Funky Dineva Evicted From Blogger’s House, Leaves the Place Covered in Feces!

    funky dineva atlien michelle brown evicted

    Blogger Michelle Brown, a.k.a. ATLien, thought it would be a good idea to rent out her town home to her friend, Funky Dineva, but when Dineva’s checks dried up, ATLien was forced to evict the crossdressing blogger!

    Dineva stopped paying rent for months, and kept promising ATLien that he had checks that were supposed to come through at some point. According to ATLien’s blog post, Dineva is dealing with some serious substance abuse issues, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he was snorting and smokin’ his rent money away.

    ATLien did a walk-thru of the home after Dineva was given the boot, and the place was left in shambles… I’m talkin’ pee stains on the hardwood, and dog feces smeared into the carpet! Dineva also stole ATLien’s washer and dryer before leaving.

    You can see the communication (texts and emails) between Funky Dineva and ATLien via Fameolous here. Also, peep the video and see how filthy Funk D left his friend’s town home!

    SOURCEStraight From the A
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    1. Jacky……….. You keep on posting articles about all these faggots and drag queens and giving them attention for what? it make everybody wonder if you a crossdresser too. ugh!

    2. And for all that talking, he still was evicted because he didn't pay his rent and he left her house looking like a crack den

    3. that's a sissy for you. and Ms. Stank looks nasty just from her appearance and deportment in general. mostly all of 'em are trifling and filthy creatures. and i bet Ms. Funky stayed having unprotected sex in the home with various men, so you know it smelled even worse – like pure shit, spit, weed smoke and animal stench. gotdamn shame the way most human beings choose to live. what in the hell is wrong with living a free from dirt, smell of Pine Sol lifestyle? but that what a so-called friend would do for you in the end. don't trust 'em and x 'em outta your life permanently when they mess over you like this filthy-ass queen has done.

    4. These queens have a shelf life. Once Pres. Obama leaves, their queenie shit won't be so entertaining. It will be a new era.

      • No it won't the gay agenda will increase you know Angela Bassett and lady gaga kissed in american horror story

        • ?CHRIS…..I was about to ask "Exactly WTH is a Funky Dineva" but I found out from Anonymous at 13:36!

    5. Ignorant minds live for the so called read! Not the business side of the matter the Funky agreed to move, so why he need notice? bitch get ta packin. This mofo named names trying to throw everybody under the buss. Irresponsible bitch made trifflin nidja. Them queens keep to much shyt and drama goin.

    6. I bet he won't be going in on she by sheree no more…pay that lady ya nasty queen. Spending too much money on wigs crack & lube…ugh

    7. first thing she says is "my hair looks cute…". what about the rest of her? what about the parts couldn't fit inside of the door. the obesity. not cute…

    8. I have followed Dineva for four years. I love her/him.

      More importantly: I believe what he is saying about Michelle. She better watch out or he will take her to court for ruining his career by defaming him.

      And those in this thread who are talking shit about him as a gay man, you don't know what you're talking about. He is NOT a cross dresser. He is like RuPaul: this is an act. He dresses and acts like a man in his private life just like Ru.

      And he is smarter than 90% of the people who read this blog.

      • WTF are you talking about?

        RuPaul is gay ALL day EVERYDAY…he is a queen for pay, but his 'dude' can attest to the fact he is all fag.

        I do not follow this queen, but any man who has to put a wig on to make $$$ might as well be wearing a sign that reads 'gay 4 pay'.

        • Nowhere did I say that Dineva or RuPaul are not gay. I said that they are not cross dressers or transexuals. They are gay men who dress and act lie women in their performances. You will NEVER see either of them dressed as women when they are not being paid.

          • No one cares if these dudes dress up full time or not…trying to make the irrelevant relevant is is a waste of time and energy.

    9. Not surprised it's in Atlanta, he's a crossdresser and people who condone are the reason why white people laugh at us.Thats nasty as hell I'd have lost my shit and drew on HIS ass he'd pay for all them damages him and his f@ggy friends shit ain't cool got young black boys 16 17 18 talking bout I'm gay smh enablers nasty ass and furthermore I'd never have rented to a guy that wear wigs and makeup designed for women.

      • not to mention that nasty azz lifestyle that comes along with being gay, such as many sex partners, drugs, depression etc….hope the bitch learned a lesson

    10. Yes he's mean, vindictive and has a drug problem, that's why Joseline read him for filth. He left that women's property like that and everyone knows he did it because he mad he has nothing.

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