Evan Ross Groomsmen Get High For His Wedding


Evan Ross’s groomsmen, Donald Faison and Jessica Simpson’s husband Eric Johnson, pulled a “Puff Puff Pass” play before Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson tied the knot this past Sunday.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson exchanged vows at Diana Ross’ estate on Sunday with Ashlee’s sister Jessica as the matron of honor and Evan’s brother Ross Naess as his best man.”

Here’s the drop:

“The happy couple were disappointed to find none of the major magazines were interested in their big day.”






  1. It’s about time magazines quit buying pics, that we see for nothing…
    U guys are not important..
    Who wants a pic of Joe n his boy toy. Ugh

  2. Her own children doesn’t have respect for their own mother’s house let alone Jessica’s husband. Wow!

    • Why should they have respect for her or her house? They watched Dianna do drugs and get sloppy drunk in front of them for a long time. What’s done in the dark will come to the light and the apple still don’t fall too far from the tree. Get over it honey,it is what it is. You ain’t going to make no liar out of God. Luke 8:17 happening right in our life time.

    • Did you see children in the pictures? Stop assuming shit. People paygood money for nannys. Quit tripping how do you know they don’t have medical marijuana cards? You act like kids were pictured and a crack pipe was being passed. Chill smoke sumthin

  3. Maybe if he married a black gurl essence would have stop by. But damn u diana ross and no noriety

  4. NO magazines are interested because they are a bunch of nobodies with the exception of The Boss herself an Jessica Simpson. This is a wack looking beard couple.

  5. Where is his fish eyed big booty sister at?? That’s the only thing I want to see at this wedding

  6. Well, times must be changing again if the press doesn’t want to promote this inter-racial coupling. I would have thought that they would have plastered this divide and conquer celebration right across the globe! Normally they swerve on black love but this is certainly not that.

    However, I wish him and his beard well…

    • No one cares because the relationship is phony. Hollywood loves to promote black male/white female couplings because it keeps the bs alive. Caucasian women think they’re god’s gift to men based on the actions of their fathers. It’s easy to be arrogant when another race of women are enslaved and raped for their benefit. Evan marrying Ashlee Simpson soothes the ego of whitewomen. Evan is just as pale as she is…Typical Biracial Guy! The swirl is about kissing the ass of whitemen, not becky being superior to sistas. Their actions prove my point. Flamers glow in the dark, this we know for sure. Nobody is jealous of these hollyweird sheep…Never!

      • White women will open their legs for anybody who got the money. It matters not to them what the race. Evan and his brother are the sons of a very,very,very rich white man and i am sure he left them paid. Jessica Simpson is no fool. Marrying Evan is an investment for her. After she has served her time in that marriage,maybe even a baby or two,she will file for divorce and try to get half of what he is worth. Have you ever been to a pro NBA or NFL game and noticed all those half naked white girls there? They are there hoping to catch the attention of one of those ballers so they can get paid. A baby by a rich man is a hook into the bank accounts of these dumb niggas.

        • Sis… The Game Is So So Ugly! Basically, black male athletes have turned into “Money Trees” for thirsty white chicks. Colleges and Universities beg them to play ball for them, in return, endless supply of white punany. So, even before they sign on the dotted line..EnEntrapment! It’s not a clean interaction. Upper middle-class white chicks and hood stars. Both have been fantasizing about the other from a distance. Screwing Massa’s daughter and getting back at Daddy for being so cruel to The Brothas. We’ve looked at this issue from the wrong angle. In the beginning, it was about sexual taboo and forbidden fruit. Today, the novelty aspect has waned over the years. Too much of something different, does not stay exotic forever. As you stated, it’s about the money in this day and time. All the women hip to the game, every color and ethnicity you can imagine. Brotha, Can I Have Some of That? Of course, the gay blackman dating/marrying Becky is a novel transition. It makes perfect sense. Any african male that has no physical attraction to the colored girls is outing himself more or less. Sistas are too beautiful to reject. White females don’t wanna have that convo, the truth is not on their side. This issue has festered because many brothas have stayed silent. A lot of us were lied to all this time. We can’t lay in bed with the enemy and claim the crown… Mortal Contradiction! Many layers to this issue… Learn To Remember… Historical Context! Appreciate the convo Sis… Good Night/Bless!

          • Sorry Tyrone. Don’t act like it’s mostly one sided. Black NBA players are all over cute white girls who aren’t half clothed or hitting on them. I see it all the time. Face it, most of them see it as a goal- a continuation of their rise from the hood. Facts are facts and to paint it as if white girls are born desiring to hook up and snare a black, temporarily rich dude, is rarely the case. you want to curry favor with sistas so you slant it to be that WW are mostly to blame. huh uh.

          • I think its generational karma for the older racist generation of black and white people that thier sons and daughters are attracted to one another imo

  7. Who gets high before their wedding?!. I cannot understand why anyone would get drunk or high before their wedding. That is a HUGE red flag. I’ve heard all of the beard rumors, but I don’t see why Evan, never having been married before, would marry Ashlee. Evan is far more successful, comes from a legendary family, has never been married and does not have children. Again, she may be his beard, but he could’ve chosen better.

    • Did you see Jessica Simpson’s husband he’s the one with the bag of KUSH, LOL. Yes Assless is his beard. He’s another flamer looking at him, purple sequins are falling out of his mouth.

        • Diana’s eldest daughter, Rhonda, is Berry Gordy’s child. Her sons are by her last husband, billionaire Arnae Naess. May he RIP. (Evan and the one with the ponytail pictured above, Ross.)

    • No they are not smoking crack, they are smoking weed out of a peace pipe
      Something like the American Indians used to use during their cerimonies

      (I think, lol !)

  8. congraturtlations well see ghow long it last.

    ashlee never could phukking sing she just divorced one fag now she married another dl.

    joe’s gay wonder if him and her last hubby hooked up.

    Diana would have it no other way her son marrying whitegirls.

  9. Come on people, maybe they really do love one another so stop being so negative. Wish them all the best.

    • Or maybe they are really compatible with each other and have the same interests of heart

  10. I wish them a long and happy life together. Look, beard or not I think it’s a good look for young people to go to the chapel and get married. Regardless of the motive two young people who want to be together should do it the right way and not be sloppy about it.

    Jessica’s man married her only after he realized she wasn’t going to stop having babies because she is young enough to have them and he’s young enough to make them. That’s a prescription for it to happen again! Ashlee’s baby was born into a family environment and she wants to continue that for him so what the hell? Be nice and wish them well.

  11. I want to know, why is there a white boy standing on the balcony with his drawers on. Did they all sleep in the same room….

    And who invited El Debarges love child from pebbles but didn’t invite his parents, that sit ain’t right. …lol.

    • They probably waked and baked while getting ready for the wedding. Whats the big deal about killing the anxiety and nerves of a wedding by smoking some sweet cheeba? It’s was just a bowl pack of some good kush! BIG WHOOP!!!!

  12. I thought in the state of CA you cannot be intoxicated on he day of your wedding and/or during the ceremony? Somebody correct me if I’m incorrect.

    • Well, isn’t we supposed to be medicine? So he was taking his meds RT? He prolly got his medical card from Venice Beach.




    • I kno my husband and i were like wtf and its a Rothschild at that, which is suprizing because jay electronica is really pro black at least thats what his music implies

  14. dianna ross is a bed wench for white men course she wants her “swirl baby” to marry a white fish!!

  15. Nice. they deserved it. that’s what people do at weedings. get high, drank and have a good time.

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