Eddie Levert Sr. Exposes Gospel Singers As Back Stabbers!

Eddie Levert Sr. Exposes Gospel Singers

Holy Hypocrisy?

You’d think gospel singers would be Hailing Mary … but one O’Jays legend says they really Hail Hypocrisy. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Eddie Levert Sr.

They don’t want anyone to have more Jesus than them.

During a recent sit down with Roland Martin, the ‘Back Stabbers’ song man revealed — when it comes to competition, gospel groups trump all other music industry acts. Know why? Because the race is on to see who can get closest to Jesus first!

“They’re the most competitive people.”

Are gospel singers some of the most hypocritical people in the music industry … using more drugs and watching more porn than the average Hip Hop -or- R&B artist? Of course! Don’t believe me … ask Kirk Franklin.


  1. Well, dont have to know her personally to know something going on. She sang with openly gay tonex, she sang with openly gay caravan ( Josephine Howard) per: the tv show unsung and Josephine Howard daughter. The other caravans, don't know about, but they were all alleged lesbians. However, even if that's wrong, just the first 2, it's no secret about them, so ???

  2. I had the pleasure of hanging out with some gospel singers in the middle 80s. Shirely Ceasar immediately dismissed herself when the drinks and drugs came out. I was shock because I was the newly redeemed saint and they were doing this stuff in front of me. I actually designed Shirley Ceasar nephew's financee's wedding gowns. So far, they the Ceasars were the normal ones. I have seen other gospel entertainers do some wicked stuff. Just didn't witness the Ceasars do what you said. Actually, Pastor Ceasar, son Graham Ceasar was dismissed from a Baltimore Church because he wasn't feeling the gay movement.

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