Erica Mena and Bow Wow both went on social media to throw shade at his baby mama.

Apparently, Bow Wow (or um, Shad Moss) and Erica are talking marriage soon – since he did help “create” her and all.  Feeling empowered by the chance of getting a ring on it, the Love and Hip Hop star went on Snapchat of all places to throw some shade at Joie Chavis.

“Shout out to the b**ches who are stalking the Snapchat.  You just a BM b**ch! Don’t forget!”

To make it clear whose side he’s on amid all the mess with Erica and Joie, Bow Wow posted this online to send a message.

erica mena bow wow baby mama shade

Erica and Bow Wow seem pretty committed to making this a mess.

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  1. I find it very interesting how woman suddenly have this “I’m better than you attitude” once they get engaged/married. Once upon a time, she was just a baby mama and the merry go round of the industry.

    • I agree. Up until last season, she was all up in Sen’s azz. Boy how things change when the camera on ya.

  2. Wait isn’t she a baby mama as well??
    If they get married it won’t last too many dicks in the bedroom !

  3. I agree. Up until last season, she was all up in Sen’s azz. Boy how things change when the camera on ya.

  4. Let me contact my family members about this bullshit!! I done said before they better not lay a motherf*cking on my damn cousin!

  5. Sad day when a man calls the woman who birthed his child a b*tch, forgetting that the woman didnt fall pregnant all on her own. Bow wow is a damn fool.

  6. Erica needs to stop the f*ck up, Bow Wow or Shad shouldn’t be talking reckless about his baby mama. how would he like it if he’s baby mama’s new man was talking reckless about him? bet he wouldn’t like it. As for Erica, please shut the f*ck just because he got the ring doesn’t mind you can judging people. Their so called marriage won’t last, it’s built on lies and cheating. Because Erica kissed Shad on TV while she was dating her ex Cyn.

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