Did Mena Make Gayle King’s ‘Good Girl’ List?

Erica Mena Oprah's OWN
Word from Sin City has it that Oprah’s Very OWN, Gayle King showed up in Vegas to get her girl-scouting on; using the Mayweather-Paquiao fight – as well as events surrounding the match, to exercise her reported agenda to bump. Enter Erica Mena, who seemed to dazzle Gayle after the pair’s first encounter. Know why? Because Gayle put the hook-up on blast. But it’s an IG post Gayle seems to have since deleted, leading Mena to pout.

Erica Mena Gayle King

Now, only time will tell if Erica dazzled Gayle King enough to gain a pass to OWN. For Mena’s sake, let’s hope she made an incredible first impression!

Dig the Drop:

“Erica wants to seal the deal with Gayle and Oprah so bad, she can taste it. She ain’t playin’ around! She’s working the industry like a h*e working the block.”



  1. Well do you blame her….lol she is trying to move up and KIM K got her come up this way so why not Erica

  2. that fight must of been a ritual because all of the big names in Hollywood were there!!!

    Mike Tyson even admitted it, Boxing’s is a blood sport that should be taken over!!

    Mayweather is highest paid boxer?? (must of done some f*cked up shit to be getting shits loads of money)

    doesn’t Manny seem alittle odd to You???

    • manny and mayweather are both masons they work for the eiltes they knew what was going to happen head of time. i got news most high paid athletes are apart of the masonic brotherhood. and sisterhood i doesn’t matter what sport NBA, NFL, UFC, NHL UFC, even WWE. if they make high money they are apart of it and they the rituals having sex with trannies, drinking blood. etc there is no such thing as legitimate sports all of it is rigged it’s just entertainment even college and high school sports the schools place bets on the teams

      • Manny and Floyd are probably friends!

        My only problem about boxing is these boxers talking smack about Their opponent’s??

        come one now in real world You wouldn’t talk shit about someone You don’t know or haven’t met before??

        so why do these boxers talk smack about their opponent’s They haven’t met or know??

        that’s how you know boxing is fake

  3. another thing most of these sport leagues are tax free they don’t even pay taxes just like pastors who are under the 501c3. when wealthy people give money away to charity their not doing because they care they are doing so they don’t have to pay taxes. all of these charities like susan g komen bill and melinda gates foundation, ford foundation.. they have people that get paid off the interest the people are in need who get some of the money but not all. all of these wealthy charities work for the government and they listen to what the government says. you have been donatng to susan g komen for years for cancer “research” and they have not found a cure for cancer ( there is a cure but the government won’t give it to us). these rich charties are scams.

  4. You are so right, with all the research and experiments they have done over the years, there’s no way they haven’t found a cure for Cancer.. The doctors and the drug manufacturers and all in the same bed.. It’s a shame they allow infants, small children suffer thru all those treatments.. The reason I’m saying children and infants, is because they don’t have any SINS, like we do..my FIL is dying right now with stage 4 cancer.. But it’s all about the mighty dollar.. When we donate, it’s only 20% tax deduction.. Not like all these foundations, some are doing a great deal in the world to help the poor and needy. But their deductions are 100% tax deductions.. It designed to keep the poor, poor, the middle class to pay ALL the taxes, than the 1% and the large corporations don’t pay.. I know this for a fact, I worked for the IRS, and yes I found a way to look at taxes, I had no business looking at.. The top 10% and elected officials, have a different code to login on… Ummmm don’t fool yourself we are paying for it all.. It’s just disgusting to me.. But everyone has there day of judgement and then WE all will have to answer to GOD.. Imo

  5. Erica Mena, Halle Berry, Claudia Jordan, Zoe Saldana, Gabrielle Union they all had to do the satanic sex rituals to get admitted into hollywood’s playground. There are no free rides in hollywood. Sistas, if you want to know exactly what every single hollywood actress has done to become a famous celebrity, watch the porno called Ghettogaggers.

  6. Well now we have the proof, Erica Mena has eaten p*ssy! Oh well, let a hoe be a hoe!

  7. good let her eat gayle out so gayle can run and tell mother oprah, boy Stedman must be paid overtime for this.

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