Tiny Snaps on T.I. for Cheating with her “Employee” – #FamilyHustle

T.I. is still heated over Tiny’s rumored tryst with Floyd Mayweather, and he’s making sure to give her the s**t about it while fending off a few cheating accusations of his own in this scene from T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle Season 6 Episode 8.

Watch TIP get grilled by Tiny over his affair with one of her employee’s.


  1. T.I looks so uninterested. Tiny it’s time to move on.

    I remember when T.I was incarcerated & how Tiny stood ny his side. Now look how he is disrespecting her.

    To all the ladies who has a man incarcerated, live ur life. Because when he gets out of jail, he is going to treat u like s**t.

  2. Any woman dumb enough to be with him after seeing this ain’t got no sense. I think TI truley love Tiny, but He’s really a piece of shyt. I don’t know how Tiny has put up with this nigga for this long at all. I was about to say I hope they work it out, but when Karma come back around to get TI, I would not want to be his wife. She should separate now so she don’t have to be around for his downfall. God is probably giving her a way out, before it’s too late.

  3. This man is the true definition of a narcissistic man… He have the nerves to say sonething to her and all he’s ever did was cheat on her.. Tiny take all you can from him, because everything is about his lil arse..Him spending millions of $$$$ on you was his choice and he was his wife, that’s his job.
    Tip herpes looking lips reminds me if someone I use to know…He us one sorry arse man

      • It wasn’t good, that’s why I divorced his ass.. Everyone is still wondering why, because he’s really a good man, but he wasn’t pleasing me at all…

  4. Two wrongs don’t make a right, leave her bro. They ain’t putting all they business out there but u can obviously tell they both cheated more than once and also u can tell that Mayweather situation was too much for him. I mean they did come too blows, then for her to go back and mess with him again is too disrespectful. B real people

    • It’s hard for men to TAKE what they DISH out. Tip is full of shit and is just looking for any excuse possible to justify his actions. Tiny is better off without him.

  5. I hope Tiny has been putting a few coins from the “house money” away for rainy day.

  6. Tameka, you are a wonderful woman and Tip is not good enough for you. I know that you love him, but you need to get away from him before he completely destroys your self esteem. Be strong for your beautiful children.

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