French Montana Is NOT Dating Khloe K!


French Montana & Khloe Kardashian

“French Montana’s finances ain’t right to date a Kardashian.” ~Anonymous

HSK Exclusive – Word of French Montana and Khloe K “dating is being squashed!

From what we’re told.. the tales Could be nothing more than a publicity ploy for relevancy. That’s according to an insider.. who tells us the real deal is: “French Montana doesn’t have enough money in his bank account to date Khloe.” Don’t believe me.. Just ask Kris Jenner.

Here’s the drop:

“Khloe is currently dating someone and it’s not French Montana. Kris gets 20% from anyone who dates her daughters.. and French Montana doesn’t have the numbers needed to date a Kardashian.”



  1. Really…..I so don’t want to believe that… makes Momma Kris a Pimp not a mother….20% to date her daughter???? I am flabbergasted

    • She been a pimp who do you think was behind the vivid deal for that weak ass porno. That’s Pimpin Kris.

    • She manages everyone in her family and their significant others. She charges 20% for doing so. She is the queenpin of the Klan.

  2. No one is surprised right? She got 20% of Kims fee to escort ( read : f*ck, ok…ain’t nobody getting a half milly just to stand there and look pretty)…that’s what she does. She’s Sweet Mama Kris the pimp. And Shes a goig to burn on hell for selling her own children. Grandkids are probably next, the sick bitch.

  3. Well who else could she be dating? She’s lately been making a beeline for black guys that are dating black women so who does that leave?

  4. Damn Kris, where is all that money the late and fine Robert Kardashian Sr. left you? Lawwdddd if the late Robert Kardashian wasn’t call home to do God’s work….Owwwweeeeee He Can Get it! Yes sirre Bob!!

  5. I thought Khloe was the more humbled Kardashian.But I have lost a little respect for the way she’s conducted herself after her split from Lamar.

    • Nawwww BA Khloe’s another Kim she wants all that shine but nobody couldnt give 2 cents about her. As whiney as she it’s Kourtney whose humbled I reckon she’s getting tired of being on the show

  6. Khloe is dating Game’s little bro and has been for a while now. He got her fit and in shape(aka hooked on diet pills)
    She bought him a nice car too.

  7. Khloe is dating Game’s little bro and has been for a while now. He got her fit and in shape(and hooked on diet pills)

  8. Frenchie is from morocco and he does eat pork,don’t believe me just ask trina,when she had cookouts French would be clowned for eating swine!

  9. That’s a dumb ass thing to say,nobody know how much paper French has and further we know A Kardashian will f*ck anything with a tan so bobye with this one..

  10. TMZ had some film tonight of Khloe and French on a little vacay trip this weekend and they sure did look chummy. She was hanging on him. She may have told PMK to kick rocks on this one. If any of the daughters are going to butt heads with Kris, it would definitely be Khloe.

  11. These Kockrochians are nasty! Pmk will have a heavy price to pay for what she’s done to her children! The only one I feel sorry for is Big Ole Rob if that boy dont get help he’ll be the next peaches (sad but true).

    • Empress T I just read in the Daily Mail that he is over in Thailand and nobody knows why. He s out of contact with the family and they are worried sick. Apparently they are very much afraid that he may be depressed beyond hope. So your concern seems quite valid.

    • PMK emasculates men and she raised her daughters to do the same. See: Bruce, Kris Humphries, Lamar, Scott Disick (sp) Kanye and Rob.

      As far as Rob being in Thailand, he may be over there because of their kathoey population. That’s what a lot of American men go there for — to meet and mingle with “ladyboys.” Unless Rob wants a sex change.

      • He’s in Thailand? I thought he was in some sort of fat camp/ rehab siuation. Also, I don’t know if its true but I heard he has a child

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