El DeBarge’s Mother Pens Open Letter To HSK Re: Tian McKissack


“Yes, Perri is his mother but he is telling a bold faced lie about his dad.” -Etterlene Debarge

HSK Exclusive – It’s been about three-months since Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid’s lovechild told HSK, “My father wasn’t a drug dealer, he was a pediatrician. He passed away last year.” That’s exactly why El DeBarge’s mother contacted us to tell her side of the story, confirming our exclusive report: El Debarge is Tian McKissack’s dad and Perri “Pebbles” Reid his mother.

Here’s what Etterlene DeBarge writes:

“Hello Jacky,

I’m informing you that the story you put out about Sebastian Mckissack is not completely true! Yes, Perri is his mother but he is telling a bold faced lie about his dad. He is my son. Yes, Eldra Debarge!

I dont understand why he would sit up and tell that complete lie about his father because he was well taken care of. My son never neglected him and I made sure of that! Sebastian lived with me from 2007-2009 due to his behavioral problems so if he is saying he was completely neglected by my side of the family it’s a LIE!

Im sorry it came to this.”

El Debarge Mother Speaks Out About Tian Missnick


  1. Keep writing Mama Debarge, don’t stop now. Explain why you let your husband abuse the Debarge children so badly? Pick up that pen, keep writing. Show some love, at least to the grandchildren. After living with you, he wishes his dad was a pediatrician. Shit, I wish my dad was a pediatrician.

    • Mama Debarge is as much a hot mess as her children. She is spilling tea that she helped to boil.

    • Thank you! Mrs. DeBarge’s white husband was a maniac. ALL of her kids are fcked up on drugs. How dare she say boo about anyone else’s child.

    • Man I think this woman is a hot ass mess. She keeps her kid’s name in the press to get money. Let El speak on it if he wants. Who the hell would let their kids live with her after she allowed her husband to physically and sexually abuse their TEN kids? They are all a mess not only because of their Father but because she didn’t protect them once she was aware of it. You would have to beat me to DEATH before I let you touch my kids! Sorry she has just irked the shit out of me for about 20 years now. Smh

  2. Pebbles was determined to make it, she hit the jackpot with LA. wonder if mama gonna tell about Janet Jackson and James daughter. maybe if they let all the skeletons out, they can get off the drugs and El can make some more good music.

  3. Hold up. You can’t assign a kid to El just because they ‘light-skinded’ and he got a crew of them. With all due respect to Eldra’s mother, she the same one said Omar Bhatti was James and Janet’s child a few yrs ago. Mama D. probably always took in high yellow chilren because her her sons got about a 100…Could be theirs, she don’t know. IMO he doesn’t look like El, they just chose pictures with similar expressions. El claims all kids he knows are his – he got 12+ and he is not ashamed to claim them – if they his.

    • was thinkin the same thing when I read this.. that Omar Bhatti story was proven false.. why lie

    • Well, I wouldn’t let a stranger live with me for two years just because they’re light-skinned. I believe Mama D if indeed she wrote/said this. She’s not crazy; that’s his child. Yes, he may say that he has ten, eleven, twelve or more but he don’t have to tell us who their mother’s are.

  4. janet keeps denying a pregnancy by james.

    never found evidence to back THIS CLAIM.


      • Girl, why even bother with these fools. They want to try and pull someone’s supposed skeletons out the closet while trying to avoid their own. You and I seem like the only sensible ones on here. They’re just sad people.

    • Speaking of Janet, Wendy reported today that her marriage to Wissan is ovah and Janet has set up camp at the Trump in NYC while she weighs her option$.

      Interesting. Apparently it has something to do with children. Wouldn’t they have discussed that before the wedding?


        • Chris, I think all that strict Muslim ish finally got to her. Even with all the money n the world to spend, it’s a complete drag when you can’t go out of your house without a man or drive your own car once n a while.
          We’ll see.

          • Janet is possibly sharing dude with 5 other wives because Muslim men usually take on multiple wives.Janet obviously bit off more than she could chew.

          • Only extreme sects of Islam don’t let women drive Or go out alone. There are sects of any religion that do that. No one says that about the Amish, Mormons, or other people that practice that. Muslim women all over the world drive and go places by themselves everyday.

            • You’re crazy! Janet has been spotted alone plenty of times in Qatar, Dubai, and Paris.

            • SMH YOU don’t know what YOU are talking about. A wife of an upper echelon sheik does NOT go out on the streets of Dubai, Qatar or anywhere in the UAE unaccompanied. It may not be as strict as it is n Riyadh, but it s strict for observant Muslims. I never said the she couldn’t walk the streets of Paris alone.

          • And you STILL don’t know what you’re saying! She has be out by herself in Dubai and Qatar. People have spotted her by herself plenty of times. She may have a bodyguard with her, but she takes atleast one with her all over the world which is something that she’s been doing for a long time. Stop generalizing your statements. It makes you look very ignorant and insensitive to one’s culture.

      • Oh yes. I knew that this was going to happen; if it is indeed true. Not only because of statistics of marriage/divorce in the United States; but those Middle Eastern Muslim Men are very controlling. In some areas over there a husband can kill his wife or jail her if she cheats or if he think that she disobey him etc. I have some women associates from there and they tell me all about the horror stories and why they fled and want to come to the U.S. A lot of the people over there believe in the Old Testament and don’t want to change; it’s huge mess! However, we have our own huge mess in the U.S. so let me shut up! LOL! All of our shit (poop when we go to the bathroom), stink! So, the pot can’t talk about the kettle.

        • they believe in polygamy as well.

          father Abraham did it.

          father Jehovah was into multiple wives according to the Mormons.

    • It’s true. James and Janet have a daughter. Now, I’m not sure about the son; but I wouldn’t put it past them; or should I say her. She was pregnant by James more than once. Celebrities think that they’ll mess up their careers, so they lie about many things because they’re trying to be something that they’re not; which is a sinning human-being like all of the rest of us. A lot of times their record label, publicist’s or manager or whatever also tell them what to say and what not to say. El is lying, he know that James and Janet have a daughter. Like I said, may have a son too. Mama D is not crazy and she knows who are her grandkids (if she’s really saying it).

        • Her daughter’s name is Reneè. Janet’s older sister Debbie raised her. If yall remember when Janet was on the 80’s show called Fame, U would see the last episode she did they would show her from the shoulders up. They wrote her out of the story because of the pregnancy. Her character name was Cleo.

    • Lies, wow you’re a dummy. Janet NEVER denied a pregnancy. She just said that she doesn’t have a child, which she doesn’t. Have you ever heard of miscarriages or abortions? Furthermore, Janet isn’t seeking residency in NYC, she actually rented out her NYC apartment that she has owned since the late 90’s, smh!!!!


    MJ WOULD HAve admitted it years ago even if mj was going use omar as a tool to clear up gay rumors.

    mj weas a master illusionist like his idols Disney and pt barnum.

      • it was reporeted that omar was mj’s long lost son when mike overdosed.

        like damn mj was’nt even buried and the vultures was circling in.

        jermaine was doing interviews as soon as mj took his last breath.

        • I know all that but you acted like somebody up in this here forum mentioned he was MJ’s kid.

  6. He lived with Etterline from 2007-2009 because of behavioral problems???

    This is a woman who should never ever have a child in her care, ever, ever again. She couldn’t or didn’t want to protect her own children, but she can straighten out someone else’s child??? Whose crack-induced, booze-fueled decision was this. Damn, Pebbles really is a bad mother.

    Furthermore, El is how old? about 51, 52? He is more than a grown man, he is middle-aged. He don’t need his mama to fight his battles and come to his defense. From what I heard about the DeBarge’s, they are pretty good at throwin’ down, PROBABLY CUZ MAMA DEBARGE NEVER PROTECTED THEM WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG AND NEEDED IT FROM THEIR DEMONIC WHITE TRASH FATHER. So now this woman is steppin’ up? Mama DeBarge strikes me as a woman who is always tryin’ to seek some shine through her children, and personally, I think she is not good for them to be around as she is probably selling gossip about them too. She is toxic to them. They need to get away from her.

    Mama DeBarge, please have a seat in your rockin’ chair. Puttin’ the story out there, true or false, is not your place, not after the horrific childhood your 10 children suffered.

    • You’ve got me on this one. I’m speechless. I want to take up for Mama D so bad, but when I asked her why she didn’t kill him (Robert Debarge, Senior, their daddy), she didn’t answer me. He’s dead 2009. And they haven’t told anybody; well us fans; I don’t think any of them went to his funeral if he had one. DAMN! They hate his ass! I don’t blame them though. Go online and type in Robert DeBarge, SR; it’ll show you the info.

  7. Who penned that letter to Jacky ’cause Mama D can’t write? What’s really goin’ on???

    • Her grandkids; they stand by her side and help/assist her with things like this; she has her website; writing letters etc; Nothing new. She just tell them what to say or write; etc. She has plenty of help & they show do love her!

      • well maybe she did a better job with the grandkids, she did raise some since her kids were on drugs…
        But I don’t trust her since she seems to always look for chances to make a buck on her kids, in ways not in their interests.

  8. Really this woman needs to go to church take care of her granchildren and leave the dayum laptop alone
    She was beggin online sometime ago for money for a new laptop.
    She doesnt understand how bad that makes his celebrity children look.As if they could not aford a laptop.
    Family business is family business

    • hell the debarges are still battling their drug demons.

      how’s chico’s recovery going.

      el and james was both singing for dj quik in the late90’s early 00’s guess they needed the drug money.

      plus el sang a marvin gaye cover on a really obscure george clinton album yes el is desperate for money.

      how the mighty have fallen.

      • I like how you just dismissed that El got 3 Grammy nominations for his last album Second Chance in 2011 AND 2012. Plus it did great on the charts for someone who hadn’t had a joint in minute. He is still touring and getting good reviews for his performances as of – this week. Check it before you wreck it.

        • SORRY DON’T LTSTEN TO MUSIC ANYMORE BUT YES IN THE PAst few years el has been arrested and still battling drugs.


        • El should’ve won all three! That brother is TALENTED! NATURALLY BORN WITH IT! In my opinion! DeBarge should’ve won Grammys way back in the 80’s! They never gave this family any Grammys that I can remember. But they’re always giving Grammys to those that CANNOT sing a lick! Why? I mean, I don’t want say names but they know who they are. Winning 3, 4, 5 to 7 Grammy’s and ass can’t sing a note, in key, tune whatever. I’m pissed about this.

      • By the way, Chico was with El at his concert in December in Chgo and looked alright to me.

        • Neither one of them look alright now; they look terrible the last time I seen them. Cracking & Hopping!

  9. first of all this article is false ,i wrote no such letter and dont even know who perri is i am tired of being attacked by people who know nothing of m and my life experiences. i will follow up with a lawsuit for defamation i give it all to jesus my life speaks for itself those that love the lord know what im talking about. one thing i have taught my children is to sufferlong with love and give it to jesus to GOD be all glory….me and my children have a beautiful relationship and we know who we are to each other.the one thing i wanted most for my children is to learn and know how to turn to jesus and dont be discourage when the world tuns thir back on you because they always do but this joy that i have the world didnt give it so the world cant take it away

    • She reminds me of my ex-landlord who’s trying to charge fees and keep the deposit after moving out last year.

      They are both hit dogs who are not only hollering the loudest but have to work God/Jesus all through their final words.

      I’m not talking about people who open or close a letter saying ‘God bless’ or ‘Jesus loves you’. It’s like they know they’re really wrong but feel that adding a touch of religion makes the harm they inflicted on others less severe.

      I hate hypocrites!

  10. So is Mother Debarge gonna right us a letter about Janet and James’s son next, wow this family is the king of secret love children…

  11. May God continue to keep and bless u Ms. Etterlene and please forgive me for being nosy
    A gossip addict

    (No pun intended)

    • You can be so called nosey or gossip; it o’tay if ur’e not causing trouble; death; jail time; defamation; etc; you get my point? We don’t know these people personally; so we must always and /or have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m not about to go off on them right now because I’m tired. But, I will say this when you sell yourself or put yourself up for sale you better be ready for us buyers! (Fans! Tricks! Groupies!)! Whatever you call me; just remember that I’m paying you; I’m paying to keep you on and not off. Ya Dig!

  12. Lol! Yo, this f-in HILarius! Lol… What in the crack den tarnation is goin on up in here? Momma DeBarge? Chile Boo! Lol!!!!!

  13. Now that’s what I call tea!!! *holds cup upto Jacky* more tea sir please!!! No other blog on the planet would serve it up like this. Mama debarge came out of lurk mode, holy smoke!!!!!!!!

  14. Ya’ll leave El alone. He’s trying. Like someone else stated. His comeback was successful, just those past demons and addiction is a battle for him.

  15. Everybody did. Still does. Does that make you a hoe? I could see if you said she was out on San Pablo back in the say, but dang, just riding up and down Foothill does not make somebody a hoe.

  16. I truly think that Mama D knows her grandson. The reason I say this is because my son father denied my son. But when that DNA came back 99.99% his, oh boy! Even his mama said she knew my son was his! Now that what you call an illeriate backward ass son of a bitch! Dummy knew he couldn’t deny my son! So jackass had to take and go back to counting backwards to get my conception right. Jackass dummy hopping backwards on a dummy trail!

  17. Hell if I stand by El my ass would end up pregnant. He breed kids like he was a Mexican!

  18. mj told the elephant man to kill Janet’s baby.

    james swore revenge he told mike i’m gonna set your ass on fire.

  19. Look, you may not like Wendy, but she is rarely wrong with her gossip on her show. Actually, I can’t remember her ever being wrong since she went to tv. Being credible is a whole different issue for her now than it was when she was on radio. And she has a huge staff which vet each and every bit of gossip she spills on “Hot Topics”. I believe her.

    And she really LOVES Janet too, and would not want to piss her off. I wouldn’t be surprised if Janet’s own people tipped her off as a way to begin to break the news to Janet’s fans.

    • Wendy is VERY wrong and MOST of the time! She said that Janet retired which was false. She got her story from the National Enquirer which is FALSE!! She’s a gossip hound with nothing better to do. She said that Janet recently rented an NYC apartment for $35k a month! That’s FALSE! Janet rented OUT her apartment for $35k a month. She still owns it, she’s just not there much. Furthermore, Wendy said that Janet moved out of the U.S. and retired and that’s also FALSE. Janet still owns her homes in California and Las Vegas. Her home in Malibu is actually where Wissam keeps his car that Janet purchased for him for his birthday. Wendy has been so wrong about SO many other celebrities and it’s the dummies that are miserable themselves that believe her words.

      • Oh, of course. Some of it is true and some of it is not. They’re human-beings that wanted to be acknowledged by the world. If you’re selling yourself to me, I am your TRICK; but you must give me what I paid you for. I’m not going to get into this non-sense conversation…. but I have to this to you “SMH” that being famous or rich doesn’t make you happy; you will be miserable rich or poor; you/we/me cannot give the creator back things that he let us rent. We live to Die! And Yes, We Will Be With The Creator Or Be With Damnation.

      • If it’s a fallacious story, t is now being reported on many news sites. You must know something that no one else does.

  20. Damn. The above post was supposed to be a reply to SMH way up above following her saying that she didn’t believe Wendy Williams about Janet’s split from her Price husband. I don’t know how it ended up down here at the bottom. Oh well.

    • Are you aware that “sheik” is an honorific title which has ZERO to do with royalty or the government? It comes from an Arabic word meaning the elder and it is given to heads of a tribe and passed along to the sons. Al Mana may not be a sheik, but his business concerns in London are very similar to those of Mohammed Fayed, also not a sheik, but a man who has been calling himself one for the past 35 years(for the prestige factor.)

      Are you still claiming that the media outlets who are reporting the upcoming split are incorrect?

  21. Its time the DeBarge family stop the shenanigans about this so called love child that no one has ever seen.They’ve been using this for years either to launch a family members singing career or just to generate interest.Time to let it go.

  22. Janet should have never broken gods law by marrying that Ishmaelite anyways.Those people had a hand in the Slave trade also.We are forbidden from marrying the other nations.Duet 7:3

  23. I can’t believe how quickly people will fall for a story on this website. this so-called Jacky Jasper character just created a soap opera and you all bought it hook line and sinker. do you really think etterlene’s elderly ass will be up on a gossip website. think about it her name is etterlene for christ sake. she is probably somewhere reading the Bible or staring out the window humming to herself.

  24. The nerve of Pebbles! Judging Chilli! This old school hooka should have a seat! Pebbles you are a hooka and should never talk about anyone else. With your fake wanna be preacher status! Calling all hookas to the pulpit!

  25. There was a pic of Janet and James backstage at a prince concert in Right On Magazine back in the day where she was supposedly pregnant then. if there are any archives.

  26. Etterline Debarge have some seats. You’re overdue for several ass kickings for the way you let your kids be abused. This child is probably shell shocked. He’s from a mama that was allegedly a hoe and a crackhead daddy. I’m sure he’s doing the best he can and I don’t blame him for not wanting to claim the Debarges. I wouldn’t either.

  27. Sabastian was always acknowledged by my dad and family in general. I dont know why she would write this letter and cause confusion to everyone who believes this. It’s Sabastian who doesn’t want anything to do with us. We’ve tried to keep in contact with him but he’s a drifter, never lives in one place. If he feels like we neglected him he knows our numbers. We dont know his unfortunately.

    • Why would you even reply to this? So your grandmother did write that first letter about Sabastian. Please keep family business private. Gee

  28. People can be stupid as f★★K!!! Why in the world would you want to even talk about this!!!! Your father should be ashame of himself for even mentioning he even had 12 kids!!!! I heard most of the baby mamas was doing drugs with him including the last wife. That’s how he got all of those kids!!! By the way your auntie was here giving Jacky the business about your uncle Chico so I’m not suprised by this at all if this is Adris. Tell your father to write a book so we can hear his side of the story because this going to keep happening until he say something!!!!

  29. El should write a book it would be healing! Encourage others to overcome issues.
    Try acting also.

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