Ed Hartwell Files for Divorce from Keshia Knight Pulliam…& He Wants a Paternity Test!

ed hartwell divorces keshia knight pulliam

Well, that didn’t last long at all…after less than eight months of marriage, Ed Hartwell has filed for divorce from Keshia Knight Pulliam, according to TheYBF.

It has been rumored that the two, who were married on New Year’s Eve, were experiencing marital problems, especially since they have both been mysteriously absent from each other’s social media accounts following their wedding.

Just last week, Keshia announced she was pregnant, and Ed must have hightailed it straight to his divorce lawyer as soon as she informed him of the news.

Ed filed divorce papers in a Fulton County, Georgia courthouse on July 25, and he cited “irreconcilable differences” as the cause.

Keshia is apparently unaware that he has filed, but I guess she’ll find out soon enough that she’s about to be a single mother!

According to TheYBF’s sources, the couple was constantly arguing, and Ed felt Keshia was acting too “spoiled.” But apparently he knew about her spoiled attitude beforehand, and still decided to act “impulsively” by marrying her after just a few months of dating.

The couple didn’t even spend Ed’s May 7th birthday together.

Keshia is due to give birth to their baby girl in January 2017, but get this….Ed wants a paternity test!

“Right now, the only thing I want is a paternity test for the baby.” – Ed Hartwell


Is Big Tigger the daddy or sumthin??!


  1. I'm not surprised! Sometimes when that 40th birthday starts to creep around the corner, women start to get desperate…It's not easy to find a man that makes the money that's she's used to that's black, heterosexual, and dates black women…I knew that they weren't in love. They both settled, especially Keshia…Ladies, never settle! Don't aim too high! Don't aim to low! Don't ever, never, ever, ever settle…..uuuuugh! ??

    • an old spinster of crazy caribbean descent is the LEAST desirable woman in the entire world

      everyone knows they all crazy, evil and savage

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          • Soooo… you went to Jamaica "on holiday" and you paid for sex and then the man told you that he had a wife he wasn't leaving.

            You Big Dummie. If you a woman shellin' out for sex with a man…., figure it out (that you hella ugly, both inside and out) and don't blame no one else

    • "It's not easy to find a man that makes the money that's she's used to that's black, heterosexual, and dates black women"

      There's an entire continent full of them. It's this place called "AFRICA."

    • Brooklyn Queen, Not really. I am 40 and I can say for myself, I DO NOT WANT TO GET MARRIED!!!! I came into this world single, lonely, and broke. And I will leave this world single, lonely, and broke. Fuck all that headache and those 21questions and not to mention the constant arguing, fussing and cussing. Let me keep what lil bit of sanity I have to myself.

  2. She got P L A Y E D! Yes she dated him only cause he's black not that they have anything else in common. He wasn't and isn't and never loved her only her money and fame. #user


      • What is up with you dissing Carribeans? You sound loco, honey. Anywho back to the topic, some BW are blind loyal to bm only, the fools. Me? I date like a black male, I ain't loyal to bm, they're not loyal to bw. She is beautiful and has some money, its obvious why he rode her train, he's washed up, a loser.

  3. With all the men out there, why she had to get intangled with that one?? With his baggage….Keisha takes the L for this one!

    • Some black females have tunnel vision they think bm are the only ones to marry while black males swirl more than any other man in the usa. bm don't no bw no favors, one sided loyalty is for suckas. choose better, bw!

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    • And I know exactly personally how she feels. That shit do hurt! My son's father did that to me and it came back as his. But as of right now, karma is kicking his ass! That dummy needs a liver transplant and guess who is his compatible match? My son! Karma! Ed is going to get his. Don't worry, he will.

        • Of all people Sarah, why couldn't he ask his brother of his four sisters better yet ask him two other son's before my son. Like my son the only child that has to save his life. All that fool is going to do is keep on drinking liquor. That's why his dumbass have Hepatitis C!

      • How do we know that baby is his? He could've have had a vasectomy and never told her about it, why else would he be so vocal about a paternity test. He is a retired pro-athlete I think it would behoove him to stop his baby making machine from making babies as a retired pro athlete with a child support and alimony order already out on him.

        • Many men do this. It's a classic psycho trick. The whole point is to damage her emotionally. If a man knows or thinks you're f*cking him and another man at the same time he'll simply break up with you. Why wait until she specifically gets pregnant to imply she's a whore? And why not ask for the test privately? They make a scene out of it for the sole purpose of embarrassing the woman. I've seen this many times. And essentially he's saying his wife stepped out on him raw, most normal men would be ashamed to say it but he's out here making sure the whole world knows. Why? Because she didn't cheat, thats why his ego is still intact. Its not enough that he doesn't want her anymore, now he needs to damage her so she cant be happy with any other guy. Classic played out bottom of the barrel dude trick.

        • Broke bums never have a vasectomy and they are fertile as hell (eg future). It's the number one rule in the broke bum guide. How else will they overpopulate and trap women with their broke deadbeat sperm?

          • True. Broke bums hate condoms too trying to trap a sis with their brokeness wanting to be taken care of cause his daddy never showed him how to provide like a man that's why I don't mess with broke bums period. I don't care how nice a man is if he's broke he can't do anything for be except get out of the way, who needs a liability? Notice many broke jokes are multiple baby daddies? Trapped all those chicks going around mooching on handouts thinking he's getting over. Nothing sadder than a 50 year old black bum homeless on the street, that is the future for many of them young bums, homelessness.

        • @Me because he said the months don't add up. They was in a dark spot in the marriage. Mind U she just found out last week and this fool told her not post the baby bump yet. She did on Instagram and he got mad. That's when he did that snake ass bullshit behind her back. We knew before she did! Now that is just wrong. They got married on 12/31/2015. Keshia got conceived in 04/2016. Baby girl due date is 01/2017. So how in the hell he say he want a DNA test when it's his?

          • Cause he's a punk bish. His daddy clearly failed him that's a bish move. He wants to embarrass her and get shine, he's a twisted petty punk. Most broke bum black males would be happy and grateful to be married to her. He got a gym out of it.

  4. Atlanta is small. They been knowin each other. She got pregnant by a friend and he gets to move on.

    • probably some jamaican got her pregnant. since they are ALL no good, THEY NEVER WANT TO MARRY EACH OTHER.


      • You need medication for your jealousy. Insulting Caribbean people won't bring your man back, boo.

      • Omg! You are killin' me with these comments about caribbeans!
        But you're so right …that's why it's so funny!

        • No one wants your opinion, anon 20:58, so please sit down, pigeon. I think you cosign on flaky Frannie's insane rants because you are one of her personalities. Being schizo is a real thing…get help please so that you can end the bitterness you have cause your man got took by a Caribbean. It's sad that in the end you are probably lonely, sad, and angry and the only thing that you have is bashing people in a comment section. Cause I'm sure your hatred matters to no one in your real life–or here for that matter. Shoo, Frannie Shoo!

          • ? I don't like to hear Caribbeans dissed even though I am not one because all the ones that I know are hard-working and family focused they keep their communities together and they keep their kids in school that's what I see from Caribbean's.

  5. she been had her eyeballs on him for years and years bc they been knowing each other for a many years as friends even when he was married to bipolar Lisa. nevertheless, that nigra knowin the child his, even tho she does seem to be a spoiled lil bratty type with a lot of mouth and prolly the needy type who loves to stay up under a man's every move…she just gives that vibe.

  6. …and she's another Shaydra Parker who knows she wanted a baby due to her doggone bio clock running out of time and insides drying up. smh at most women who act on pure desperation for any man without getting to know that ninja first. if she is a babymama that quickly after a dissolved marriage of that sudden abrupt ending she deserves to be one bc obviously she's gonna be just fine with only being just a babymama…damn fool. most women i swear.

  7. She should marry a professor like Tatyana. If she likes thugs, get a "personal trainer."

  8. he ugly. so he feel like he won/conquered cause he got her pregnant (so now he's done-mission accomplished). y do males think this way?

    • Mental illness, sense of powerlessness, common jealousy, hatred of accomplished women. I never let any bum buck get me preg hell no. Bums love to get women preg, the chick is trapped. The brokest men make the most kids, notice that?

  9. Ed Hartwell is a bum. He was cheating on keisha and this is his way covering his behind by making the woman look bad. Shame on him. I remember when he was on the real house wives of Atlanta and he was cut from the team and Lisa Wu kicked him to the curb which I thought was sad but its obvious this guy can't hold his own. I hope Keisha had a prenup.

    • Yeh he's a bum and some weak minded chicks will still be thirsting after him. He's one leopard that never changed his spots I'm reading the stuff he's saying at other blogs he ought to be ashamed of himself a straight bish petty as hell. He's a punk. Who's his father? His daddy failed him.

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