Erica Mena Exposes Bow Wow’s Tiny Package

erica mena bow wow not packin

Bow Wow and Erica Mena never miss an opportunity to take shots at each other, but Erica really took a low blow during an interview with Global Grind’s Blogxilla.

The interviewer brought up how Bow Wow said he can’t relate to black issues because he’s mixed. The interview then asked Erica if she thought Bow was black or mixed.

That’s when Erica said, “To his defense, black guys are packin’, so I get why he’s saying he’s not black.” But didn’t she gladly ride his tiny vienna sausage for years?

Peep the interview:

You know Bow will clap back soon. Stay tuned…


  1. The nose is a blueprint for the peen. Race doesn't mean anything. However…tall and lanky fellas usually pack the most. Js

      • Nah baby @ Brooklyn Queen, Snoop is PACKING!!!!!!!!!
        They say he have 1 of the biggest dicks in the industry!
        They say its so big that they use him in intiation rituals to break in the new comers in the industry
        True story

        • I actually remember someone mentioning something similar about snoop in another thread from a few years ago. It's a shame all these niggas are packing nothing but big, dirty dicks.

        • Oh really!…I guess Supa head was salty, cause she was one of the wenches, that put that outchea!.. Lmao!….WOW!…Snoop denied f*cking her too!…

        • WOOOOW!…I should have known not to believe Supa head!… Snoop said that bitch ain't never touch my dick, but I thought he was bullshitting!… Guess not!…Now she was probably salty too!!????

          • Yeah she probably was salty
            She probably wanted some of Pimp Snoop big ol durty hot dog (yuck) lol !
            Also lol @Truman show

    • Skinny Niggaz Pack the most, fat Niggaz have the smallest Weeners… its just a fact. If you see a Skinny Nigga then he’s packing… Height has nothing to do with the peen cause most Porn Stars are bigger than the average men and they medium size… its all genetic down there..

  2. She only tolerated that shit, because she's a lesbian!…They're used to BUMPIN CLITS!..That's her thing!…No pun intended!???

    • @Freddie mercury!…Oh Lawd!???….Here, have a fool refreshing drink, on me!?????
      Bottoms up!…..

      • @Freddie Mercury!..I meant have a cool refreshing drink!…Brain fart, I need a drink??

  3. Lmao!!! Damn Bowow's already been thrown under the bus enough, and now she's throwing more salt in the wounds.

  4. I don't like when a woman breaks up with a man and then talk about how small he is..
    You knew that shit when you was riding it…SMH

  5. She wasnt complaining when she was sucking his little weener, I guess that little bubble gum money he had left made her Wet or made up for it!!!

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