Members of Gangster Disciples Arrested, Rick Ross Listed as Victim in Indictment!

rick ross victim gangster disciples

On May 5, the FBI did a nationwide sweep and arrested 48 members of the Gangster Disciples.

“Its members have for too long indiscriminately preyed upon and infected the good people of our communities like a cancer,” – FBI

In the indictment, Rick Ross is listed as one of the gangs victims. It is alleged that several members of the violent gang were extorting Ricky for years. Apparently it all started when Officer Ricky started using the Gangster Disciples’ name and symbols in his music. He also made mention of being “Big Meech” and “Larry Hoover” – two prominent gang affiliates he had never even met.

Remember when these videos were released?

The GD’s wanted money from Ricky, and if he didn’t pay up, they were gonna send their goons after him! Rozay has allegedly been paying them ever since.

Do you feel bad that Officer Ricky was getting punked for cash for years? Or is this what happens when keepin’ it real goes wrong?



  1. Officer Ricky might have played the "Real Rick Ross", but he wont be playing The Gangsta

  2. ok so rick ross is in trouble with the GDs but white men arent? the GDs are cowards and are targeting the wrong f*cking person. then wonder why they still have no power and are a joke

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