Flip-Floppin’ Carmen Bryan Calls Nas Crazy…

Carmen Bryan Fail

She’s stretching!!! Last week, she wanted Nas locked up for allegedly “falling behind in child support payments”, and supposedly failing to cover their daughter’s college tuition.

Now, Carmen Bryan is flippin’ the script — kind of. The 90-something-Jay Z-jump-off now says she does NOT want Nas sent to the slammer, but does want him to seek “mental help.”

“I do not want to see my child’s father go to jail. However, I do want to see him get the mental help that I believe he desperately needs.”

To be sure, the pair’s daughter, Destiny Jones, will mark her 20th birthday in July. Destiny also appears to be settled in her first Los Angeles apartment, openly admits to be in the midst of studying, and is seems to be actively pursuing an acting career. Now let’s say Nas did “fall $11K behind in child support”.. Why has Carmen Bryan not spoken out about it till now? Just sayin’.

“Nas dropped out of school I believe 7th, 8th grade, so he’s ignorant and uneducated. He’s a junior high school dropout; he doesn’t believe in education.

My thing is she wants an education. After all she’s been through, she desires it, and she deserves it.”



Check out what Carmen Bryan had to say about Nas:

“Well first off, let me just say my experiences with Nas, my dealings with Nas, and my research all lead me to believe that he does suffer from bipolarism and he may be a paranoid schizophrenic. That’s my personal opinion based on my experiences and interaction with him. An incident occurred with Nas years ago when we were together. I came in the house, Destiny and I, and he was on the couch wrapped up in a blanket; his mom was on one side of him, his brother on the other side, there were a few more people in the house. My first reaction was, ‘Is everything okay? What happened?’ And that’s when Nas told me ghosts were haunting him again, and entities were whispering to him and touching him and bothering him. This is something that he mentioned when we first got together, but I had never experienced him ever experiencing it until that moment. So, I’ve witnessed this long battle with insanity.”



  1. The hardest nut to crack is an old broke, broken down hoe that cannot run game anymore. Mad at the world because she has to stand on the side line and watch the world go by.

    • True…this chick here is just pitiful,and mad she’s no longer “what that is”. Even if Nas is suffering from a mental illness, how does this help?

      • True…at the end of the day Nas is still her child’s father…How does she think her daughter is going to feel about reading about her Dad’s alleged mental problems.

  2. These secret societies heavily engage in involking and summoning entities spirits and demons. They are founded and based off this. Our Ahnkcestors were highly spiritual and called on higher spirits (the gods/most high) for righteous reasons. The occult uses our esoteric beliefs and practices in reverse and try to summon evil deities and spirits for power and anarchy thats the difference. Nas is apart of theoccult, sad but true. Although he’s not as evil as Jay or the rest of them they still have him in pocket. All those sessions where he had to to go thru those rituals dont go away so easy. It makes me wonder how Diddy and the rest of them sleep at night. If he ever decideds to decode the secrets or go against the grain they’d put a bullet in his head. Peace .

    • Diddy has said in several interviews, he doesn’t go to sleep. So there’s the answer!

      • I agree! In fact, I am going to tell you where he said it. Remember when he did I Want To Work For Diddy back here about two years ago? When he walked into that loft apartment and saw how filthy it was. He woke everybody up, made them clean the mess up. It was that episode he told them that he can’t sleep. He was always working. Constantly working. Something else he had said. But right then and there I know something wasn’t right.

      • He said he doesn’t sleep, but that nigga lied. No sleep, you would go crazy, become delirious.

  3. I wish Carmen sits her tired ass down somewhere. How the hell do you think calling him out on his alleged mental disorder, helps his career? Do you think that will increase his sales or gain him sponsorships or make a new album platinum? How else do you think he’s going to get that back money??? and as far as a junior high school drop out – that didnt seem to be a problem when he was running up in you, OR when you decided to have his child, cause IF he said he doesnt believe in education, YOU KNEW THEN! Think of your child when you decide to go full banshee on a social networking site because shes trying to do something better than what her mom was doing at her age!

  4. Look at this. The pot calling the kettle black. LOL I think she may have some mental and emotional issues.

    Excessively Spreading Eagle can not only cause the collapse of the Cooch but, it can also cause a collapse of the brain mentally and emotionally. So, she really needs to take a couple of seats on a therapist/psychiatrist couch. For Real

    • Can we say, “Drop down and get your eagle on?” More like, “Drop down with a flappy couch”! Lmao!

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  6. Yes,and after all of this Carmen you still decided to procreate and have his child.So who’s really uneducated?This broad really has a Axe To Grind in the name of lost child support.

  7. Why can’t SHE contribute to her daughter’s college fund? She better take her tail and get a job like I did and a million more kids have done. I hope he don’t give this hoe nary one more dime. Not saying he shouldn’t contribute to his daughter’s college but this is a shake down.

  8. Carmen is wild lol but she knows that nigga Better than All of us commenting! She was with that nigga the longest out of all them hoez so you goofy hoes on this site talkin greasy needs to stop! Nas a goofy ass nigga cuz 11k aint no money to him so he shud pay it! Petty ass nigga 4 real! Handle yo business nas an stop being tight ova bulkshit! An no matter how much carmen slander nas? Destiny aint gon turn on her mother. You stupid f*cks. If nas disrespect her mother that will speak Volumes to his daughter. AN he prolly is slow an nutty because look @his choices in women? Lol! Team carmen allday!! Get dat money girl an run some good game on him while he is high an get preggers again bitch! Lol Fuck who dont like wat i said . Kiss my ass! Fuck you.

    • Because your ass is played out and used up, don’t come on this site begging us to kiss it and make your burnt out ass feel better. You are finished and discarded; just recognize your place, which is garbage in the gutter.

      • Monique. I am going go ask you a question. If or he has to, If Nas pay for Destiny’s college fund and per say according to Carmen that has to pay $11,000 in back child support, what Carmen going to do when everything is paid up to date and Destiny is well passed the age of 22? Mind you now that Carmen has to find other means to pay HER OWN BILLS AND NOT DEPEND ON THAT CHILD SUPPORT! CHILD SUPPORT IS NIT GUARANTEE MONEY! I KNOW! My special needs son is going to college. I don’t depend on that child support to take care of him! I find other ways to support me and my son. Let me tell you something, there’s an old saying, “Never depend on a man for anything, but you can depend on God!” Now I am an old soul. I truly believe that Carmen can find other ways to get her bills paid. Now from what you are saying, it sounds to me that you riding and living off child support yourself. Let me school you for a minute. You have to realize a man is going to do whatever he wants! JTS in his deoxyriboneucleic acid! Oops! Excuse me let break that word down for you DNA! Yes! See you up here rooting for a woman who has a vendetta against her daughter’s dad. Please don’t dig a ditch when you have to dig for two! Don’t do that! That is wrong with a lot of black women today! They have a vendetta against these men! Show these men you can do bad by yourself! Keep your head high and show some self esteem and keep it moving!

            • You are a rare Retarded bitch! An i nigga know he can run over yo goofy ass. Niigga aint gon get off easy with Queen Monique. Pay like you pise to Bitch!

        • I dont care what none of yall say! Nas is rich! Pay the back money an make better choices in the women you put seeds in.Period!!! Regardless of what any of yall say his baby momma talkin shit about him makes him look trif mode an it shows he has No control over his bitches! Lol Pay that money an show that 11k aint shit because he is a Millionaire…. Really! Gtfohwtbs! An im All for a woman who bore a niggas child in which she could of aborted getting all she can get for their seed an the Best because trust! Nas is living lavish so her daughter should also! Kelis son is living lavish an he paying that guap so pay what u owe an stop being a petty ass nigga! All who dont agree can kiss my ass. I come to this site out of fun an the shit yall be sayin directed towards me? Have me rolling! Grow up an get a life you dumb f*cks! Who cares! Dont none of you retarded hoes mean shit to me an have no affect! If what i say bothers that much, Then that lets me no i have power over the little people an i should be Commanding the attention of the Elite! Fuck you an f*ck you! Lol

          • U actually think its a joke Monique? OK U say Nas has to pay Carmen 11k correct? Again if the Judge and the Clerk of Court says he is paid up, THERE IS NOTHING CARMEN CAN DO!!! WHEN THE NON CUSTODIAL PARENT PAID THERE SUPPORT AND INCLUDING THE COST OF MEDICAL INSURANCE WHICH IS INCLUDED, THAT JUDGE IS ORDERING THAT NON CUSTODIAL PARENT TO PAY THAT PARENT TO A CERTAIN AGE. IF IT IS NOT STIPULATED IN THAT ORIGINAL ORDER FROM THE BEGINNING, CARMEN IS FUCKED!! U can take up for her, defend her whatever, she can’t get what Kelis is getting. KELIS AND NASIR WAS MARRIED!! NOT CARMEN AND NASIR WAS NOT MARRIED!! THERE’S A DIFFERENCE! Of coarse Nasir’s son is going to get more cause he was conceived in a union of marriage, NOT SHACKED UP!! Carmen had her chance, she blew it! Destiny is grown and Carmen is on her OWN!!

        • You cant school me on shit! My self esteem is up to par! The only retarded hoe is yo dumb ass. Black woman have a right to do how we feel. Its not our fault black males let the white man destroy our family dynamic an take ys from our homeland or whereva. An its not our fault niggas continue to play 10th fiddle to the whiteman. Black men have failed the black woman. An if this was a white woman? Nas monkey ass would have paid that shit with no problem. Bitch kiss my ass. An yiu can use them big words to the judge for yo back pay, Dumb ass hoe! You takin up for this nigga an she had to take his ass to court b4. Bitch go flush yo ass down thwe toilet!

      • Ask your mom why Bitch! You all responding to my shit negatively are so Fuckin Stupid! Lol An once again, Kiss my ass!

  9. In the words of my Bay Area homie Richie Rich, she’s a “Lazy tore up tore down hoe!

    • Rich homie aint shit an he knows it best! Cuz he is talkin bout his momma ! Ha! Bitch!

  10. Fuck anybody who dont agree with wat i said! Kiss my mothaf*ckin ass mothaf*ckas!

    • Monique you’re just feeling frisky because your benefits card was gased up on the first of the month. Nobody’s interested in your ass so stop offering it up. Find someone to handle that for you.

      • An you responding justs lets me know im that bitch! You dumb stupid f*ck lol i dont care what you say, Yo goofy ass responding to me like i knew you would an i Mean every f*ckin thing i type bout you no life hoes lol Except the ones that aint all in they thong crying bout bullshit! Discussion only people! Get a f*ckin life. An moe benifits kick on every month bitch! I show love to those who show love to me on Ask Jacky, they know who they are. But the rest of you tired ass thots can choke on a dick. A Lexington Steele size dick!

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  12. Carmen, it is common knowledge that Nas dropped out of the 9th grade. Destiny needs to spend more time studying and less time on Instagram so she stands a chance at faring better than her parents.

    Carmen works Nas like a 9-5, so I see why she never bothered to get a job. She has game and he is a trick. There it is.

    • The thing is Carmen makes and has been makig her own money for years, she has a shop and a online boutique on her website. Carmen. Carmen was asking for Destiny’s tuition to be paid (11k) even if Nas pay up its not going to Carmen it goes straight to the College which is part of the child support agreement, that Nas will pay her schooling. #TBT Destiny needs to get a job and stop taking selfies every chance she gets

    • I do. At the age of 37 I should. I tell y’all what, Go to my Facebook page. Type DaRadiant1 if y’all really want to see the real me. Anon @6:32 this generation has to WAKE THE HELL UP! Monique is not bitter but someone has to sit her down and see the overview or overhead of Carmen and Nas situation. Carmen has to realized she is getting older. She too has to wake up and realize that fun ride of lap of luxury is gone. Like I said before “You can’t depend on no man, but you can depend on God!”

    • Bum ass niggas who dont take care of they kids agreeing with yo dumb ass. Or niggas who u have to file them papers on cause they daddys wasnt shit an they aint shit either! Only niggas do bum shit like this! White rich men pay quick or pay to shut u up not to embarass them. An i dont need background singers to agree with me! You no lufe f*ckin morans! Yall are pathetic an Sad! Lol

  13. Carmen-Monique boo,this is for you in the words of precious mother,you better take your ass on down to the welfare…..BITCH!

  14. These ghetto hood rat chicks are pathetic. Stop depending on these rappers to pay your bills and stop having children by them. I feel sorry for Destiny she seems like a very smart girl and has a good head on her shoulders. Her mom needs some major therapy.

  15. Im surprised that Carmen didnt have a baby by Jay Z or did she have an abortion.These women should be ashamed Karrine Stephens, Misa Hilton Brim, and the list goes on and on while you were receiving those child supporting checks you should have been in school getting a degree and starting your own business.

    • She had the abortion #TBT the baby could’ve been either Nas or Jays but Carmen leaned more towards it being Jay’s baby but I think this bitch really didn’t know for sure, I think that’s why she went on ahead with the abortion. Lol #smfh

    • Black people don’t do much of anything other than raising hell and skipping out on their bills…

  16. Nas is a talented person and people who are gifted have other gifts as well. he may be psychic and gets confused by the messages. People.. you sound as if you don’t pray or mediate or temple at all. He may have had a session where a prayer warrior was needed or a medicine man…get closer to the third eye of things and you may hear a new voice or two yourself.

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