Erica Dixon Keeps Scrappy & Momma Dee’s Bizz-Na-EE Beef On Lock!


Momma’s The Word?

HSK Exclusive – A source tells us… Momma Dee has stripped Scrappy of his Prince crown, ordering dude to step from her castle. That’s said to be the reason why Scrappy is now back at Erica Dixon’s spizz-na-ee.

The LHHATL ‘single mother’ does seem to have ‘that glow’, but she isn’t exactly telling what’s really going on behind her closed doors. Insiders say that’s because Erica’s keeping it all Scrappy and Mirrors.

Here’s what Erica told Big Tigger, during a recent radio interview:

“Erica Dixon is single… notice I said I am currently single. I’m living. I’m working.. focused on my daughter, and focused on my dresses. Like that’s what Erica’s doing right now. If something comes along then, Okay.

I’ve always been told you always look forward, and move forward, you don’t go backwards. At the same time, people do evolve and change for the better. So you never know what the future holds. But for now, I’m single. And I like white boys too.”


  1. Erica will ALWAYS be the real woman in Darryl’s life amidst all of the groupies, mama drama and everything else that comes along with his “celebrity.”

  2. Erica should not deal with scrappy. He is a little boy controlled by his mother. Not the biz. Women want to be with their child’s father for some reason that’s beyond me.

  3. For the life of me I fail to understand why women who appear to have something going for themselves and a halfway decent head on their shoulders choose to continuing the likes of some of these losers! When you know better shouldn’t you do better! If you do a woman wrong it should take more than whispered sweet nothings to get back in her good graces! These chicks make it much to easy for these dudes. Try setting standards.. sticking to them..knowing your worth.. and removing the revolving door from your home! in and and a vicious cycle and these men do it for one reason..BECAUSE THE WOMEN TOLERATE IT! This guy is a mamas boy. His mama is all up in his business, damn near ties to control his life, and often excuses his actions.Those type of men seldom make good companions for decent women!

  4. correction of above post: Should say”choose to continue entertaining the likes of some of these losers!

  5. Erica Dixon is no more intelligent than LIL SCRAPPY, I mean films out currently like “12 YEARS A SLAVE” and she can easily say she like WHITE GUYS just because they are WHITE, I must say, she is a complete dummy

  6. I seriously would have to.question the mentally state of any blackwoman who thanks its OK to date white guys.I mean,why would one relegate themselves to such levels?!

  7. Could you please stop with ebonic/slanguage and just write the story straight, I didn’t know what the hell you were writing/saying.

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