Eniko Hart Says a Stress-Free Pregnancy Helped Her Snapback

eniko hart stress free snapback

Eniko Hart is schooling all the pregnant women on how they can snapback and get their pre-baby bodies instantly.

“1 week post partum ?? I gained a total of 22 lbs during my entire pregnancy. With the help from nursing along with training, & eating well during my pregnancy i must say it was all belly weight. ? I remained stress/drama free & kept positive energy around me on a regular basis..for the sake of my health & Zo’s. I say this to say I’m super proud of the progress that I’m making to get back on my feet taking it one day at a time..baby is good, life is good! ? #WCW #TheNaturalWay”


BTW, look at how cute baby Kenzo is!




  1. Sit cho ass down fo you have a set back as my grand ma Madea used to say,lol. Whats with all this snap back mess lately. Be glad that you and your baby are healthy and alive for goodness sake. Worry about turning other men’s (besides your husbands) heads later. Says a lot about your self esteem lady, and I use that term loosely.

    The “natural” way would start by being born a female in the first place (don’t make me go any further) and having a baby grow in your (own) womb then we can talk about how you got back into shape so quickly after one week of birthing a child. When its done right, most women don’t have time to brag about it on social media because they are too damn preoccupied taking care of a newborn not to mention other things, HELLO!!!

    I’m sorry… Did I do that? (takes a deep breath)

    Fakers, smh. THEY give THEM selves away by trying too hard…

  2. How is your husband cheating on you all over the media living stress free! Not to mention all his absences at home that no one knows about.

  3. These THOTS are a dime for a dozen. You still fresh from having a baby.
    your so called husband is/was cheating. Oh I forgot you were cheating with
    him when he was still married. What goes around will come around.
    It don’t feel so good when those shoes of yours is hurting your

  4. snapbacked her ass to the damn plastic surgeon fuck out of here I hate this generation so vain for no damn reason. Bitch just had a baby relax hoe it’s not that damn serious. These hoes competing for fastest way to get dick again a week after giving birth ? I can’t

    • (choking laughing) @These hoes competing for fastest way to get dick again a week after giving birth

      LMAO You know!!!

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