Terrence Williams: From NBA Shooting Guard To NBA Pot Pusher?

NBS Terrence Williams Pot Pusher

HSK Exclusive – Terrence Williams is rumored to have gone from hustlin’ hoops to slangin’ trees! According to word from multiple sources, the ex NBA shooting guard — formerly with the Houston Rockets — “is selling marijuana to basketball players in the league.”

“Terrence walks around with 20 to 25K because he makes 10K a week slinging trees to NBA players.” ~Helen Gedlu

NBA Terrence WIlliams Exposed

Sure, Williams might be cak’in now but from what we’re told he might wanna rethink things. Know why? An NBA insider tells HSK, “He’s so f*ckin’ stupid using the US postal service & Fed-Ex to send weed to his customers.” What’s more? Apparently, homey likes gett’in high on his own supply … blaz’in trees may not be the only thing that jock is into! Don’t believe me … Just ask Helen!

“Terrence Williams had a bad attitude last week, when he showed up high for training day with the Dallas Mavericks.”

Dig the Drop:

“Terrence is into women using strap-on’s and anal beads on him. He walks around the house singing Trey Songz songs cuz he’s got a man-crush on that guy!” He’s the closet freak Cee Lo was singing about.”


  1. Very freaky. Next he will just go full on male for the real experience. Being on drugs makes people very uninhibited.

  2. That’s doesn’t explain why some is mad enough to be FUCKING SNITCHING ON HIM ?.

  3. That mouth, those lips look like he has sucked a few dicks

  4. This probably explains why Helen left him…….But hey she got around the league B4 her and will got together anyway….

  5. I know bro personally an he would f*ck any one of you up that talk that shit lol say it to his face he made it to nba he survived in area were a lot of us died or went to prison Seattle WA SouthEnd

  6. People are trip snitch when you can’t get your way the person telling the story is who I would be looking at…ijs

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