Faizon Love Arrested For Assaulting Valet Over Bill

Faizon Love Mugshot

Comedian Faizon Love was arrested after he got into it with valet at an Ohio airport.

According to TMZ, Faizon was pissed that valet was overcharging and things turned a bit physical. A video caught the actor slamming the valet attendant into a monitor before someone came to break up the fight. Sources say the valet suffered minor injuries.

It was reported that Faze was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault before being released on $2,000 bond.


  1. That’s why it’s best to just park in a garage. I never like using valet parking especially since a stranger has keys to your car.

  2. Well it’s going to cost him a lot more now. He should have just paid the valet.

  3. He’s going through some things…and the valet got the brunt of it. This will be a wake-up call for Mr. Love.

  4. Black on black violence rears its ugly head again.

    The “valet” was more like a baggage claim assistant. The kind of guy who pushes wheelchair passengers. This didn’t have anything to do with parking.

    • Love needs Jesus in his life before he winds up getting himself in deeper troubles.

  5. Faizon got what he deserved, and hopefully he’ll get much more. Stupid “ignant” nigga shit. That fucking mentality of “CAN’T NOBODY BE DISREPSECITING ME” has gotten more black men, and women put 6 feet under than anything else. Most people caping for him are blacks, so go figure. We’ll never progress as a people if we continue this bullshit.

    • Why do fuckers like you always put the actions of one person on us as a whole?

      Who gives a shit what HE did, he is paying for it and what he did does not mean all or even most of us do the same or that we will not progress…people fight every day and will continue to, that does not mean their whole race loses because of it.

  6. Big Worm don’t play! Watch who you beef with. Most black men will fuck you up if you fuck with them!

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