LeBron James Reveals His Celeb Crushes…No Sistas Included!

lebron james celebrity crushes

LeBron James gave an interview with Road Trippin’ podcast and gave a list of his all-white celebrity crushes.

Eva Mendes is one of my favorite women of all time. My wife knows it… I love Jennifers. I’m a Jennifer Aniston guy, a Jennifer Lawrence guy. … Jennifer Lopez…and then it’s Scarlett Johansen….Jessica Biel is unbelievable. [Justin Timberlake], you my man, we talk all the time, man, you got an unbelievable wife, man. Congratulations to you. You know that. They belong together.”

Damn, Bron, like that?

I wonder what his black wife has to say about this?

Peep the entire interview here.


  1. Well he says his wife knows so I couldn’t care less. If she’s ok with that then whatever.

  2. Lebron has sistas crush but if he airs it out his image as a family man will be ruined . But by stating white celebrities that he most likely will never date he plays it safe

  3. Who cares. They all worship the devil. Justin’s marriage is a publicly stunt because he is GAY.

  4. Why can’t a black man have his preferences race only seems to matter to black women when a black man says he chooses white women otherwise the swirl is on . personally I love me some Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union for great sex and interesting conversation afterwards

    • You are the VERY first commenter to mention race. The very first. You want people to be mad so bad…

    • I think any male should be able to have preferences. Us black men are like the garbage dump. We are REQUIRED to take anything and everything from women especially black women. Wether they are obeses, overweight, weave wearing, single mother, obnoxious. It doesnt matter we must accept it and uplift it smdh.

  5. He made the choice when it counted…when he CHOSE to love and marry his black queen.

  6. Why is a married man even discussing this subject? HE’S MARRIED!!!! This world is screwed up.

    • Thank you. That’s the most disturbing thing about this. He should’ve said “My crush is my one and only savannah” and went on about how gorgeous/amazing she is. That’s the bare minimum if you respect your partner. Nothing I’d hate more than a man who embarrasses me publicly.

    • These marriages aren’t really geninue. Remember in sports the family athlete usually has a better image thus gets better sponsorships, attention and contacts etc. But there is an agreement before hand. The woman gets a luxurious lifestyle while the male athlete gets a “family” image. Most times the women are bisexual or they both sleep around.

    • He’s married, he aint dead, I swear this constant bitching, whining moaning and crying by black chicks every day is do damn pathetic, and you wonder why you’re the least dated and married group of people on the planet.

      • Justin Timberlake applauded Michelle Obama & beyonce for international women’s day and the white women AND MEN are mad as hell. But go on about how black women are whining. Go on…

      • how do we as black people or african-Americans find it ok to disregard our people? I’m a sista. I love all people and races I see similarities and differences throughout all nationalities. However, I’m sadden by the stereotypes use to describe women of color. For unlike those who come to destory, hurt, misuse, abuse, and demise us, I’m here to uplift and encourage. I am my sister’s KEEPER. I am my brother’s keeper. For I will love as God loves unconditionally. Ps brothers if you don’t know the worth of black women then you are lost. I pray that you awaken. Stay WOKE.

  7. Black women on this post are so calm.
    The jokes just write themselves.

    • Well one woman is not calm, pleasant or civil,

      She is the perfect example of the unfortunate stereotype of the loud mouthed nasty black woman.

      • Loud because I call you out on your shit? Bitch Please…

        You are the one…commenting on something that was NOT your concern, but are so fucking obnoxious you always HAVE to add nothing to the convo but your bitter attitude and disposition.

      • She seems absolutely chilled to me. You must be weak AF if you’re shaken by that.

          • Black women in generally aren’t good people that’s why Hollywood refuses to cast them. They are difficult to work with. What’s weird is that despite white women being treated like princesses ie white privilege they are more humble and compassionate in general than black women.

  8. ^^That is one fool who comes on here every day because he cannot get black women, due to his own internal issues.

    He uses different handles cooning and trying to start shit, because he and his life are shit.

        • True a lot of these small dick black men like me can’t get black women. But those big dick, drug slanging, gun toting, multiple baby mamas black men breed black women like the white massa during slavery. You think black women suffer from POST BUCK SYNDROME

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