Fiddy Opens Fire on Jimmy ‘Henchman’ Rosemond!



    “LMAO THIS BOY SOLVED EVERY CRIME IN NEW YORK. Old gangsta jimmy, go head tell some more shit killer. Lol.”

    The first thing 50 Cent was sure to take care of, early Saturday morning, was to deliver Jimmy Henchman with another snitch-on-blast bomb. This, while the convicted drug runner faces a possible death sentence, as the trial against him — surrounding the of 2009 murder of G-Unit associate Lowell ‘Lodi Mack’ Fletcher — continues.


    “What’s up, I’m up. 6:30 in the morning, getting my hair cut, watching a movie. Check this sh*t out, the Henchman trial. No Jimmy, you rat b*stard!’ [laughs]” -Fiddy

    Fif’s social media stabs — ousting Henchman as a snitch, looking to dodge lethal injection — have not gone unnoticed by dude’s camp. Just ask Jimmy’s publicist, Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez.


    Here’s what the LaChic Media rep had to say:

    “I read what a certain rapper and music mogul wrote on twitter and he too is entitled to his opinion but it doesn’t make the information that he tweeted correct because as I remember the last trial, Mr. Rosemond never testified in court against anyone and so the term, “snitching” shouldn’t apply to him. I don’t recall this music mogul/rapper or anyone from that camp at the last trial and so the information that he allegedly tweeted is not accurate information. Let’s let the trial play out and let’s see what the verdict is. There are folks who are testifying in this trial and they’re looking at a lot of time and so let’s see how it plays out.”

    Did Rosemond previously accuse one former G-Unit member for “attacking his son”? Of course.. Just ask Tony Yayo.



    1. Fif knows he is a bitch. He wasn’t popping off when Jimmy Henchman was free and roaming the streets. The Haitian connect is real, so Fif may want to stay silent before Jimmy flies him a kite.

    2. Half a dollar minus a niclke always running his crooked mouth. PDiddy needs to come get his sister before she gets hurt.

    3. That bitch set up PAC in Times Square. Why is he still breathing. Jimmy henchmen ain’t shit. All drug dealers are rats. Give him the needle

    4. The white man is not going to kill Henchman because he served them well as being their pawn to help create environment to keep the black communities in chaos with drugs, prostitution and violence.

    5. Jimmy Henchman allg had 50 man murked…whatd u expect 50 to say? need help with bail?come on…however 50 may be screwin his fririends who cant get out hood…yayo banks…

      • Yayo doesn’t live in the hood. He lives in a beautiful tree lined suburb in a very expensive house.

    6. Jimmy should have never been involved in the MUSIC BUSINESS in the 1st he along with Suge are EVIL both of these men could have changed there lives and the people around lives for the better but they choose to continue selling there souls to the streets NO LOVE HERE FROM ME

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