Earl Hayes Committed Suicide Like His Mentor Shakir Stewart

Earl Hayes Murder Suicide

“Mayweather was on facetime with Hayes when he opened fire on Stephanie. Everyone now assumes it was Mayweather who was smashing Moseley, and Hayes made him watch her murder” ~Confidential Source

HSK Exclusive – Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team recording artist, Earl Hayes killed his wife, Stephanie Moseley, yesterday at the Palazzo apartments in Los Angeles. Know why? Because a jealous Hayes believed his wife Stephanie Moseley had cheated on him.  So, Hayes shot Moseley multiple times and before turning the gun on himself. Similar to what his mentor, Shakir Stewart did, minus the murder aspect.

Our source is saying an OG who’s goes by the name “The Gov” from Oakland brought Hayes out to the bay from Michigan, years ago. The Gov is credited with introducing him to Shakir Stewart.

Earl Hayes Shakir Stewart

Here’s the drop:

“When Shakir died Earl started to ghostwrite for 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. It was Fifty who introduced Hayes to Mayweather who took the aspiring rapper under his arm. 

Word is, Mayweather was on facetime with Hayes when he opened fire on Stephanie. Everyone now assumes it was Mayweather who was smashing Moseley, and Hayes made him watch her murder. “

Trey Songz & Stephanie Moseley


    • That’s what brothers get for falling in love with and/or marrying a hoe. You cannot make a housewife out of a hoe.

      • @Truth be told—Did you know her??? I don’t give a f*ck if she had a train ran on her, she didn’t deserve to have her life taken! Her murder is being deflected by who she slept with as if matters.sheesh

        • If you play in dirt you get dirty. If you do someone wrong you can’t predict or complain about their response.

          • That’s true knowledge and understanding right there. People who are fair minded understand and believe this.

            • @Truth Be Told!! &

              I feel you both are absolutely right & on point. Neither of you made any excuses for ANYONE involved in this story. Neither of you said this young lady deserved to have her life taken away. Neither of you took ANY sides. You both made very clear comments based on what we know.

              While we STILL don’t know “exactly what all transpired leading up to the deaths of these 2 individuals,” the fact of the mattter is their LIFESTYLES brought them to their deaths which is exactly what
              @Truth Be Told!! initially said…
              He just worded it differently!

              Thank you BOTH for being honest & NOT diluting the facts to appease anyone.

          • What about thee innocent people/babies who been killed an dun nutting wrong? Not everywun gets “dirty” playing in dirt sometimes dem people get messy in they’re ways of thinking. Man it seems more logical to hold thee people accountable for they actions.Tis man handled it all wrong taking his life and hers.If thee brother was stressed an dem could not handle his emotions and was distraught over an alleged cheating then he should have left her blowin in thee wind…..thee bloodclot cowards take thee easy way out by murder /suicide IF that’s truly what went down .We should know by now things are not what they appear to be thee media reports irrational truth .Mi dont know why but this story seems foul.

          • If it was your sister would you be poppin that bullshit. You’d say she didn’t deserved that. Blaming the victim again. Elthp. You were a cop. Did these cops have the right to kill these unarmed men even if they were playing dirt? Think bout it ed.

            • You missing the point and nobody blamed the victim quit fishing, listen and comprehend. Let me try to relate it to something else because nobody blamed the victim. what’s being said is that you are gambling when you do certain things. The police that killed these boys need to be held accountable and they were wrong in all instances. But don’t compare these two things they are not the same. Police have a protocol to handle situations, they are trained to handle these situations without personal feelings involved. It seems as if you are kind of emotional and it might be because you or somebody you have know could have been in this case due to similar actions, and situations. since you want to being up police work maybe you can get a better understanding of what was being said. Back in the 50 and 60s, racism was rampant and it was nothing to he killed at the hands of a racist. If in the Alabama or Mississippi during that time riding in a car with a white woman in the passenger seat of you car, you would know this carries a huge risk, you already know you are taking a chance with you freedom and gambling with your life. When the cops stop you and throw you in jail, falsely charge you with kidnapping. You know that there is a chance of this happening.

              I will end with this. I know that you are thinking that her cheating is normal because we are people and people make mistakes and are far from perfect and I will agree. But my point is this, if you believe that people are not perfect, you cant start to categorize levels of imperfection. If we say that she is a human and can’t expect her to be perfect, then you can’t expect a perfect reaction from him in response to her imperfect acts. Like we can hope that he has a perfect reaction and either forgives her or has a amicable break up and they go their separate was, now that would be perfect but you have to be crazy to expect anything perfect in a n in perfect world from imperfect people in an imperfect relationship. Nobody should have been killed and nobody should be cheated in anyway, but that’s only in a perfect world

            • I don’t see how I’m making an excuse. What I’m doing is NOT excusing either one of them. …they are both at fault, him more so than her but the are both at fault…

        • Bitch i didn’t need to know her,but me and common sense have been friends for years.

          • From the pics that I seen of her she like to present the image of living a dangerous and high profile life. She took pics with what looks like a stack of drug money, and a pic with a Bugatti like it was hers. Now does doesn’t mean that she deserved it but she was setting an image that could have gotten her in trouble. She was a pretty woman but most pretty women in Hollywood use their beauty as leverage and that is also a dangerous around men who are using to having everything and getting what they want by any means.

        • Why don’t you shut up bitch? She played with fire and she got burned…..plain and simple.

          • So am i to understand that if she was cheating on this man that justifies him killing her? Real talk NO ONE OWNS NO ONE. I am accountable to god….Hell they were not even married but he cared enough to kill her for cheating but not marry her GTFOH…People say off the wall comments not knowing the entire situation.

            • My bad I read somewhere they were not married and they were… still dont justify it….

            • @Kansasdarkman

              Well said and very good point, considering that this really does sound fishy…Hopefully the TRUTH of the matter comes out soon.

      • Whether she is resting or not is totally in GOD’s hands. It is appointed unto us once to die,but then after that we must be judged by GOD for how we lived out lives.

  1. We all could do a better job of informing young people that their lives are much more than the way others, even supposed loved ones, feel about them.
    With the fixation on social media this is something that must stressed now more than ever.

    R.I.P. to this woman and strength to the families of all involved.

  2. This suicide ish is contagious. My condolences to both families involved. She was smashing Trey Songz. This isnt the first time Trey got a girl killed. There was an nfl player wife Trey was smashing a few years ago and the nfl player killed her and himself. Trey must got that good good.

  3. Hmm so this dude is a rapper, in his mid 30s, no deal, still renting an apartment, tatted up, tshirts and baseball cap attire in every photo(thats ok if you are < 23 or mowing the grass Saturday AM) hanging around celebrities and being a lackey. He honestly thought his attractive unattached girlfriend who was getting exposure and paying gigs was going to stay with his stagnant self instead of building a career or at the very least phucking men that mattered (or at least had a plan, accomplished goals and/or money).

    Party and bullshit. Poor girl was probably tired of paying apartment rent while he partied or recorded(aka burning trees with his friends and wasting studio time). Wonder what his toxicology report looks like.

    • ^^^^Truest stuff I’ve read about this whole sad situation, right here.

    • Nothing wrong with upgrading or choosing something or someone different but you can’t play with people’s emotions. The shit he pulled was weak but you have a lot of weak people in this world. She did not deserve to die but she should have broken ties with old boy before starting to smash somebody else. There is no way to know who has fragile emotions, there is no way to know if a person is at their breaking point. When you disregard people’s emotions you might be playing with your own life.

      • People need to accept rejection and move on like adults. Like I said dude was mid 30s, still renting, no established career and every other IG and Twitter pic was a photo op with a celeb he’s dressed like a teenager. But at least he wasnt on mommas couch. (Why I shy away from dudes who use social network daily outside of business/professional sites like LinkedIN and they tend to act effeminate) He was older than me with celebrity connections and I am more established. Had that girl wrote a thesis and Dear John letter of why he was a loser he would of still harmed her. You cant predict crazy. Just hope more women would learn to develop and love themselves, spend time alone rather being with a knucklehead that makes you feel alone. Where were her father and uncles? This is the type of dude you date on the low during your undergrad aint shyt nword phase.

        • So you are saying that this was inevitable and she knew it, so instead of getting a restraining order or going to authorities if she feared her safety, which you yourself say that had she gone to him and said we need to go in different directions he would have killed her anyway. From that perspective alone,the way you put it, she didn’t have a choice, it was either stay with him or risk he by leaving or sleep around and she chose to sleep around until it caught up with her. I don’t buy that for one reason, a woman who really THINKS a dude will kill her for leaving, KNOWS that dude will kill her if she is cheating. The way you perceive this situation, she had no way out, at least that’s how your comment reads

          • That’s how you interpret. We all have choices . You implied that her cheating may have aided in her death. From my observations guy was mentally ill and suffered from classic Baby Boy syndrome dressing like a adolescent, mid 30s(closer to 40 than 20) no career, no ownership and as a previous poster mentioned all his photos was of his boys/celebs and hanging out instead of working. That is not a stable person period. At least by my standards. You can’t preduct mentally unstable people. From what read they were breaking up. Dude should have just dated an overweight baby mama who love jhene aiko anthems instead of an attractive woman with ambition and options.

            I was on a project in the DMV area a few years ago and this MD husband walks into his wife’s job at a telecommunications company, throws flammable liquid and sets her on fire in front of several witnesses. She left him. They were black. I’ll see if I can find the article it was disturbing bit I’m sure the wifes actions had nothing to do with that n words mania.

            • N.I. That is so close to what happened to my friend in ATL. She was at a dental appt, and her estranged husband went to the office and blew her head off right in the dental chair.
              Horrible. (also both black btw)

            • Yes you are getting old. That’s why you really should just stop spreading this bullshit you call logic. do you know anything about Hayes? he moves across the map and spends more money in a day then you make in a week. you are judging him from wearing hats in photos and showing his glamorous lifestyle? HE WAS SIGNED TO “THE MONEY TEAM” YOU IGNORANT FUCK. do your research b4 you act like u kno “shyt”. you have a lot of room to talk about some bullish because your life is “put together” whether your parents started you off good at a young age or you made it yourself i don’t give a f*ck your a stereotyping bitch. You may be right about the mental illness but i can assure you the cheating was THE ONLY thing driving him crazy. nothing matters but love in life and once again you don’t know what other people went through/ go thru. he now lost HIS SOUL and you are here talking about him in a negative way when you have no right. no matter what he did. Only Jesus saves. And i am not an example as you can see but i know the truth and light and in the end times the spirits will be tested. not all will pass but for you…. Mind your own unless your picking someone up.

      • Bet he thought they were gonna make it now that she had pay n gigs & Mayweather was his Mentor, so how could he do this?

        Hollywood/Vegas turns dem out everyday.

        Sad but true.

      • I know he killed her and himself, it’s reported that she slept around with someone else. If it comes out that he did then we will know that he did. But your willingness to go with presumptions is pretty disturbing, it’s the same attitude that has ruined many relationships and families. It’s not even a proven fact that she slept around so if that’s the case it can be said that he killed this woman behind a bullshit presumption. And if you don’t think that being in a relationship with a person while not feeling them isn’t playing with their emotions then you might run into a person that will kill you for “not playing with their emotions” what’s wrong with being an adult and tell a person you are not feeling them anymore and doing shit the right way. If you can’t look at the state of the world and people’s reaction to small things at this day and time and don’t think that it’s best to be open and honest, you might not be taking life seriously.

        • Lmmfao….ok if you say so, but your post is still visible, can’t pull the Jedi mind trick here. Go back and read you own words. I did not presume a thing, what I spoke on is what was reported.

    • A lot of people rent homes/apartments. The Palazzo apartments are a good $5,000/month. Who on this site pays rent or mortgage of $5,000/month?

      • I don’t see anything wrong with renting as long as you have other priorities In check, But B.Staviano, you sound defensive. Do you know them or know more about them than us? If not, you can’t really say that other people’s take on the situation is wrong.

        • What do their living arrangement have to do with anyone on this forum? That’s what I don’t understand. There are people here who don’t see per month what they paid per month for rent, yet responses are piled up about who these people are and how they lived not based on fact but speculation. If they lived in cardboard boxes, that was their lives. The fact remains, the Palazzo apartments are expensive, high end apartments in a nice area. I find it funny that people can state false information emphatically, but when I step in to correct them, I’m defensive. Lol. Ok.

          • Which is why I asked. I like facts. Don’t group me with those that don’t. And I agree that people’s living situations shouldn’t be scrutinized. But you don’t need to be an Einstein to look at his iG page and make an educated guess about who he is and how he lived. And likewise, it’s silly to assume most people who comment don’t see 5k a month, wouldn’t that be assuming? The same thing you are being accusatory of?

            • That wasn’t an accusation, it was a question. Some people here have disclosed their financial information, so to suggest someone in their 30’s is a loser because they rent or they aren’t a household name is absurd. Ghostwriters aren’t usually household names, hence the term GHOSTWRITER. It is common knowledge that the people behind the scenes are usually the ones on the top of the entertainment food chain.

              I haven’t visited the decedents’ IG pages to “research” them or their lifestyles. I just hope they rest in peace and their families can heal without speculation from a bunch of onlookers.

          • Good points as usual. Many people rent since the first time home buyers age increased to 32 but the average homeowner isn’t worth 400K with writing credits. The 60K annual rent excluding rent increase could be built in equity or used elsewhere. As a 34 year old married man whose work and wifes work is based in the area, renting doesn’t seem like a wise financial decision a mentality of a family man with means.

          • Stiviano stay correcting people all the damn time. Shes the resident know it all.

            • Yep. And if you correct her she goes HAM on your ass. She can never be wrong. smh

          • @B.Stiviano,

            You know you & I are kindred spirits. The hospitals we were born in mere miles away from each other in Hollywood!

            Looking in from the outside of this conversation I see a point you’re missing & so is @Lucid. I’m not sure where @Lucid resides but YOU LIVE HERE as do I & therefore know the
            area. That’s why you feel passionate about speaking on it. Keep in mind, a great deal of our HSK family can’t jump in their whip & drive 10-30 mins to The Palazzo Apartments to visit a friend, relative, colleague or to view a model unit because they live in other parts of the country. They form opinions solely on they hear or read.

            If you pay attention…our perspective on issues that transpire locally for us tend to be slightly different & taken to heart more than by others who don’t have ties here & there’s nothing wrong with that.
            I don’t think you’re wrong here…
            I feel you’re being misunderstood…

      • What thee f*ck in bloodclots name do dem rent and mortgage payments have ta do wid dem deaths? Smoke yah Ganja then take yah azzes straight to bed or let dat bush weed where off yah high.Get yah mind right on topic or logged thee hell off !!!!!!

        • Who wants to go into debt to own a home. Slaves that’s who. Be paying it off most of thier life. Lose your job, they take the house, keep the repayments and your still in debt. It’s a f*ckin scam.

          • Homeownership is no “scam”. If you believe so then you mine as well stop paying taxes while you’re at it.

            People don’t have to go into major debt purchasing a home, but they need to be realistic and shop within their budget. I’ve seen people pay off their homes within 15 years and sometimes a few years for Real Estate investors.

            Black folks need to understand assets matter long term. A home is an asset you can past down to your children’s children so they don’t have to pay someone else’s mortgage.

  4. Sad, sad, sorry to hear this R.I.P god bless the family and friends

  5. This would explain why 50 was telling Floyd not to hurt himself. I can see being distraught over your friend dying or even killing himself and his wife and you witness it BUT being suicidal yourself sounds like some guilt type business. Whatever the case I hope he heals cause this is tragic all the way around.

  6. The first report on this site says he thought his wife was messing around with a singer. Now they r saying it could be Floyd M. So which is it?

    Either way; no1 really knows what happened except there r 2 dead bodies. If indeed Floyd M witnessed it; I pray that God gets him through this. Perhaps this is a sign for Floyd to re- evaluate his life.

  7. People are always starting rumors….first they say it was a R & B singer who was smashing her and now gossiping ass people are saying it was Mayweather. Stop spreading lies about Floyd. Floyd needs to withdraw from that world. Enough is enough!!

  8. Maybe this was Mayweather’s human sacrifice to the Illuminati/Satan. They all gotta make sacrifices for their fame. Floyd has been very,very successful. If Jennifer can have her entire family taken out,then this is not so crazy.

    • I could be wrong.
      The star must have some vested interest in the sacrifice.
      And they aren’t ever around the actual sacrifice ritual. .

  9. He turned the gun on himself so he did’nt have to spend the rest of his life in jail…

    • He’s in hell now. Jail would have been a million times better than eternal fire.

      • You don’t know that he is hell. You are not THE ALMIGHTY to decide who goes to hell and who don’t.

      • He might have gotten off if he didn’t kill himself. One juror would’ve understood.

  10. This story has had so many loopholes within 24 hours. RIP to this beautiful sista

  11. Stephanie Mosley was out of his league, and that’s what got her killed…The Ugly Truth! Same rapper dudes throw stones at women for being stuck-up and wanting better in life. Her death should be a cautionary tale to all women. Earl Hayes was in the hip-hop game, and he had connections that she could maximize for her benefit. That’s why she stayed in the relationship despite not loving dude anyway. Her cheating is irrelevant, plenty of women like her in Cali. Simply move the hell on like a sane person. Earl Hayes was a typical lame dude with no foundation to hold him up. All he did was hang with Floyd and party/bullshit in LA and Vegas…Sad Negros in 2014!!!

    • How was this woman out of his league? She was a backup dancer. She wasn’t a choreographer or owner of a dance school. She was a BACKUP DANCER. I watched Hit the Floor. I never saw her. She was likely a background dancer on that show, because she wasn’t one of the stars as she was reported to be.

      If Earl was ghostwriting, please believe he was the breadwinner in their household. So many notable artists were commenting about him and how good of a person he was, in spite of what he did. As usual, folks are just posting comments out of their asses without knowing the deceased, the living players in this horrible tragedy or any of the other facts pertaining to this matter.

      • I understand what you’re saying, but, his actions contradict his alleged musical prowess. He killed her because of continued iinsecurity about other men in the iindustr. A profile in strength…I Think Not! Incidents like this happen, and folks will say he was a good dude yada yada yada. How can his peeps say that? He took an innocent life, i could care less about him being a rapper/ghostwriter. Too many in hip-hop condone this sickness to curry favor with stupid fans who will defend Earl Hayes killing his wife. They will claim she had it coming, but, the same men will cry like sissies if a woman let it burn with the steel on their person. I have no sympathy for dude…He Dead Wrong! B, don’t sugarcoat what was done. Otherwise, more women will get killed by men who see them as property. No man has the right to take a woman’s life. Brothas gotta overstand this. Women are not gonna keep falling for excuse after excuse. At a certain point, ish will change. I read various news sites daily from all over… We Got A Problem!!!

        • An innocent woman? Commitment is not ownership, but she could have left dude. She did wrong and so did he.

          • She f*ck someone else, he killed her.If you cannot handle your feelings take yourself out. Don’t drag people with ya. She got a mother a father sisters brothers family. He took her away from them. Stop blaming the victim. What’s wrong with you people.

  12. the gov was a serious boss in oakland. protected tupac out here. currently doing 70 years. real name joe flowers and part of the notorious flowers family in oakland

  13. Maybe, I’m just a bad person, but I don’t feel bad for this chick. If she didn’t want to be with dude or wanted to mess with famous dudes she could have left the situation. Instead she decided to be grimy and now people are acting like we lost some angel. You can’t do grimy ish then expect other people to adhere to some code of conduct. I would never do something like that myself (too much to live for), but I don’t consider this a great loss.

  14. Duet 22:22 If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, than shall both of them die,both the man that lay with the woman,and the woman:So shalt thou put away evil from Israel.

    • Mathew 19:8 Yeshua said that moses granted that men could divorce their wives for adultry because the hardness of their hearts..before that it was not so, a woman could be put to death. The scriptures are insightful. If you are going to share them in comparison to a situation you should search the correct ones. (No shade honestly).

  15. All cheating sluts deserve the Sword.Don’t try and Have The Cake And Eat It.

    • then Madonna should have been shot years ago.

      kill bill Clinton too for getting his dick sucked.

      kill faith evans.

      kill bobby brown he was a dog.

      kill chili for phbukking a married man.

      kill ashanti too.

      guess tiny needs to put out of her misery too.

      • This is not a celebrity problem, this is a world problem. Most married men and women have been cheated on

    • You sound like a man that have been cheated/dissed on a lot. Good luck with that.

  16. checked out her resume and got to admit this girl wasn’t that great she was in a few film roles and she wasn’t the lkeading lady she was a ballroom dancer in 1 film.

    Stephanie must have been playing the field trying to find something better.

    and this dude’s resume was’;nt all dat he was just a ghostwriter and they barely get recognition.

    earl was too weak minded to move on and find another woman he cold have easily done that but guess he was’mt strong enough mentally to.

    everybody gets hurt we get over it and move on.

    earl would have did better writing a song or cussing her out on twitter or something but no this fool had to kill her and himself.

    he could have filed divorce.

  17. I dont understand how the swat team knew which apartment to go in. The neighbors said they heard shots. Why not just leave and get a divorce. I read that he never hit her and that theyve been married since 08 but no pictures of them together. They look like the odd couple. She looked to good for him.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who thought she was too cute for him. She was a paid dancer means she has talent or appeal and to my knowledge no children which makes her a planner. My theory is she was tired of paying rent and wanted someone who wore shirts with buttons and sports jackets, hell even an agbada on dinner dates instead of a graphic tshirts and baseball caps.

            • Honest is people fall for different shapes, sizes, jaw lines, eye colour, whatever the f*ck. Plus the cutest face could hide the nastiest soul. Non is opinionated doesn’t make it the truth.

          • These people are incredible. “Too cute for him” is some bullshit you hear in junior high or high school. I never expect to see or hear that from grown “established” people. With minds like that true happiness and self worth will never be obtained, I don’t care how well you lie to yourself. Wow!!!!!!

      • @non important; what in the blue hell does her ‘LOOKS’ have to do with anything? So if she was considered ugly(according to society’s standards); her death wouldn’t have mattered as much?

      • Your theory is invalid until you know who it is thay she cheated with.

  18. She was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson, JLO,Beyonce, Britney Spears just to name a few. She was making her mark but I dont get why she was married because she had her whole career ahead of her. All that hanging with Floyd will get you in trouble.

  19. Explosive news if Maywheather was confronted with mentioned allegations & odd if he attended a basketball game soon after.

    • That was all over the entertainment shows tonight. Kevin Frazier on ET could barely contain his disdain for Mayweather for being at the game right after hearing his boy was dead.

  20. Another woman dead too soon from being with a man that had a gun in the room. LEARN SOMETHING LADIES! If he ain’t a cop, he don’t need to have a gat in the house. Period.

  21. This is some sadd Ish. The industry is evil, way too much going on. Searching for fame and riches at any cost. The shallowness is astounding, but that is what that life is all about..surface.

    R.I.P to this woman. smdh

  22. Well I read that he found out she smashing Trey Songz and that Floyd kept calling him weak for staying with her after she cheated. And then he snapped in the form of a coward.

    • If this is true, may his blood and the woman’s blood be on Floyds hands also
      No wonder 50 is trying to cheer him up
      I also heard 50 was the 1 who introduce him to Floyd
      These people are so cold and demonic in the industry

  23. I see the devil is working over time on this thread. For all the women who say she got what she deserved, what if it were your sister or best friend or family member would you still say she deserved to die? Then you have all the GODLY folks on here casting judgement. It is not your place nor your job to judge, I’m sure you all don’t live like you portray because if you did, this would not be a site that you would visit. Some of you need to check yourself, seriously.

    • I agree noone should judge because its not our place nor our authority to do so but since we all do to an extent… Whether its bad or not. if it were my sister of course i would feel remorse but i would not be backing her side as much considering i know what cheating on true love does to a man. The evil forces out her mixed with weed is a deadly combination also. if she wouldn’t have cheated i can say for a fact none of this would have happened. so she is at fault in away even though she did not deserve her life take away from HIM.

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