The Game Pays $200K For Bashing Nanny On Instagram

the game nanny karen monroe instagram lawsuit 2


Don’t think that whatever makes its way onto Instagram doesn’t matter In Real Life.  The Game has to pay a nanny $200,000 for slandering her on social media.

Back in 2013, Game heard some rumors about his nanny, Karen Monroe, and put her on blast on Instagram in a lengthy rant.  The post said that Monroe was often drunk and high on the job, and was even taking dudes down in The Game’s daughter’s bed.

the game nanny karen monroe instagram lawsuit

This led to Monroe getting canned from looking after Nas and Kelis’ kids too, and getting harassed online.  So the nanny responded with a $200,647 lawsuit.  Jayceon, who is probably too busy dealing with his other ongoing cases, didn’t respond to the suit, so the judge ruled in the nanny’s favor.

Monroe’s attorney says she underwent sever emotional stress from that Instagram post, receiving death threats, and eventually suffering from depression.

Jayceon was in an LA court for punching an off-duty cop during a pickup game earlier in the year, so that might be why he didn’t respond.

[Via Billboard]


  1. That’s what he gets for putting other people’s business out on social media.

  2. Don’t believe you miss responding to this lawsuit after defaming her so. Don’t believe a word about this one.

  3. Why can’t these celebs look after they own kids, stop relying on people to look after you kids

  4. That niggas acts just like a BITCH real emotional that’s y he keep getn sued and throwing away his money in court. Such a LAME ass nigga

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