOH!………..Lmao!…Sorry to burst your delusional bubble ….but….Pop! Micheal Jackson was a pedophile like many rich and powerful men. He was also a victim of sexual abuse. Young girls are raped and molested all the time, yet they do not then become pedophile's themselves.When it comes to young boys,they grow up to either be gay or pedophiles themselves.Micheal Jackson was a pedophile.Just because he was a talented entertainer does not mean he was not guilty of being a pedophile, much like football coaches, boy scout leaders, priests, and men in the entertainment business. Stop letting ignorance stand in the place of #facts and #truth. No one is willing to give up $25 million dollars to settle a case they are not guilty of. People like you are why Donald Trump will win the Presidency and lead us into WW3. Everyone is easily brainwashed and follow people that make no sense whatsoever. This whole country is full of pedophiles, do the work and search own your own communities. Click on the charges and 9 time out of 10 they are guilty of sodomy.Little boys are the #1 victims of most pedophiles. SMFH! Its so sad to see how many of you still believe in this man's innocence, when he made parents sleep in a guest house while, all their boys slept in his room sipping on wine (Jesus Juice), in a mansion with over 12 bedrooms.No one questions any of it. Well hopefully if you have sons you will never have to feel what the victims parents felt.Yes I do my own research,not a blind sheep like the masses(You)that go with the flow.Now run tell this…
      "Confidential documents were leaked to the press earlier this week and revealed that the singer paid Chandler, his family and their lawyer a total of $25 million.
      Chandler first accused Jackson in August 1993, when he told police that the singer had performed acts of oral sex and masturbation with him. The criminal investigation was stalled when a separate civil suit — charging sexual battery, seduction, willful misconduct, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and negligence — was settled, with Jackson admitting only to the charge of negligence.
      According to the settlement documents obtained this week by Court TV, the payout included a $15 million trust fund for the boy, plus $2 million up front for the boy, $1.5 million each for his parents, and $5 million for their lawyer, Larry Feldman, with the provision that that the settlement be kept confidential.
      Because of the settlement, the criminal case wasn't able to proceed. In September 1994, the district attorneys of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties announced that, in the absence of victims willing to testify, they would not file criminal charges against Jackson, despite finding what they said were other allegations of sexual misconduct with two other boys. The case was considered suspended, but information regarding the 1993 molestation allegations continues to surface as the 2003 allegations get closer to coming to trial, causing speculation over whether or not the previous case will have any relevance. Jackson called the leaks "attacks.""

      • First of all, stop with the O J Simpson nonsense. Michael case is NOT O J Simpson. I can give a list of people who ere falsely accused. Second, Michael was NOT a pediphile. When it came to that settlement in 1993, Michael DID NOT want to settle. It was Johnnie Cochran idea to settle. Michael wanted the criminal to start first but the family wanted the civil. now if your kid was molested, why are you going for money whe you have the DA and even MJ wanted to fight this in criminal? Also, during that time, people were jumping on the bandwagon, MJ was still under contract with Sony, the long fight, etc (and yes, the pictures DID NOT match. Why do you think those pictures were neer used. All of this came out in 2005). Also, you are liar that a criminal case can not proceed. That family did NOT want it to proceed. Even Gloria Alred who was on the case DROPPED from that family after being on the case for two days with no explanation. As for the two other boys, proven to be a LIE. One was the boy of the maid who was PAID $330,000 to LIE to tabloid show, she was forced to come to court and her lies were revealed on the stand. So you can dropped that about two boys. As for the settlement, that is nothing new was done by Michael's insurance. Another lie you tell is that MJ made parents sleep in a guess house. That is a LIE PROVEN IN COURT. When families stayed with MJ, ALL of them stay with him. As for the "jesus juice", that was a LIE as well. When MJ dranked, he put his beer or wine in a soda can to keep them from seeing him drink because he did not want kids to see him drink even the witness had to admit. And when Michael was NOT him (people were allowed to come to his home even when he was not there) broke into his wine sellar and got wine. THIS WAS PROVEN in court. No, YOU can believe what you want clearly your info is NOT coming from the transcript but some tabloid site (I can tell). No,You are brainwash. As for the courts, that was Tom Sneddon doing we say "throw everything at the wall and see what stick". And for the 1993, Jordan tell people even people were willing to come to court to testify but Jordan threaten to sue the DA and did not want to testify in 2005 and he could have done that and no one could have stopped him but he choose not and he tells people in private that it did happen. he even got ina fight with his father. I can go on. The only people who are brainwash is YOU. You pointed out so many lies in your post until it is not funny.

        • Guuurl you are soo lucky anyone can read your illiterate ass post cause it is very poorly written I must say…. First things first you can't spell worth sh*t and you're stupid enough not to spell check your post before you hit the send button….dummy…..Second of all YOU stated right there at the end of the post Jordan " told people in private that it DID happen". So what the F*ck are You talking about!. No one can tell you what to do with your own dam money. Micheal's estate had to pay a lot of his debts off when he died.Meaning he owed people money and his finances were screwed up. When you owe money,$25 million dollars is a lot of money to give to someone because your Lawyer says so.He paid the boy off for a reason, because he wanted the case to go away quietly. None of what I stated is a lie, and my quote came from a newspaper article not a blog hunty, so you are wrong on all accounts.Now run along and work on your spelling and grammar skills boo before you come for me.Or like your pedophile Micheal would say "Beat It" lmao! Get it "Beat It" like his song lmao!…oh man I crack myself up…woooo….anyway next…

          • TruthSeeker, you are the fool. What does the fact Michael owed money and all the other mess your stupid @$$ has to do with what Michael was accused of doing? LIke I said, I am going by the TRUE court papers in Jackson case. I know you do not know what I am talking about because you are not going by the truth but by some tabloid bull. See, you are so stupid the only thing you can focus on is spelling and other stupid things. This is a gossip site, NOT Harvard so I can care less what you think. I stand by my comments. And what does Michael having his debt pay have to do with the issue? See, fools like you focus on stupid things because you have nothing else. I tried to be nice but since your stupid @## want be crazy, so be it. The only pedophile is YOU. Jordan DID tell people in private regardless if you like it or not. As for paying the settlement, I told your stupid @$$ the deal about why that was done. That was brought out in 2005 court and JOhnnie ADMITTED that Michael did NOT want to settle but he told MJ to do it as I broke it down to you. As you said, what YOU are quoting comes from tabloids, what I am quoting is coming from the COURT TRANSCRIPTS. What you are stating ARE LIES. I can understand Jackson settling compare to someone who is CLAIMING someone abused their kid when they have the chance to lock the person up and DA who was willing to do IF it was really true but NO, the Chandlers FOUGHT not to go to criminal when Michael and DA wanted it to go trial. THAT IS A FACT. I will come at your lying self as much as I choose to do. Now YOU run around and learn to find the TRUTH instead of believing lies. Jack@$$

            • Amber, do not waste your time girl. This ignorant people want to believe Michael abuse kids because they have nothing better to do. Michael was cleared in the court of law and the evidence proved it. End of story. Do not waste your time trying to explain the case over and over again to a bunch of internet trolls. And for Gene, Gene needs to sit down. He wrote songs about having sex with a sixteen year old. Gene is upset with Michael because Gene wanted Michael to be like him.

        • Since you know so much about Micheal why weren't little girls ever invited to hi slumber parties…huh…why…..oh yeah cause he liked molesting little boys. This was a grown man throwing sleep overs with kids that were not his, and that doesn't faze you one bit lol.He was a weirdo, talented but a weirdo nonetheless.Never had sex or even dated a woman, but had plenty of time to hang out with little boys.

          • Girls were invited. And when kids slept to his home (as i keep repeating to your stupid @$$), the parents are there when him. Also, you all act as if Michael had these people in his home 24/7. No, it does NOT faze me because everything was explained in COURT and backed up by witnesses; and witnesses were lying in the press to get MONEY from tabloid were EXPOSED under cross examine. "Never had sex or even dated a women", you do not know if MJ had sex or not or he clearly dated women but what does that have to do with committing child abuse? See that is how stupid you are when trying to discuss this issue and you clearly do not know the facts. And for the record, ALL PEDOPHILES are often MARRIED with CHILDREN and NOT virgins and had many relationships. many real pedophiles have been married for YEARS. So even if we were to go by YOUR LOGIC that you just laid out, that logic would prove EVEN MORE that Michael was NOT a pedophile.

            • Amber you're either a shill that came here to kick up dirt and shit, or you're just willfully ignorant. Likely both.

              • @The TrumanShow lol…..thank you… be hoenest I think she's a Jackson….I scrolled all the way to the boto of this thread and she has responded back to evry single person who called Micheal a pedophile……who the f*ck has time for that….I work 2 jobs and was off the last couple of days and decided to post on this thread….now I've been recruited in Amber's crazy ass blog war ….she is either certifiably mental or sh'e a Jackson….the bible warns us about false idol worship but this chick is almost fanatical when it comes to her stupid "court records".She could barely spell or put sentences together and when I called her out…..miraculously her responses were well written lol…..I can't with her….opinions are like butt holes everyone has one….Amber doesn't realize people are always going to think this man was a weird, peter pan ass, pedophile and there is nothing her or any Jackson can do about….when the rumors first about Micheal his family and pr team needed to tell him to distance himself from any boys that were not his children.They also should've told him to stop, at the 10th nose job, bleaching his skin to the point he looked like the guy from the movie powder, and to eat something…….In that order.Micheal Jackson went from an adorable little boy, to a handsome young man, to a freak of nature that people laughed at. A talented child star who due to probable abuse and psychological traumas, turned into a very withdrawn and delusional adult, and that's the truth.Joe Jackson runs around with instagram thots while his ex-wife, children and grandchildren still deal with the trauma they suffered through at his hands.Micheal was the star of the family and much like Janet and Latoya, he was extremely shy and introverted, he never had a childhood so the trauma he suffered at the hands of his Dad manifested in a different way than his siblings.Yes their Dad made them all famous….but at what cost? Fame and money is never worth one's Soul

            • But why does a grown man have kids that are not friends of his kids at his home AMBER!!!!!!!There is no reason for a grown ass man to play and hang out with kids. Li'l Wayne ain't doing it,Jay-Z ain't doing that, Drake ain't doing that….Nobody in the whole entertainment industry does that!NOBODY!Stop trying to sell your "court documents" bullshit…if there is smoke there is fire point blank.Whatever happened only God, those boys and Micheal know.What I do know though there would be no pedophile rumors if he did not have kids in his house to begin with point blank period dot com.You responded to everyone on this thread that says Micheal was a pedophile. Guess what boo?… its free f*ckin country…people have the right to voice their opinion…lol and although I see on tis blog you tried to stop them…YOU CAN'T LMAO! THERE ARE 141 COMMENTS ON THIS AND YOU RESPONDED TO MOST OF THEM THAT THINK MICHEAL IS A PEDOPHILE. DO YOU SEE HOW INSANE THAT IS? YOU ARE WORSE THAN THE DAMN BEEHIVE AND I THOUGHT THEY WERE PSYCHOS….I'M ON VACATION….BUT YOU NEED A JOB…CAUSE YOU HAVE WAAAAAAY TO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS BOOOBOO……I HOPE MICHEAL LEFT YOU SOME MONEY IN HIS WILL CAUSE YOU NEED TO GET PAID FOR HARD YOU RIDING HIS DEAD DICK…..I WANT THE PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU ARE SANE TO SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG AND SEE HOW MANY COMMENTS YOU HAVE LEFT IN THE LAST 3 DAYS…..THEN THEY WILL SEE HOW INSANE YOU LOOK AND SOUND…..PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR ….GET A JOB, A LIFE , OR SOME DICK…..YOU MIGHT JUST NEED ALL 3….AMBER…..OR ARE YOU A JACKSON?….IF YOU ARE THAN ALL YOUR GARBAGE SPEWING MAKES SENSE…IF NOT ….UP YOUR MED DOSAGE…..FOR REAL

        • Wade Robson is a a famous dancer who worked with everyone from Britney Spears to JLo….he came forward as an adult and stated Micheal Jackson molested him as a child.He is rich and famous with more to lose than gain by coming forward….but let me guess he's lying too right.Everyone is lying but Micheal Jackson lol…I can't with you people…The FBI is lying to huh…well here is some tea…choke on it or burn your tongue I don't care either way drink this….#facts
          "FBI File Reveals Michael Jackson Spent $35 Million Paying Two Dozen Boys He Abused To Stay Quiet
          According to recently released files, Michael Jackson was a serial pedophile who abused at least two-dozen boys over a period of fifteen or so years. As the tales of abuse began to crop up, he spent $35 million to buy the boys’ and their families’ silence.
          The documents are contained in FBI files (case numbers CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046), and have been kept secret until now. Even in 2005, when Michael Jackson was formally charged with molestation – and then cleared – the files remained locked away. That was too bad, since someone familiar with the files now says that they “painted a picture that Jackson was a serial child predator.”
          Now, though, the files are out in the open and they reveal that Jackson was almost certainly lying when he swore that he never laid a finger on the scores of young children who entered his mansion and slept with him in his bed. Jackson always insisted that he was a child himself, and that these sleep overs were innocent.
          In fact, according to the thousands of pages of investigative reports and phone transcripts, and hours of audio tape, Jackson started being a predator as early as 1989. He groomed and molested children, sometimes under their star-struck parents’ noses.
          On at least one occasion, a member of Jackson’s household caught him groping a world-famous child star, watching a porn film while molesting another child, and fondling a third child while they were seated in Jackson’s private cinema. During that last interlude, the child’s mother sat a few rows ahead of Jackson and the boy, completely unaware of what was going on. In addition to molesting small children, one of Pellicano’s investigators, who spoke anonymously, claimed that Jackson was also fixated on child porn.
          According to the files, Jackson molested at least 17 specifically identified boys, including five child actors and two dancers. He also abused a European boy and the sons of a screenwriter. He ended up paying three of the boys hush money. He also paid off a maid who complained that Jackson had abused her son. One mother, though, didn’t mind. She knew Jackson was molesting her son but, according to Pellicano’s investigator, “turned a blind eye to it because if it didn’t bother him, it didn’t bother her.”
          Ironically, many of the reports documenting the child abuse came about because Jackson, always fearful that he might be exposed, hired Anthony Pellicano to hunt for and defuse potential skeletons in the singers’ closet. Pellicano was such an enthusiastic and underhanded investigator that he himself ended up investigated by the FBI, which then confiscated all his files, including the Jackson files. Pellicano himself is now in prison serving a 15-year term for racketeering and wire-tapping.
          The revelations come at a difficult time for the Jackson family. In addition to the ongoing wrongful death trial against the physician who treated him in the days before his death, his daughter, Paris, 15, recently tried to kill herself by slashing her wrists and is still in the hospital. It’s unknown whether her suicide attempt has anything to do with knowing about the new scandal breaking out.
          Wade Robson, now 30, who was one of Jackson’s childhood pals, has also sued the Jackson estate, claiming that Jackson regularly molested him when he visited Neverland in the 1990s. According to Robson’s complaint, Jackson abused him from the time he was 7 until he was 14. Considering that Robson is named in the documents Pellicano compiled, he shouldn’t have too hard a time proving his case.
          It’s too bad Michael Jackson is dead. It would be very nice to see him face the music for the terrible crimes he committed."

          • And Wade DEFENDED Jackson from 1993 to July 2012. Even after Jackson's death, Wade wrote a book with Jermaine Jackson talking about Michael. I heard Wade testimony in 2005 and the people who were there who heard his testimony, even the media, said Wade was very creditable in defending Jackson and passed a hard cross exmine and he did not come across as someone who was hiding anything. This is why many in the media is ignoring his stupid story on Jackson. No, Michael is dead and now there is money to be made. Wade even went to Jackson funeral. NO there is money now to be made and this fool is trying to get money.

          • 17 other boys? YOu are fool. That is a LIE. What file? Man, this is funny. Wow, you are desperate for Michael to be guilty until you are going as far make up some lying file. Who are you working for truthseeker, RADARONLINE who made FALSE DOCUMENTS on Jacksons a few months ago. Oh wait, do you want for Daily Mirror, National Equire, or the Daily Beast? YOu are stupid. I have no time. IF you want to believe LIES, that is YOU. The bottom line, MICHAEL WAS INNOCENT, PROVEN IN COURT, and many people realize it was all a LIE and that is why Mr. Jackson is celebrated. You can sit behind a computer and talk trash on a GOSSIP SITE all you want so called truthseeker (that is a joke) but you wont change the FACT MICHAEL WAS INNOCENT. GET OVER IT.

          • TruthSeeker, shut the hell up. Even Cory Feldman said Wade is lying because Wade now needs money. If Michael would have been alive, Wade would not be doing this to Michael. Now that there is money to be made off the dead since the dead can not speak, Wade is out for money since he has not been working. From my understanding, Wade was pushing to be in show about Michael is Vegas but lost the role. After Wade did not get the lead role in the Vegas Show, Wade came up with this stuff. Wade has been defending Jackson for years as Amber said and even danced with Janet on the MTV tribute (Look at the tape). Get over it truth or whatever your name is this time.

            • You shut the hell up I didn't make this up Micheal did…by turning white …….getting so many nose jobs he ended up looking like skeletor….and hanging out with boys, boys, and more boys.Hollyweird is full of pedophiles ….as a matter of fact they run things…..and Micheal had been in the industry since childhood…….you really think Joe didn't sell that young ass to highest bidder….please stop…..towards the end of his 40 year career he was so eccentric people forgot about his talent and focused on his straight up crazy ass lifestyle.Defend him all you want its not like it will help….had he stopped being seen with young boys always around him maybe his denial would've been more credible…..

              • It's funny when the truth is right in people's face yet they still deny MJ had a lot of people fooled he was imitating what our "Roman Master's" were doing along with many other powerful people in the world.Its like a sacrifice.Its some really dark magic behind taking a child's innocence read up people. If still available to the public eye check out some of his paintings he had specially made like the one when he has a small toga around his waist and little blonde boys with wings around there head floating representing ganymede. Jackson also was the best of friends with one of the most infamous pederasty's in Hollywood birds of a feather flock together. I digress.

      • Let me burst YOUR delusional bubble. OJ did NOT do it, his son Jason did and OJ has been covering for him ever since, dumbazz.

        • Well since you know so much smartazz, why don't you run tell that to the LAPD so they can re-open the case

          • Why would they when they set him up dumb bitch…do your research instead of spouting off on a blog, f*cking moron.

            • Blogs are meant to spout off on you little f*cker…….this is a free country and I can say anything I f*cking want….can't deal then log the f*ck off…..f*ck you and your dad for not pulling out when he came in your mom ….and leaving us here to deal with your bitch ass….you probably are LAPD thats why you know so much about the case … f*cking troll……oh well the f*ck well…lets recap…Nicole and Ron are dead, OJ's is locked up for life, Arnelle is running through her dad's NFL money….Sidney,Justin and Jason all relocated to Atlanta, where Jason own's a restaurant and Justin works with him….I'm sure that must be awkward considering according to you Jason killed his mom in cold blood and his Dad took the rap for it….I guess if they can get over it then you should have no problem doing the same… a bridge and get the f*ck over it f*cktard……obviously the whole Simpson family did just that and so should you since you are a complete nobody in this whole f*ckery

              • No one is reading that BS…if you read something other than a blog maybe your dumb ass would learn something, stupid ass bitch!

              • And by no one you mean yourself…because you are a NOBODY!…..nada….zilch…zero…you mama the stupid bitch for spawning a demon ….I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus!…now make like Micheal Jackson and Beat It!!!no really get lost kid….grown folks are talking

              • Again NO ONE is reading that BS you f*cking ignorant ass bastard. Buy a clue stacey dash, because dumb bitch is now your middle name, lol.

            • Lol you idiot, by reponding back lets me know you are reading my comments…so not only are you a fool but also a liar…like I said before shut the f*ck up when grown folks are talking child…..

              • Anon 13:05 and Truth Seeker. Actually, you may be both wrong. There is reason to believe that Nicole Brown Simpson was killed by Glen Rogers, the serial killer. Ever heard of him? Strangely enough you probably haven't. He was one of the suspects, in 1994, and her murder fits his MO, and she fits the profile of the majority of her. Plus he was doing work in her home and construction in the area around the time of her murder and was allegedly a dealer for Faye Resnick. The LAPD is notoriously evil and I wouldn't put it past them to let that little bit of information "disappear" in favor of prosecuting OJ. Not saying OJ is completely innocent but food for thought.

              • @lyingsackofshit…how's jermaine's dick, bitch? LOL…Dumbass doo-doo dick breath f*cker.

      • I agree with Amber. O J Simpson case has nothing to do with Michael's case. That is what racist love to do when it comes to blacks. They think blacks are all alike. Hey TruthSeeker, why don't you bring up the cases of the thousands of blacks who have been faslely accused and arrested in which DNA is now allowing these blacks to be free now. What about the case of the school teacher who was framed for child abuse. And lets not forget about the Duke LaCrosse players. Oh you can not bring those cases up. Those cases are just like Jackson, NOT O J, which was a murder case.

        • Actually it does. In LA when they get a black male celeb in their sights they do whatever it takes to try and get his ass. If that means tampering with and planting evidence, they do it.

        • @Billy…man case dese nutz in ya mouth…..what about this case and what about that case…..shut up! please! the legal system is about how much money you can afford for the best Lawyer(not public defender) it has absolutely to nothing to do with guilt or innocence, the judges, prosecutors, and even defense lawyers know each other….many of them play golf and do lunches together. Why do you think guilty people have gone free and innocent people have been convicted…..because the more money you have the better legal counseling you can afford.It's all about the benjamins. Why do you think the same rappers who have multiple convictions and arrests prior to fame, can be caught with an arsenal of weapons and get off scott free once they become rich and famous.The legal system didn't change but their money did so they hire the team of attorneys and voila freedom.If you don't make bail you can sit for 3 years waiting for your trial, if you have the money and bond out you don't.Money talks and rich men walk.

      • TruthSeeker Aug 21, 2016 at 01:45 100% Truth for others check the Documentary An open secret and a movie titles Spotlight….

        • @Djack thanks for the cosign man…these fools want to come for me like I made this shit up…the truth is out their…..some are willing to believe …..others rather sit in denial….like my name says I am the Tuth Seeker and there are many other truths I have both seeked and found…but non of these fools are ready for the right knowledge …too busy following the wrong one so I'm going to let them stay blind and hopefully one day they will eventually see the light….nah I think they rather stay blind and in darkness its easier for some to deal that way rather than face reality like the rest of us…..

          • Bitch you would not know the truth if it was jermaine's dick slapping upside your forehead.

            • Bitch shut the f*ck up before I shove Jermaine old shriveled peen in your mouth and make you choke on it…..You that same dumb bitch that says"Jermaine 's hair is real he has Indian in his family"lmoa…please rent out madison square garden and have as many seats as you can… other words sit the f*ck down and shut the f*ck up

              • LMAO…no bitch that would be you with the entire jackson 5's dick in YOUR MOUTH, stop acting like you ain't about slobbing on the knob, you f*cking fag…LOL.

                And come up with an ORIGINAL come back w/o using what I said…you dumb motherf*cker.

            • Lol…wrong one boo….just because you are okay with little boys being raped in the ass by Micheal Jackson doesn't mean the rest of us have to cosign that f*ckery. Maybe you would let your son have a sleepover with the King of Pop, cause I'm sure you would be down for the right price. Now bend over and touch your toes so Joe and the rest of the clan can do you like Micheal did those boys….in the words of p Diddy" Take that, Take that". Right up yo shitty ass.

              • Why are you talking to yourself? I already told your retarded ass I am not reading that BS. Ignorant bastards never learn, lol.

      • “When it comes to young boys,they grow up to either be gay or pedophiles themselves.”
        This is so not the case. Homosexual pedophiles are born. You can’t abuse somebody into being gay. If you could make somebody gay then a person could be abused to not be gay. Church groups have been trying that for years. Never works. Look online for the truth.

        Do boys who were sodomized become angry men who usually commit suicide. Yes

    • You get the f*ck outta here you flip flopping fraudulent bitch … R Kelly pissed on 1 lil bitch … You went ham on him in the other thread … Mj stuck his peen in and on many boys even bubbles his monkey … You in here defending him you lame cunt … You must be on dope or Jeezus juice heffa !

    • Gene Simmons is upset because Michael did not screw everything under the sun like him. Some people can not handle the fact that not all people are whores. To me, Gene has demons and Gene want to take the focus off his skeltons and talk about someone else. This only reveals what Gene is all about and doing. "People with the most skeltons hollow the most about others"

    • TMZ show all kinds of police running through his home to remove a computer that was full of underage porn about a year ago or less and that story just disappeared.He 's lying and anybody that watch something like that he is claiming he witnessed about Micheal Jackson and didn't say nothing then he was down with it too .

    • …obviously none. No way in the world would he open his mouth about his opinions about MJ if he had his own secrets like that. They cover for each other… he obviously isn't worried.

  2. I'll Go further than what Gene Simmons said look around at the circle Michael Jackson was in OK?? Birds of a feather freak kids together. I still will get down and dance to a MJ tune any day but I'm not defending him or any pedophile!!

    same with Bill Cosby I will watch anything he is in if it comes on TV which it doesn't anymore and I look at the circle he hung out with his best friend was Hugh Hafner who also should be vilified by the public and isn't.

    • Michael did not molest no kids (PROVEN IN COURT, so I do not know what you mean by birds of a feather bit. That does not apply to MJ). MJ and Cosby are two different cases.

      • Amber hon, you don't understand what a criminal court process is do ya?

        The STATE must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I crime occurred. The Defendant need prove nothing. And like all other defendants MJ did not prove his innocence.

        The STATE failed to prove his guilt to the satisfaction of the empaneled jury.

        • Yes, I do understand very well. I heard the evidence in Jackson's case, even know TWO people were THERE and I have the tran copies to his case and ALL OF THE TESTIMONY. It was very clear that Michael was innocent. The STATE failed because it was no case and it was clearly based on lies. The CROSS Examine proved that to be the case with some ADMITTIN on the stand THEY LIED. Now, you can believe what you want but I am judging on the FACTS. It is funny how you can point this about the state BUT what FACTS you you have that prove otherwise? NONE. Jackson was under an investigation worst than the average person who is accused. That is all Jackson (and anyone) can do when it comes to the state. If MJ was guilty, the EVIDENCE would not have turned out the way it which did. There were no loop hole, nothing would done "illegally" so anything can be dsmissed, Burden of PROOF is on the State because a man claiming to be innocent only has his word to stand on. if nothing happen, NOTHING is going to be proven. And that applies to ALL of us.

          • IKR my cousin was a reporter on his last case.. He stated it was a travesty of justice.. The LAPD wanted him in jail so badly, they tried lessen the charges, of one of the parents to I be if the kids.. They lied and played on his sympathy for children.. It's a shame the man us dead and they're still trying to use his name for attention.. Gene your concerts haven't been shit since the 70's.. Saw his ass with my sister RIP in 2001 and it was a bust.. She and I left early because he's lost his touch…

            • I agree. gene also seem to think man has to be a wh@re and if you are not sleeping around, you must be a pedo. That is stupid when MOST pedos are MARRIED (some have been married many years) with kids and have had many relationships. Gene does not know what he is talking about even with the Brazil trip and Gene is not talking about the LIES that was proven UNDER CROSS exmine. Also, about the lies some told and Michael was NOT even home. Oh Gene did not bring those things up.

              • They were all trying to get a cash settlement out of him.. It's a shame and I think he forgot how many time he was caught with underaged teenagers.. They are still trying to smear his name..

      • Mj paid t system yes he was found not guilty but that doesn't always mean he didn't do it

      • Amber what you also fail to realize are the many forces that operate in hollywood. The reason they were f*cking with michael so much is because he stepped out of line twice. Once with the beetles catalog, and two with all the power moves michael made with his finances from taking back ownership of his music catalogs; and outing Tommy Matola. Hollywood can bury damn near everything, if the person is powerful enough. There's a LOT of heinous shit that goes on behind the doors of the industry, that you and many others like you are completely ignorant of. Don't forget also, in hollyweird, there are numerous cleaners, and sweepers who are paid to tamper with, destroy and bury evidence of major power players wrong doings. You ought to peep the name of Raffles Van Exel. The name alone should be a clear sign that this is not just any average guy operating in the industry.

        • Here is an article about Kurt Loder Mtv D.J. "Yesterday Kurt Loder was interviewed on a radio program and was asked about his thoughts on Michael Jackson in the wake of the conviction of Conrad Murray. Kurt, who I remember so vividly still as the one who broke the news of Kurt Cobain's death said that although Michael was a great performer, he was also a child molester so that trumps everything else. When asked why he said that, Kurt pointed them at the trial but also says he knew of many secret payments to parents of victims and not just the ones which have been reported.

          That will always be something that haunts the memory of Michael. If someone asks you what your first thought is when you hear the name Michael Jackson a lot of you are going to think child molester first and then something else for second"

    • ? I agree. Michael must have been up to something. He could not have achieved that level of success and been as wealth as he was without doing the rituals etc. Look at all of these British male singers that have earned great fortunes:
      Paul McCartney
      Elton John
      David Bowie
      Jimmy Page
      Tom Jones
      George Michael
      Cliff 'Paedo' Richard


      Just a handful of known paedophiles who thanks to their wealth and status have avoided prosecution. I think that the higher up the industry you go, the more sick shit you find yourself getting involved him.
      Michael was no different. He actually spoke in a deep manly bass voice – when not on camera – so he was very capable of hiding his persona when necessary.

      • Some of you people are stupid as the all out doors. Now, you want to say a person can not be succussful without rituals? Huh. And British male singer have nothing to do with what someone else is doing. MJ was nothing like the artists you just listed so stop trying to put all artist in the same boat. I guess all blacks are alike too? Stupid. As for MJ voice, so what. WE all do that when it comes to work. How I speak home is not how I speak at home with my friends. So that is no big deal and that is also a big deal from doing what is "social" compare to someone accusing you of a crime. BIG difference. And you are no different scorpess.

        • you sound like a hysterical white girl

          You sound very immature and deluded and you're saying absolutely too much you've made your point over and over now you're just going to be f*cking annoying

      • I agree. Anyone higher up in hollywood who want's to keep and maintain their wealth, or acquire more of it must participate in the sick rituals. As I've read in other places however, I still hold onto the strong belief that Michael was a MK ULTRA monarch, especially given the fact that he was raped as a child by the hands of hollywood predatory execs.

        • I heard that they used to film men having sex with other men when joining / initiating into the industry. These days though gay sex is 'cool' so now, in order to have control over that person, rather than having a gay sex tape to expose if they get out of line, they film you having sex with a kid –

          • I truly believe it. I've heard of this initiation process by so many former industry insiders that it's impossible to not fully believe. Though to even stoop that low, and to violate your own personal morals really says a lot about that own persons moral depravity. Either that or they coax you/groom you through drugs. This is why ecstasy and coke are so popular amongst many in hollyweird.

  3. I believe this. Being molested as a child ruins young boys forever. Look at how McCauley Culkins life went to drugs. You can't tell me Michael didn't molest that boy. Why was Michael even living with little boys at neverland? Didn't make any sense.

    • Oh please, MJ did not molest any of these kids and Michael was NOT living with these boys at Neverland. See that is the problem with the few folk who believe these lies. They can give facts on the case. Michael was investigated far worst than the average person and these people who made claims changed their stories, so called witness were PAID by tabloid to say one thing but on the court stand admitted they LIED. Michael did not hang with Gene Simmon. Again, all of this stuff always come up around Michael's birthday or death celebration. As for Mac, Mac DEFENED MJ. I know plenty of people who been abuse and even they o not believe this about Mike. You right that REAL abuse people ruin your life and that is why it is even harder to believe this about MJ. Cleary Sarah you do NOT know the accused as they were exposed in court.

      • Dude your looking at him through the eyes of an MJ stan, so naturally you're not going to question his case or give his image a second look. Even as much as I loved Michael's music and even him personally, given all that I know about the industry at this point; even I am rethinking my stance on him. My current stance on him is that Im entirely neutral.

        • Well, I am judging Jackson based on the facts. I am not judging MJ based on no industry, I am judging him based on the facts of his case. The industry does not prove that everyone is abusing kids no more than the crime in America proves that ALL of Americans are criminals. That is stupid ABUSE is everywhere but that does not mean we all are doing it. And where there is money to be made, LIARS are willing to come all out to lie on someone to get it.

          • Where there is huge money to be made perversion runs deep. Do you know who Brian Singer, Dan Schneider, Marty Weiss etc all are? Most parents will just take a big cheque and forget all about it though. Jesus, you must be so slow not to know, not to have at least a little doubt in a grown man who sought out the company of young boys. He was a paedo hiding in plain sight.

            Michael was apparently abused himself and in some cases the abused becomes the abuser especially when he is in an area rich for picking. Those kids were available and the numerous payoffs that he made prove that something in the water ain't clean.

            Your blind faith is alarming. I bet that if you could have, you'd have given your own little boy to him too!

      • Amber such blind faith in someone who you have never met is frankly alarming. The fact that his brothers have exhibited the same type of behavior with Paris is proof enough for me.

        • No, I have no blinded faith in no one. I am looking at the facts of his case FROM COURT unlike you (I am amaze you want to question me YET you do not know none of them yet you act like you know and have blind faith in the lies told). And what has his brother exhibited with Paris? Are you crazy. Where is you getting your info from? You do not know what you are talking about. No, what you are saying is frankly alarming and stupid with NO Merit.

          • Stfu!! Again you sound like a hysterical white girl you'vesaid too much you've made your point now you're f*cking annoying

      • The whole industry is Satanic. Who on earth would seek out the company of little boys when they themselves are fully grown? Who would share a bed with little boys when he himself is grown? Amber please do us all on here a favour and NEVER have kids. I bet they'd end up being around the wrong type of people – with your blessing. None so blind as them that won't see.

  4. Listen the industry is filled with freaks, but they know who to tell on, and who not too! It's a smear campaign!.. Things are not always what they seem, especially if it's in the media non stop!…..Steven Spielberg rapes, tortures, and murders children all of the time, but ain't nobody gonna say shit about him! Gene Simmons knows about it, if I do! So what about that??…..Tell all of it, not some of it, and he should also include how many children he has raped, while he's at it, okay! I'm tired of this p*ssy ass stance, that society takes, when it comes to this perversion! Put up, or shut up!✌✌✌

    • And Michael was investigated and proven to be innocent in a court of law and the EVIDENCE backed MJ. No, some people are desperate and want this to be said about MJ. And it is amazing this issue ALWAYS comes up around the time of MJ's birthday or the weeks leading up to his death anniversary. This is all planned by someone in the industry but it wont work. Smart and fair people can see through this nonsense now. Only haters will listen to it which is not much.

      • Sometimes judges get paid off hun. It is as simple as that. Michael probably knew a lot of shit about many other high ranking paedos and who knows what horrors he would have spilled had he been found guilty. The elite don't want to have to worry about their secrets coming out whilst they are having their breakfasts reading the papers!!

        • Oh please, again, you sound stupid. Michael was not give no special treatment; in fact, Michael was treated far worst that turned into a witch hunt. The only sick people were those who tried to use Michaael and use a lie to try to destroy him. IT did NOT work.

          • You are stupid. Why have so many people spoken about this? I have never heard of anyone else being accused like who turned out NOT to be a pervert! Where there is smoke there is fire babe and Michael was guilty even though the courts find him to be innocent. A grown man sleeping with children! All perfectly normal – not!

    • Please provide a link for the assertion that Speilberg has murdered and raped children. I wish to notify Don Lemon immediately!!

      • Fuck that POS fag lemon. All he cares about is whose dick he has to suck to get to the next level.

        • So you acknowledge that there are certain sick things one must do in order to progress up that slippery pole?

      • I have seen numerous you tube videos alleging that SS is a dirty perv. It is a shame because he did make some good movies.

    • Even if Gene Simmons wanted to tell, he couldn't out of fear of serious "retribution" on the behalf of the hollywood higher ups. In spite of the terrible shit and many horrible people in this industry, I still believe that there are "some" good souls in hollyweird who do really want to speak up and do the right thing. Like Roseanne Barr stated in an interview a little while back, "hollywood is a culture of fear" "MK ULTRA goes hand in hand with hollywood."

      • Oh please, gene does not come across as someone who cares about no higher ups even when he does not know what he is talking about. As I have said, Gene did NOT hang around Michael. He met Michael a couple of times and now he think he is an expert on Michael? Give me a break.

              • Yeah you do, your bitch ass has been on here all day arguing. And no I don't lodge monkeys I just train 'em… B).

              • So has every one else been on here a lot – including you you simpleton! If you'responding to every single one of my comments then you too must live on here. Does that brain cell in your head ever get lonely?

              • LMAO…bitch please STFU you are just making yourself sound more stupid than you already are…LOL.

  5. Why is this a story? Why print it here? More irrelevant bs that no one can do anything about.
    Amazing how his old azz dad hangs on though. And the three kids – all white – with no mommas.
    That's the real story.

    • The first two were birthed by debbie rowe. Paris actually went to live with her after Janet slapped her. Blanket is the big mystery.

      • Big deal, this is nothing new. But because it is MJ now it is a problem. You all sound stupid. MJ Raise those kids which makes them his kids. He did NOT HAVE TO tell us all of his business when it came to his kids just like all of us do not have to tell people nothing. My step dad calls me his kids even when people say " she looks just like you", my step dad just say Thank you. That is all people need to know.

      • Janet did NOT slap Paris. see what kind of lies you tell Sarah. See this is what kind of people who want to believe lies on others. They make up lies to try to prove something that is not true.

          • You cannot reason with a Jackson stan like Amber. If you showed them a picture of MJ having sexual relations with one of his boys, they'd claim it was photshopped.
            I gave up on reasoning with them years ago.

              • You wouldn't know the truth if it landed on top of you, Amber. Any rational person with a brain knows that MJ was a troubled sick man. He harmed many kids and karma finally took over.

          • Yes, I saw that video? what does that have to do with you claiming she was slapped? See, you are making no sense. And none of this have anything to do with the issue as hand. See,a that is what people like you do when you have nothing. And Anonymous, God himself can come down and tell people like you that MJ is innocent and you will still want to call God a liar. I do not need your "reasoning", I have the facts to prove it to me.

              • No, you have a seat. Can not handle the truth. As we often say about people with no view "when you have nothing but lies to tell, start name calling and avoiding the issue. And how you want to bring Beyoncé in this. You are the one crazy. I can back my view, you can not.

    • Because this is a gossip blog you half wit. You didn't come here expecting actual "NEWS" did you?

      • Bitch you believe damn near everything you read on here and watch on youtube , so who the f*ck are you to balk at someone else?…FOH.

  6. It takes one to know one, Gene. Are you trying to tell us indirectly that u also a pedophile? For f*cks sake Michael is dead and if you are so brazen about this why didnt you have the balls to say something when Michael was still alive? Miss me with the bullshit.

    • I will believe Gene Simmon is a pedophile and NOT Michael. I am always suspious of someone who wants to come out and judge someone else without proof and going on about it. MJ did NOT deal much with Gene Simmons so Gene do not know nothing.

      • Numerous allegations about him being a beast but yet you still can't / won't see it. You are so blinded by him that you just can't accept that he was a weirdo who like to affect a little boy's voice to pretend to the world that he was just a little boy trapped inside an adult's body himself – hence his 'need' to constantly be around children on his own…. Hmm. Not at all suspicious …

          • Numerous. Just ask the FBI. There have been five so far. He paid out millions in hush money. Stupid woman.

            • The REAL FBI report said they found NOTHING. Even CNN republished the REAL FBI report when in 2013-14 when a TABLOID printed a FAKE FBI REPORT (yeah, the one you are talking about jerk). All of this was cleared up by the FBI to say that report was a LIE just like the DA, the Sheriff, and Judge Melville sign off for a statment in June 2016 to say Radaronlie was LYING and the pictures were FAKE but again a fool like you do not want the truth. Dumb@$$

  7. Oh please, Gene Simmons is probably a pedophile. He was also accused of sexual assault a few years ago by a woman and child services were called to Gene's home. Sound to me like Gene is jealous of Michael success and still upset that MJ's fans demanded he be removed from the celebration of MJ back in 2011 or 2012 (if Gene really thought MJ abused kids, why was he ok in celebrating Michael?). This guy is stupid. Even his family say he talks too much on things he knows nothing about.

    • Damn crazy white bitches have discovered this blog and I know crazy white bitches they are very pushy and they try to cram their opinions down everyone's throat if this was real life this bitch would be screaming and crying

    • Amber how often do your kids stay over unsupervised at Woody Allen's place?

      People are queuing up to make films with him but yet he is another unsavoury person. What happens in the industry stays in the industry. Oh once they have died however, everybody comes out to declare them the evil sick pervs they were.

      • Woody Allen had nothing to do with Michael's case. If you are going to bring up what someone else is doing then I can bring up the Duke Lacrosse case. And your comment about once they died eveyone comes out to declare them evil sick pervs, who is "everyone", the only one talking about MJ is Gene whereas eveyone else is praising Jackson, so that statement does not apply to Jackson as much as you wish it did. Gene has his own issues.

  8. Gene Simmons is F**king Awesome…And if you don't think so; you can always try (but fail) to fight the KISS Army…NOW WHAT?!?!??!

    • He is a jack@$$ and needs to focus on KISS instead of trying to stick his nose in something about another artist whom he clearly does not know nothing about. He needs to just shut up.

    • Tell kiss and gene to give their styles, costumes and musical concepts back to p funk and George clinton who licked the tounge first George not gene funk kiss rmy and gene is a pedophile too he was caught looking at child porn online

  9. Fuck creepy azz cracker Gene Simmons how many lil boys have u f*ck on tour u creepy mf

  10. This man is crazy. Is Gene try to assumed that not sleeping with a bunch of women mean someone is a pedophile? I got news for Gene, MOSt pedophiles are MARRIED with children and have had many relationships and do not give any indications of wanting to be with kids even if they work around kids. And so what if Gene did not know anyone who slept with Michael or not. Did Michael's have to run this pass Gene? NO. Also, Michael did not assocaiate with Gene and they were not friends and they did not hang around each other like that. If that is the case, many people who did and were real friends to MJ and KNOW Michael said MJ was innocenct from Liz Taylor, Chris Tucker who even went to court to testify for Mike, Arnold Swazts, any many more, so who are you Gene? NOTHING.

  11. Proven fact Gene Simmons Brid eatin Gene Simmons while on stage in concert during a ritual sacrifice right in front of his dumb fans face you are ugly fart you just mad and trying to stay relevant and Michael's dead and he still relevant and you trying to drum up some old stuff to throw shade on him in which he declared his innocence ,and on all 25 accounts that's why one of Michael fans was letting a doves out of the cage anytime the judge was reading off each 25 account that declared his innocence and so that being said I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson and so you can sit your old crusty wearing makeup old monster face Demonic down somewhere ?????????

    • I agree Yep I said it. To me, this is not about being a fan to anyone not even Gene. It is about some like Gene who knows NOTHING about Michael or Michael's case and trying to make a claim with a stupid view about someone else. And again, Gene Simmons was accused of Sexually assault. he needs to worry about his own situations.

    • Whatever happened to that "Dove lady"?!? I've always wondered, I thought that was a beautiful gesture to release those heavenly creatures….in support of King Michael!

  12. For those who don't know, when the music industry pushed the BLATANT satanic agenda in the early 1970s, KISS was at the forefront. Their makeup, shitty hard metal music, etc. They were the forebearers of Marilyn Manson. This is why this non-talent is still around.

    He is jealous, like most jooish musicians in the face of real black talent. He recently was talkin' ish about Prince. He was a third rate musician which is why he was in KISS. Real talent doesn't need gimmics nor willing need to be the front piece for the satanic agenda.

    • I want to know why does Gene want to talk about talk bad black artists and black music/rap nowadays. I have noticed this about him. Why don't he talk about all the white artists who are dealing in drama.


  13. Oh my GOD, why don't he just DIE already, that cancer didn't do what it was supposed to, he had a alot of shit to say about Obama, Gay-Z & countless others, enough already, his nappy headed ass is just like Donald Duck, a complete ass hole!

  14. Michael was a man with a child soul, that's why he wanted to have children around him. Gene Simmons doesn't see things how they are, he see things how he is.

  15. Michael Jackson placed himself in bad situations that a celeb at his level should never had. Its unfortunate that his entourage/manager did not do more to stop it. That said, what Simmon said he did is no evidence he abused kids. It shows he likes hanging with them- like had has said many times. You cannot blame him given that his childhood is on Youtube- him singing as a kid. I wish people would be more objective when thinking about Michael Jackson. You cannot just read the headline and believe without thinking about the facts yourself. On that note, if you are that naive, send me $1 million and I will send you $2 millions. I promise. If you do not believe that, why do you believe things that may be lies or misinterpretation about Michael Jackson and not judge and think a bit before jumping to a conclusion.

    • And phil you hit the nail on the head. Michael could not say no to people and that is why some were able to get to him. Michael was not street smart and he did not know all the tricks people can do. he was big celebs and when you are that big, SOMEONE is going to find a way to get to you to get what they want. he did not want to hurt people feelings and was too much of a people's pleaser. Even with these families, did you know he met the first accusers on the side fo a road because he car broke down and it was the family who pushed their number on Mike and keep bugging him to call them and hang out? And now look. Same the 2005 case. That family lived in a bug infested home and the kid had cancer even popping up at Neverland when Mike was not home and MJ trying to help and be nice, these people use it to try and get money. they knew they had to lie in the criminal in order to get to the civil to make it look crediable (the mother was arrested for FRAUD later that year). When it comes to this, I am going to look at the WHOLE picture. This has nothing to do with being famous, being Michael, it has to do with seeing the TRUTH from the BULL.

  16. Well circumstances were certainly suspicious but only those that were there can tell for sure. If many boys were flown in from Brazil then why did none of them ever file a suit against Michael Jackson ? Michael was a bid kid himself so I guess that's one of the reasons he connected with them and was naïve in thinking the world would think nothing bad about it. He was also known for flying in ill kids and treating them well.

    If he ever touched kids in an indecent matter…. Only those that were there know for sure. In court he was judged innocent of the claims even though several situations certainly looked shady. Michael Jackson is no longer with us and his musical legacy still lives on.

    Gene Simmons is quickly becoming the Donald Trump of music; whenever he opens his mouth nowadays shit comes out. That's sad.

    • That is the thing. many boys were NOT Flown to Brazil. That was a lie. And when he did fly FAMIELES who pushed their way to him, he wanted to be kind to them (PROVEN IN COURT). even Chris Tucker testified to this. let's be real, if Michael would have turned down a family, that family would have went to the media and said how mean and nasty Michael Jackson was to their kid and family and he does not care about kids as much s he claim.

    • No Sarah, you are the one who is crazy. That is all you got to say with no substance.

  17. 1. He was probably paid to say this, however, what he's expressing is what all the bitter, jealous, wack whites feel in the face of great black talents loved all over the world.
    2. They tried to destroy him with allegations, but it still didn't work. They're so mad.
    3. No white "artist" possesses a fraction of the talent of some of our wackest artists. They know this and it pisses them off. On their best day, they could never…ever…
    4. Mike's behavior was suspect as hell, and so was the stuff they found in his house. Everyone knows how his brothers passed around girls and groupies, but we have no stories about Mike. You could argue that he saw so much bad stuff growing up that he just rejected it all. He didn't like Prince because he said Prince treated women like some of his family members; that says a lot about what he may have experienced. The industry might have also did things to him.

    You can also add in just how popular he was. I mean, he got military escorts. That will change a person.

    • Exactly. Why don't Gene, who has been accused of sexual assault, talk about a real pedo like Roman Polanski. No, Gene want to talk about MJ because he wants attention. Michael proved his case in court and some jealous, money hungry, even some who are still upset that a black artist surpass their success want to continue to lie on Michael. Look at Gene reasoning because MJ did not sleep around anyone he knew? What kind of statement is that.And flying boys to Brazil was a LIE. yes, FAMILIES went but it was not boys all going with MJ. See that is what LIARS who want to believe because they want to believe the liesso bad on MJ want to say. They can NOT give you nothing based on FACTS. believe me, if Mike was guilty, I would be the first to say so BUT Michael was INNOCENT and I will stand by him and the FACTS that I know about the case from COURT (this is why MJ is celebrated because we heard the TRUTH in court and he was innocent). Haters and internet trolls can say what they want, the bottom like MJ was innocent and it is nothing any of you can do about it.

  18. Amber is one of those crazy bitches that has a Google alert on MJ that's why she's here at this blog being an insane Michael Jackson stan

    • The only bitches is you. You are here blog so you are insane fool. HATER./INTERNET TROLL.

    • You got that right 100. They scurry like rats whenever there is a piece on MJ and stan the hell out for him. What sad delusional people.

  19. All of these white people bringing up old shit about black celebrities. White people are currently talking about Nate Parker's 1999 rape case. By the way, Nate Parker was found not guilty, and so was Michael Jackson. White people need to shut the f*ck up! How about we bring up some current shit about white people. How about we talk about the white boy in Florida who murdered two people and started eating them. How about we talk about the white boy in Colorado who raped a woman and didn't go to prison. Why isn't the white media talking about those bizarre incidents? Better yet, why isn't black media and black websites talking about those incidents? A white boy who thinks he is a superhero, stabs two people to death and starts eating them? What in the name of Jeffrey Dahmer is going on?

    • ^^^^The name of the white boy who was eating people is Austin Harrouff! Nobody in the media is talking about this. Gee I wonder why?

    • I agree. Look how this folks trying to degrade Michael on this site. A bunch of racist pigs. Michael was a great succuss and some white lying families try to destroy Michael but it did not work.

    • NBA The media has been talking about the dude who killed the people in FL 24/7 since it happened. You are crazy.

      And if the Jhews run everything, why can't they stop the bad PR about the dude who is starring in Birth of a Nation? That negative PR is messing with their money since they financed the film.

  20. Gene is crazy. Gene needs to worry about his own life. As for Michael, all of you who want to belittle just need to get over it. Michael was innocent many people have said on this site. And to those who can not handle it, you will be alright. Move on.

  21. Gene Simmons can go to hell. He does not know nothing Michael Jackson because Michael was not in his company of friends. He met Michael a couple of times and now he thinks he knows Michael and Michael's situation and the lies told on Michaelby money hungry people? Gene, go somewhere and take your meds. Even other rockers like Paul Stanley and Nikki Sixx know you are losing your mind in talking about everyone including Prince whom you know nothing about.

  22. Where there's smoke there's fire. Gene Simmons does have his own issues but he not the only one who made claims about Michael, even MJ doctor, Conrad Murray said he did not allow his son to be alone w/Michael and MJ had a picture of Conrad infant son nxt to his bed. MJ running around thinking he Peter pan and Disney characters. If he was a regular dude they would have a lynch mob outside his house. Even MJ family knew they have tapes of Katherine calling Michael a f@g, she knew he was f*cking them boys.

    • What tapes? Get your ass out of the tabloids fools. That was a lie. And you are going to listen to Conrad Murray? YOu are a dumdass. Everything is you are talking about is silly and over stated. Michael did not think he was peter pan but he love the park due to not having a childhood. Plenty of ADULTS have Disney so if that is your arguement, you are stupid. As for calling Mike that word, that is lie as well. See, that is what fools like you do on here. You speak of tabloid lies because your perverted asses want to believe Michael is doing what you are doing. YOu are the one f@cking boys. You all would not know the truth if it bit you in the @$$

  23. Here is the reason Gene is salty towards Michael. Gene dated Diana Ross back in 1980's. He knew Michael always loved Diana Ross and Michael really wanted to marry Diana. Michael admitted this is many interviews and we can see that Michael loved Diana and Mike wanted more than a friendship with her but Diana was 14 years his senior. Michael even admitted that he was jealous of men Diana's dated. Even when Michael died, Michael left Diana, unto her knowledge, to be the second caregiver of his kids. Gene is still mad that Diana always loved Michael and Michael loved her. Let it go Gene.

    • mj never f*cked Diana if gene gonna get mad at somebody gewt mad at berry gordy, eddie kendricks, and those other white boys who skeeted in Diana.

      who the hell is intimated by a pedofag now moneywise yeah thatsa another issue and selling records yeah mj wooped everybodys asses on that level.

  24. Amber, do not waste your time. That is one bastard posting under different fake captions to talk about lies and gossip BS on Michael Jackson in this gossip site. It is very clear he/she does not know what he/she is talking about when it comes to Michael Jackson. Let that asshole have his/her fun by himself/herself. Do not take anything is this site serious.

    • You must not be familiar with this site. Chris is a Jacky Jasper OG. He doesn't use different names.

  25. Gene needs help according to him.he decided who get elected in the rock and roll hall of fame IU f you can't p layba guitar you don't belong well pribce played all instruments and could play many styles just like Michael j Jackson who had a powerful voice and could dance kiss dissed Donna summer CX cause she didn't play a guitar and he dissed nwa well Dre plays keyboards

  26. How do you think Michael Jackson rose to the heights he did in the music business ??? Come on wake up people. He broke the oath and they put his business out in public. Being a power pedophile is the highest title in the land in Hollywood/The world. The world is ran by them! Do the research and stop attacking people who are telling the truth on here. Its obvious alot of you are running off emotion. Reality is a HARD pill to swallow!

  27. Thank you Tammy. I see what you are saying. Clearly it is one or two people posting under different names to trash Michael. This should not be surprise to be because this is the internet and trolls and haters love to degrade EVERYONE on this kind of site. I tried to present facts of Michael's case but some fools want to focus and judge Jackson's as being guilty based on lies, rumors, tabloid BS, and foolness. Look at some of the comments. These fools can not give a CREDITABLE argument against Jackson which is often the sign they know nothing. They want to judge Jackson based on his finances-which is stupid. Michael had enough assets to get out of debt while alive if he would have sold many of his assets so I do not see the big deal about his debt especially when most Americans are in debt as well. LIke you said Tammy, this is a gossip site so why take it serious? So true. I was just trying to be nice to have a discussion but a fool(s) always will step in while hiding behind a computer. And for Gene Simmons, no one of substance care what this LIAR have to say (even this have been removed). Ms Battan, the female guaitist on Jackson tour, even said Simmons is liar. See, fools can not give any creditable evidence and they can not give or be in a creditable debate because they want to believe in lies. Everything I spoke about came from the COURT TRANSCRIPT, and NOT some tabloid or bias newpaper or British trashy paper. At the end of day, none of this matters. Michael was found INNOCENT, Michael is LOVED- his music is even in the movie "Angry Birds", and Michael is celebrated by all ages, races, cultures, etc. WHo cares what haters, racists, internet trolls think. It WONT take nothing away from Michael. Michael will be loved and celebrated even when his haters are long gone and dead. All I wil say, "be carefull in lies and believing lies told on others, they may find yourself in the same situation. It is not hard to be accused and get a felony. I am out of this trashy site. And Gene Simmons, no one care about your stupid ass.

  28. gene simmons is a p*ssyeating creep and mike was a pedo freak, never saw mj with a woman that we the public was convinced that he was f*cking.

    mj shown too much evidence he was a fag he dated tatum o neal, brooke shjields, and Madonna and never f*cked neither one.

    ola rae tried to f*ck him he dissed her what that sound like he didn't wanna f*ck black or white girls sounds gay to me.

    I love mjs music but lets face it he was a gay homo who pretended he was peter pan.

    you don't sleep in the bed with children that's not yours asnd happily admit it on tv like you really enjoy it like mj did yes mj f*cked little whiteboys in the ass.

    he showed Webster the business back in the 80's.

    mj was also obsessed with Diana when he was a child he stayed with her while recording hois foirst album with his brothers mj admitted himself he wanted to sing and perfom like Diana and carry himself like Diana that means he had gay tendacioes then.

    no telling what happened at those parties Diana had back then with mike admitting he was there at those parties looks like Diana used to doll him up and those Motown and other guys showed mike the way to go.

    • Hey Chris, I know you mean Miss Ross, but he was also obsessed with Princess Diana according to a book I read.

  29. Diana later admitted she never f*cked mike cause hes not a man but they asked her was mike gay Diana said hes not a man that's all I can say.

    lots of women tried to f*ck mike he dissed them, fag, homo, hangs around boys mj was obsessed with the beatles buying the catalog, hanging around paul McCartney, yoko ono, and hanging around sean and Julian lennon who both hung around mike and yes both Julian and sean slept in the bed with mike along with alfonso ribero, corey Feldman, corey haim, and Samantha ronsons brother who grew up to be gay anyway.

    oh yeah aaron carter smoked weed with mj when he was a teen.

    and mike dancing with beyonce don't mean a damn thing that's just like a trans hanging around a girl he knows mike didn't want no woman for real he wanted to be the perfect white goddess which was why he made dirty Diana the whore of Babylon, mother earth Cybele which was the white bitch he was trying to look like which was why he hung around liz taylor who played Cleopatra which is another form of goddess worship.

  30. Do I think Michael was killed for his resources,mainly for the music catalog he owed (His&The Beatles)& Neverland Ranch(The land had oil deposits)Yes,yes I do
    Do I believe he messed with those kids,yes I do.
    Some of you will sit here and chew the newer generation artist out, but want to act like the old school artist were saints. Some of you need to understand, Motown might as well been a company orgy the way they were swapping bodily fluids amongst each other. I'm sure he picked up some deviate habits there. It's no telling what those grown men were doing to him and we're exposing him to.
    I'm all for having my brothers and sisters back, I know they get treated wrong especially when at his level but come on! No black man with that much money is going to make a settlement the size Mike did several times! There are still people claiming R.Kelly pedo ass is/was innocent even with a video of him at all angles! Some of you are just blinded by your Fandom. I don't like Gene, but I do believe him.

  31. Homosexual pedophiles are born they are not made by abuse.
    I am not saying that boys who were sodomized don’t become angry men.
    They do. And most of them drug, drink or hang themselves to an early death.

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