Erica ‘Menage’ Mena’s Mirage Got Cyn Santana Whipped!

Erica Mena vs. Cyn Santana

HSK Exclusive – We’re told tension is brewing between Cyn Santana and Erica Mena. Know why? Cyn Santana is reported to be highly upset after finding out Erica’s smashing Rich Dollaz without her!

According to our tipster, Rich and Erica “get along good because Erica brings home girls for them to smash together.” This, while Cyn Santana is said to be starting to take her made-for-TV lesbian relationship with Erica seriously!

“Cyn Santana needs to chill out because her whatever with Erica is fake … and Erica needs to stop lying.”

Here’s the drop:

“Erica and Cyn aren’t real lesbians … both of them chics are taking d*ck. Rich smashed Cyn and Erica in a threesome but when Cyn found out Erica and Rich are smashing without her, she bounced. It’s all gonna be revealed.”