Drake Fans Run Up on Joe Budden, Rapper Chases Them Down With Rocks!

joe budden fight drake fans

Joe Budden got some unexpected visitors at his home, and he wasn’t happy about it!

After publicly taking shots at Drake, some of the Toronto rapper’s fans thought it would be a good idea to “run up” on Budden as he pulled up to his home. They had their cell phones in hand to record and Snapchat the entire incident.

But things took a turn for the worse when Budden hopped in his car and chased the kids down his neighborhood. When he finally caught up to them, he had a special surprise for them…some big azz rocks!

Budden starts pounding the kids’ vehicle with the rocks, and even sticks his head through their sunroof as he threatened to kill them.

“This is not the internet. I will kill one of you,” – Joe Budden

The kids apologized to Budden over and over, but he wasn’t letitng them off easily.

Peep the video:


Apparently the kids are aspiring rappers, and once the video of them getting chased by Budden hit the web, one of them sent their music link to Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club.




  1. LMAO! Did he just throw rocks at these kids? Bet they didn't see that coming, HA! "This is not the internet" nope, that's some down south shit LOL.


  2. so, uhhh, he decided to chase them in the
    Toyota instead of the S-Class Coupe, eh?! (-_-

  3. Joe Budden is stupid. You got fans fool, it comes with the territory. They weren't tryin' to hurt him or harm him. If someone is running from you and you are chasing them and injure them, you are going down on a felony. He is a stupid mofo, whateva money he gets will not last cuz a fool and his money will soon part.

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