Garcelle Beauvais: Beyonce ‘Doesn’t Have To Be Showing Out Grinding, All Of The Time”

Garcelle Beauvais vs. Beyonce

Garcelle Beauvais checking Beyonce is like the pot calling the kettle black. Let’s not forget… homegirl played R Kelly’s leading lady in “Down Low” — and even bared all for Playboy. Could Garcelle Beauvais have forgotten her 90s turnt up sessions? It sure seems that way, being that she’s blasting Bey for being slack rather than sexy…

I think there has to be a fine line where you have to take responsibility for what you do.

Here’s what Garcelle told

“There’s so many ways to be sexy without being overt about it. I think you can wear a great short dress, but if you have long sleeves and you’re only showing leg. I think you have to stick to a body part and show that. I don’t think you have to show all of it. As I get older, I still want to be sexy, but I want to do it in a different way. I want to do it in a way that’s more classy. Certain things are just too overt for kids. I love Beyonce. I love her. I think she’s beautiful and talented. But, I think there has to be a fine line where you have to take responsibility for what you do. I think it’s good to be sexy, but sexy can come across in so many different ways. It doesn’t have to be everything showing out grinding, all of the time.”





  3. You got that right, baby, she’s always been this way they just hid it very well.

    She’s feeling the heat though, last night in Glasgow she was a bit more “covered up”. Remember, it was the British publication that had the “whore Beyoncé” headline after the Grammys.

    • Mad disrespectful an i totally agree. An u never see her with her little brother? She married a ex drug dealer who always disrespected woman in his records… So… All of this should not be a shock! I perfer Mrs. Jackson anyway lol

  4. Even a street whore dont like being called a whore
    So i know it bothered beyonce being called that

  5. Although i agree with Gabby, Angela Baasset she is not (remember when the divine Ms. Basset was like Halle didn’t have to play a prostitute in Monster’s Ball – she herself had turned down the role). Ms. Bassett has always kept it classy (even in Coven recently – slayed it!). Garcelle on the other hand sounds more like a bitter betty because no body checking for her and she was hoeish back in the day…so have a seat. Let somebody else check Bey who has no stones in their house.

    • angela bassett also turned down the role of storm in x men anmd guess who got the part.

      halle’s gonna play storm in the new x men movie.

      snikt bub.

  6. Garcelle is speaking the truth. Beyonce is talented, she doesn’t need to do all that overtly sexual stuff.

      • Garcelle was a model, models sell sex and she has nowhere near the level talent Beyonce has. Bey has always been sexy but now she’s just being obnoxious with it….especially seeing as though she’s a new mother trying to sell the dedicated wife act.

  7. I’m black and I never heard anyone use that line except Lawrence Fishburne as Ike in that movie. Never.

    • We joke around with it! Hilarious, but we have a sense of humor and a fantastic marriage! It means no disrespect to Miss Tina, blame the movie! Lighten up….bet you’re being cheated on as we speak! Now that’s funny!

    • Who U hanging with??….that movie was sad but it had its funny moments like “eat the cake Ana Mae” or ” if you die, I’m going to kill you” …me and my peeps always make fun of that us what you want but it’s hilarious and besides Tina Turner is FINE ….Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.

  8. Who cares! The days of Beyonce getting her pass kissed are over,she has to fight her way through just like everybody else now….

  9. Beyonce is finally getting called out on her trash,all of a sudden it’s not trendy anymore

  10. Garcelle Beauvais is a hypocritical self hating BITCH! Most of you have no idea how big of a hoe Garcelle was in the nineties. She had to be, the bitch is a worse actress than Stacey Dash! She f*cked Jamie Foxx, she f*cked R Kelly and that bitch f*cked Sean Penn. You Garcelle fans don’t know about Garcelle f*cking anyone and everyone at the Playboy mansion. The bitch is a hoe!

  11. In slavery times, Fancy girls were beautiful black girls who were sold to slave owners for sex. Garcelle Beauvais’ name on the Jamie Foxx Show was Fancy. You better believe Garcelle was f*cked and passed around from one racist white man to the next. Garcelle was one of the biggest hoes in hollywood. That is how she became a hollywood celebrity. Also the bitch can’t act for shit!

    • Are you twelve? Garcelle is entitled to give her opinion and use Beyonce as an example. And IMO she lookes 10x’s better than this plastic, bleached version of Beyonce.

  12. @nba

    You are absolutely correct about the Fancy Girl thing.
    The French had a slightly different mode and means to control the their African kidnap victims.

    They used the black woman to breed a buffer mulatto class to help them control and confuse the slaves.

    but on a side note….Garcelles body is the business.

  13. Look at Louisiana and Haiti and see how much more the blacks are confused as to who they are even to this day…The French’s slaves were and are still much more confused by the British slaves who were treated much more directly by military overpowerment

  14. What about her being halfnaked in that RKelly video years back.This Levite woman whom Married Esau beared his seed then subsequently got dumped.

    • for all those who say white men can’t be dogs too.

      ask shar Jackson.

      and when is venus and serena gonna marry the whiteboys they like.

  15. This coonish broad needs her thrist quenched.I half naked dressing sluts opinion should not be taken seriously.

  16. I agree with Garcelle. And I don’t think she’s being a hypocrite at all. She did nudity and overtly sexy dressing on some occasions but it wasn’t on EVERY performance she ever did. Pretty much every performance Beyonce does involves her being scantly dressed, popping her booty. Its not even shocking to see her 1/2 naked anymore. The only thing we having seen on Beyonce is her nipples. What we haven’t seen is her be classy on stage.

  17. this chick in playboy in 2005 busting it wide open but azz naked and still had a poor career beyonce does what she does and make plenty of money and know for more than just her marriage…..don’t be mad boo u still got the twins for about a decade in a half

  18. Not only did she have a teen son at the time she posed she was pregnant with twins when she posed LOL

  19. But on the real Garcelle is hawt for a 50 year old mom.. She puts a lot of 18 year olds to shame..I know the pics were photo shopped , I know she has breast implants and butt injections, but you can tell she eats a clean diet and exercises.

  20. Exactly Garcelle was/is a model. When Star Search had it’s modeling category Garcelle was a contestant, I think she won. I know she was on the show. Back then she was so beautiful. Didn’t know she had gone the Playboy route.

  21. Those Playboy Gangbangs and orgies is the only reason her no acting ass got the acting gigs she was able to get over REAL BLACK ACTRESSES who are just as beautiful and trained in the craft.

  22. Beyonce is a singer/dancer/actress, she supposed to be sexy by design…Right? Why is this an issue for Garcelle to bitch about? Again, black female sexuality is so powerful, it needs to be kept in check. But, white females can be nymphos as much as they like…Katy Perry, Lady Gaga…Yeah Right!!!


    • remember when the whites used to go in the goddess temples in Africa they were so wild whites got sared and burned them down.

      imagine how those whites were intimidating when they had to study and watcvh how those Africans were swexing their womewn.

      imagine how loose and open black female swexuality was in those times.

      whites got a taste of those black women and they lost their minds.

  23. You aint never lied cuz i bet you its mainly ugly girls an gay dudes that be doing all that stupid shit! Lol Thoses bozos are stupid an HaveNoLife.Com! Losers!

  24. Let Beyonce have her freaky moment. Madonna did it in her 30s( Justify My Love)… Perhaps Beyonce is feeling sexy, loved and perhaps coming into being comfortable in her own skin and sexuality …..OR maybe a lil competition with the younger gals and she feels she’s showing em how it’s done…which in my opinion would be a waste of her time if it’s the latter… Regardless Beyonce looks great and is pulling off the sex goddess thang very well cuz we ALL buzzing about it…the oldest trick in the book. Let her be….Beyonce. Garcelle has a right to her opinion but there is a right to recognize that her opinion makes her two faced…you can’t as a mother let your nipples hang out in a magazine known to be utilized in masturbation and tell another woman what to do with her body and sexuality…GB should have several seats.

  25. Precisely! Garcelle, regardless of her appearance in Playboy, has not made a career of flaunting her sexuality. Beyonce is a natural born whore. She needs to have a seat and do something to her child’s hair.

  26. Naw, Kitty, you’re mixing apples with oranges here.

    When Garcelle posed for Playboy, those were still photos for an ADULT magazine. That is a far cry from Weave-once on tv in your living room at 8pm when nobody watching the Grammys with their kids thought they’d end up seeing her partial labia & full ass cheeks on camera, while Queen Bey was shaking her ass & singing about getting drunk & f*cking Camel on the kitchen floor! GMAFB.

    If Hump was so desperate to feel ‘sexy’, her ass should have done that stripper routine for Camel At Home In Private – this was The Grammys, not Emerald City! And remember that Blue Ivy was backstage, where there were plenty of flat-screen monitors the whole time. The entire track was whack, impossible to dance to because it had no beat & too explicit to be performed on tv – period.

    And EVERYBODY has the right to call her ass out on that epic Fail. She’s been in the game long enough to know better than that.

      • Plzzzzz. Bish betta strike off on her own before thug hubby ruins what’s left of her career. That’s all the striking she’s doing

  27. She had ALL of her kids when she did Playboy, her teen son AND he twins. She said ha she did it to remeber how sexy she still was after haaving her children. There is an interview video that you can probably google from one of those entertainmen news shows.

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