Cee Lo Green Tries to Redefine Rape Via Twitter


Creepy C!

Less than one year ago that Cee Lo Green plead no contest to a felony drug charge stemming from a 2012 incident during which he gave ecstasy to a 33-year-old woman. She claimed that he raped her, but Cee Lo beat that charge. So it surprised many of his followers when he recently tweeted that, “it’s not rape if the woman is unconscious.

Then Green went further comparing rape to B&E saying that, “broken glass is proof of a B&E where there’s no proof of rape.”



As you would guess, it was just a few hours later when Green changed course and tweeted this apology:

“Let me 1st praise god for exoneration fairness & freedom! Secondly I sincerely apologize for my comments being taken so far out of context.

I only intended on a healthy exchange to help heal those who love me from the pain I had already caused from this. Please forgive me as it was your support that got me thru this to begin with. I’d never condone the harm of any women. Thank you”


  1. Why does this negro look like a McDonalds throwback? He looks just like the Hamburgeler, Body and all. SHIT!!!!

  2. Any opinion any male has on rape culture regarding women should be voided just based on their gender and stupidity in thinking they understand what it is or is not. We give too much credit to their gender which women have given to them and need to see them for who they are, not all men understand divine masculinity..most don’t. RIP Misogyny and Patriarchy…good riddance.

    • I understand where you’re coming from, but men better have a clear understanding of rape and sexual assault when they usually the ones in violation. When a woman says “no,” that’s it. There is no negotiation or coercion that will turn a “no” into a “yes.” It also isn’t relevant if he has had sex with her 1,000 times. That does not give him the right to violate her body or her free will. No means no, and stop means ‘do not proceed any further.’ A real man accepts and respects that.

      • And if she’s unconscious and can not give consent, it’s rape. You can not violate a persons body without verbal consent!!

      • Until they TRULY understand it and keep their inflated hyper ego to a place of balance versus insecurity…they need to shut up. You can’t teach or enlighten on a subject until you’ve humbled yourself and learn some truth. Learn the difference between Male (with definition root words in bad, abnormal and dysfunction) and what is Divine Masculinity. Most men give themselves too much credit not realizing how messed up they are and as a result have a sick need to wield control over who they perceive as weeker (women and children). Men are inately screwed up in the head and must be deliberate in unlocking divine power to heal them into balance Maculinity .

      • If you can’t see if you’re actually in it because your stomach is in the way, is it actually rape?

  3. Why would anybody want to have intercourse with an unconscious woman??

    Such nonsense!

    • Im not sure but I believe Ceelo is apart of those hollyweird sexual ritual parties
      I dont believe every celebrity in hollyweird is a part of that club. But after that performance at the Superbowl with Madonna, Nikki Minaj and Mia
      I began to believe that Ceelo really changed from his Goodie Mob days from when he was with his ex wife
      His eyes, whenever he’s not wearing his shades, looks so peculiar to me now

  4. Kneegrows better not be riding with this shit. Most got out of wedlock daughters. That fat ashy dark punk could be getting plenty of down low booty.

  5. Wow so it isn’t rape if she’s unconscious that’s wat he’s saying

  6. There isn’t enough booze and drugs for me t get close to this man, he looks like a fresh pile of shit!!!

  7. is ceelo wearimng girl shoes.

    he looks like a queer in the photo.

    he looks like hey how you doing.

  8. No, rape is what he did to his toes to get those little shoes on. Dude look like he 350lb wearing a size 6

  9. I’m pretty sure he was responding to someone else’s message when he wrote that first text about being conscious. However he should also understand the nature of text and writing and know that anybody can view something and take it out of context. Clarity cannot be achieved with 140 characters.

  10. This kneegrow betta pay attention to OJ.

    You don’t get off as a black man on some shit you knw you did and then go bragging about it and teasing the public.

    They’ll be layin’ for his azz. And it wills serve him right!

    • Thank you!!! I thought the same thing. If CeeLo sneezes, he will be headed up the river with a boat and no paddle.

  11. He admitted that he drugged a woman, took her to his house, she became unconscious, and he tried to rape her. He should be in jail. If you attempt to rape someone and the only reason that you didn’t get to complete the act is because YOU couldn’t get it up is still attempted rape. He deserves jail more than Chris Brown did. Atleast Riri provoked Chris and he hit her with an open hand trying to get her off of him when he was driving. JayZe is the only reason that CB went to jail. It was to keep Riri’s image and his money maker to continue to make money for him. Riri felt bad for pretending that Cris ge CB was at fault, when that wasthe kid of thing that she liked. That’s why she let her TRUE freak show. Lol
    Ceelo is trash. I will never support anything that he participates in.

    • CeeLo pled no contest, which is the same as guilty. TMZ had the nerve to say he was “innocent.” There’s no such plea. He took a plea deal to keep his rotund, human Milk Dud looking ass out of the clink. CeeLo was in possession of ecstasy, which is usually automatic time in the federal pen. Add to that an attempted rape charge and drugging someone. Homeboy should’ve been sentenced to, at least, 10-15 years in prison. The devil is a liar.

  12. First off he looks like he just got done tap dancing, second how the hell is his feet supporting the rest of his body? Third he should buy bigger shoes and stuff them so his feet to body ratio will look more even ijs

  13. Why was he next to an unconcious body anyway? If he had any sense he would have exited the premises after making sure the young lady was safe. Notice I wrote “if”? Seems to me he absolutely took advantage of this woman, the drugging part is a little iffy to me. Everyone knows (in my Phaedra Parks voice) that you don’t leave your drink unattended in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter. But given that Hollywood is a hotbed for illicit activity, most notably drug use and sexual fetishes, she may have indulged and reacted in a manner different than she expected. Even if this was the case, this brings me to my opening question: WHY WAS HE NEXT TO AN UNCONCIOUS BODY IN THE FIRST PLACE? I can’t expect a rational answer from someone who is dressed like a country pimp. Shorts and dress shoes? Really?

    • lol, Cuz that’s the only circumstances in which a woman would ever lie next to him, when they’re unconcious. lol

  14. These guys use their celebrity to lure in
    Naive men and women for perverted
    Sexual fantasies. They should have to catch
    A predator the Hollywood edition. Cee Lo
    Is a wicked guy who got exposed. He has
    A sick MO and will get caught again.
    The lady in the case will sue and Cee Lo
    Will settle and resort to pros. He has Lo in
    His name what did she expect

  15. I don’t know the details, but I know unconcious is the only way a lot of women could sleep w/him.

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