Future Responds to Ciara’s Engagement With a Threat to Russell Wilson!

ciara future russell wilson

After it was announced that Russell Wilson had proposed to Ciara, everyone wondered how Ciara’s baby daddy, Future, would react. Well, since Ciara sued the rapper and asked for a gag order to stop him from speaking about her in the media, we knew not to expect another Twitter rant from the rapper. Instead, he leaked a statement through a “source.”

After dropping $21,000 at a strip club after the news broke, this statement was released on the rapper’s behalf. And instead of keeping it positive, Future sent out a threat to Russell!

“Future wishes her the best. All he cares about is his son and wants Russell to take a back seat to father duties. Future’s a good father and his child means everything in the world to him and he hopes Russell knows that and respects that.”


Future has spoken out about Russell playing daddy to his son, Future Jr. Do you think Russell is overstepping his step-daddy boundaries or is Future trippin?


  1. A circus, that's what this is. Future has kids by different women, but his source says he's a good father. Way to go Future! Nice way to teach your children responsibility. Then you have the industry hoe and her beard. What a simp…lol. So they broadcast their love for the media (who was holding the camera?) I saw it on Fox news and the reporters were just gushing with envy. Russell is a simp, Ciara is a hoe, and Future is an idiot. Great story for the next reality show.

    • You ain't never LIED… I thought that I was the only one who seen THIS. <(`^´)>

    • IF its real i'm happy for them. OAN, i still think Russel is gay and Ciara just doesnt wanna be another babymama. Plus, he's got bank and she doesn't.

  2. You people really don't know what a threat is. That's not a threat no shade just saying.

    • I was waiting for some shit I would say but that was weak . Not threatening at all!!
      Actually glad future said what he did !

  3. I never even seen a picture of him and his son smh.I love Ciara and Russell together I wish them nothing but the best

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