Puffy’s Beef With Drake Revealed


Reason Diddy Drake Fought

HSK Exclusive – We now know the reason Diddy and Drake threw down at LIV night club in Miami over the weekend. It all boils down to money and hoes…

Drake wrote songs and laid down vocals for Puffy’s up coming album and Puffy never paid the How About Now lyricist. This while Drake has been calling Puffy and the Bad Boy Records CEO has been been ducking the Canadian rappers phone calls and text messages.

This according to an exclusive OVO source!

The insider is saying when Drake was partying at LIV nightclub in Miami, celebrating DJ Khaled’s birthday, he spotted Cassie and pushed up. Know why? Because the Toronto emcee believes that pushing up on Puffy’s girl, is another way for being compensating for the monies owed to him. Don’t believe me.. Ask Drake’s sidekick Chubbs.

The drop:

“Puffy owes Drake money and is refusing to pay him. He punk’d Drake like he does everybody else in the industry. Drake asked Puffy for his money and Puffy sucka punched him.”


  1. First of all, Drake should have known better not to deal with Diddy shitty ass. We all know Diddy ain’t shit especially when it comes to being an artist, producing, and being lyricists. Second, Drake should a had something in writing or record a conversation about how Diddy was going to compensate Drake. Diddy was wrong for so many reasons. Copywright someone song is against the law. Diddy assaulted Drake. Right there is an assault and battery charge. And a verbally breach of contract (verbally) between the two parties. Drake can sue the hell outta Diddy and if he do, Diddy better come up with that money or answer to somebody else besides Drake’s lawyer.

    • Rigt DR. Drake was trying to be hard about the situation but everyone knows Aubrey isn’t hard. He should’ve just handled the situation like a businessman.

    • @DR1,

      I think Drake handled this all wrong from the gate. If all the facts were stated correctly & Drake had business he’d transacted with that hedonistic ass hole Puffy where his services were NOT paid for a law suit should have quickly ensued. That would have been the professional way to handle this matter. This is how real “businessmen handle such matters.” They don’t make feeble attempts to hit on the other cat’s side piece in a effort to receive money owed to him for an unpaid business deal & end up getting bitch smacked in the face in front of a club full of people. This let’s you know what kind of “so-called” men they really are.

      The problem here is that we’re talking about not 1 but 2 cowardly dudes in the industry who both think they’re bigger than God Himself.

      • Nah, Fuk a Lawyer N dis particular situation.

        If somebody owed me $$$$, and walked around da niteclub wit dat Stack dat Puffy had, (C above Pic)I would step 2 him first like a Man should.

      • @Reg either way Diddy is going to get sued. So if do and those assault charges right along with them. I wonder is he going to do a lil bit of time like how DaBrat hit that cheerleader in the head in Atlanta at the So So Def Halloween party?

        • @DR1,

          Girl, you KNOW doggone well IF a lawsuit comes out of this wretched-ass Puffy is going to settle out of court. He’ll offer a larger settlement if they omit assault charges even though we know he deserves it.

          You & I also know DaBrat received that sentence she got because of her reputation & long record of “whoopin asses on a whenever she felt she needed to basis” coupled with the fact the connections & people she thought would assist her…didn’t.

          I really hope this will be the catalyst to land Puffy’s sorry ass in jail but I highly doubt it. 🙁

  2. Ok Aubrey, I need your 1/2 Jewish to come out and collect from Puffy with compound interest. This is disheartening.

      • I am so sick of people like gay diddy screwing over people. When is someone gonna put this fool in his place. Why is it that wicked ass evil people like this continue to get away with their evil. Just not right.

    • Aubrey doesn’t know how to handle business matters. He is far to immature and egotistical. Y’All don’t remember he used real life girlfriend s voice on that Marvins Room song. He knew fully well that even a speaking voice on a commercial song is a copyright issue. He promised to break the chick of some money. Time passed. The track blew up, and he gave the woman nothing. Chick gets Lawyer involved. Now instead of thinking ‘Let me do right,to stop a lengthy and expensive suit’, when he got served papers, he proceeded to call the chick up threatening her. He paid up eventually though. He has stolen full verses from other rappers before. His ghost writer is currently in the process of suing him too. He ego is out of control. Not helped by his jooish entitled ass. He gon learn not to mess with an OG like Puff though.

  3. MAN LOOK HERE AINT NO WAY PUFF SOFT NUT SWALLOW’EN ASS WOULD’VE PUT IN A HOSPITAL! no f*ck’en way that shit would happen, now far as the money, we would have a problem, I would’ve found another way to collect, like try to block the c.d. until he ran my cheddar or take my shit of the record and it’s a no show! That c.d. would not have seen the light of day! WATE WATE what is puffy’s 50 year old ass doing a c.d.? Punk you couldn’t rap in the beginning, you could never rap puffy u know you was wack as f*ck as a rapper, and your 50 bitch! all you did was jump on other mothaf*cka’s trwcks danglen and dance’en like a bitch would, that’s all you did was copy everybody’s shit steal beats and other people’s shit yo bitch ass was never original! NEVER! STFU! drake you soft ass lil trick let dis sugar sweet ass take me down, no f*ck’en way! Yall some straight bitches!

    • @ on topa; soft or not; if some1 sucka punched u; it’ s possible that u maybe hospitalized.

    • Somebody is going to f*cked up diddy real bad just watch. He is a low down dirty skank motherf*cker.

  4. Puffy is & has always been dirty. His time is coming. No1 goes unpunished.

    I will never forget seeing him on BET after he killed Biggie; with a bible & quoting scriptures. HYPOCRITE.

  5. Diddy is a bitch made motherf*cker…..he has a rep for not paying people. I don’t know why Drake even worked with that bent dick nigga. Diddy is gonna cross the wrong brother one of these days. He is straight out of the nigga factory. I bet he would have not played no real brother from the hood like that. Drake one of those Canadian suburb boys. Diddy is a dirty ass nigga. Motherf*cking has been, or should i say never was. Drake better take some fighting lessons and learn the art of laying on of hands.

    • Obviously Diddy only picks on softies like Drake, he wouldn’t do Hov or 50 like this, he’d be signing his own death certificate

      • Exactly! Drake is soft as new born baby shit…..but let Diddy try that on somebody dropping real shit.

  6. Sue him and file assault charges Aubrey! Diddy is a bully and the only way to deal with guys like him is to involve the law, period.

      • I don’t know now, this might be his way out of his contract from Baby and sued the hell outta Diddy before somebody get to him.

  7. I believe Diddy had both Biggie and Pac killed and has destroyed many lives along the way. Drake better have alot of security around him from now on. I hope he gets his money.

  8. I wouldn’t work with Puffy if he paid me upfront, in full, in British pounds sterling, US dollars, euros, all the pearls in China etc. He is that dirty. Here’s my question tho: isn’t he officially has been status. Badboy is a wrap. Revolt ain’t hair and he has like 6 kids by 5 women or some shit. Isn’t he a finances risk right out the gate? So why does anyone still fuk with him, that’s what I wanna know.

      • Revolt is going to be gone soon. There are many internal problems within management & the biggest issue is…nobody is watching that mess.

    • He’s a mix of Baby and Wayne.

      Robbing ppl and running up bills by producing so many kids.
      Isn’t Drake getting tired of not getting paid?

  9. remember back in 2009 Mark Curry wrote a book about Diddy
    called (Dancing With The Devil) kinda surprised Diddy allowed him to publish it.

    is Day 26 still about?? Diddy signed them back in 2011
    haven’t heard nothing from them since.

    • I always wanted to read that book. Puffy must have a deal with the devil since he never goes to jail, been injured and still on top financially(perhaps on paper). Or maybe the rumor mill is false. You would think if he was this raging bisexual woman beating crook that someone would have killed him or set him up for prison by now; it’s 20 years and counting.

      I just cant imagine someone getting over for so long without reaping. Black Rob could have easily aimed the gun used during the hotel robbery on innocent people at Diddy.

      • that’s why puff’s a ceo he has his artists take the fall for him.

        berry gordy cares nothing for his aarytists he sat back and watched most of the old Motown crew self destruct on drugs.

        berry benefitted while Martha reeves performs for chump change.

        when most of the temps died berry said phukk ruffin, and kendricks.

      • Diddy only cares about the money!!

        Mark Curry’s book sound interesting, he even did an interviews about it, it’s on YouTube



  11. Drake is the mangy dog in the alley with fleas and ticks all over him, sucking his blood like water. Birdman schooled him on the ways of the world, and Puffy is pulling his card just the same. How many times does he have to get slapped down by cats that have no respect for him? Who is checking for Diddy right now? What new material is up in the clouds blasting away? Naw Man, you ain’t Suge Knight. Stop trying to shakedown this kid like Vanilla Ice dangling over a balcony…Fall Back!

  12. Anyone who does anything with Pooh Doody deserves what they get….In Drake’s case, he deserves the three piece Diddy gave him simply for his “bitchassedness”. Real gangsta’s move in silence and there are many other ways to get a a ninja, like in his pockets. He could’ve sued his ass instead of pulling a bitch nigga move like that! #FriesW/That3Piece?

  13. Real niggaz would drop a refridgerator on his head from the 2nd floor of a building.atleast that’s what the LOX would have done

    • @Trav, Somebody from Diddy’s past is going to f*ck his ass up! Watch what I tell ya. It is going to be somebody we least expected and whoever it is, they are going to get away with it too.

      • the whites are gonna et tired of him and drop him that’s whos gonna do it.

        bill cosby whether he had sex with those girls or not pissed some jew off.

        if bill raped those girls his money and status and white connections at the trime would have covered him.

        Sheldon leonard who was a gay fag was bill’s so called last father in bill’s words.

        leonard also managed Richard pryor.

  14. 112 filed a rerstraINING ORDER FROM PUFF.




    biggie lost his life.

    never trust a man who calls himself puffy.

    suge knight and puff never had a fist fight both lost their best comrades and best money making artists.

    suge had plenty of time to fight puff it never happened.

    don’t trust these hip hop beefs the industry create them to sell records.

    with the east west beef they took it further and decides hjey lets have folks get shot, beat up and go to jail .

    phukk that fake ass beef quik and eiht had because they never fought it out and those 2 were running around the same cirlcles and hanging with the same associaytes.

    never heard none of eiht’s crew or quik’s crew gewt into it.

    why suge and snoop never fought it out.

    makes you think was these things planned.

    puff wanna fight a dude he know he can handle bedtycha he wouldn’t have put his hands on 2pac easily.

    all puff would have did was make another underground mixtape.

    • Put his hands on pac easily? More like diddy would be hiding from pac coz he’d beat the shit outta his no talented faggot ass

        • Damn. Its four of them and one of him. They couldn’t whoop his ass and got that shit over with?

          • Diddy is a Big Girls Blouse, remember back in late 90’s Diddy and J-Ho was involved in club shooting incident, a new Bad Boy artist took the rap for Diddy.

            the guy’s name is Jamal, Diddy signed him to His Record Label, Sadly the Nicca’s in jail for Diddy

            don’t think Diddy visits Him in jail

  15. oh yeah speaking of pryor forgot about the toy where he dressed as a maid for Jackie gleason.

    soprry but rich looked silly wearing a maid’s outfit but its only Hollywood right.

  16. What has happened to the rap and street game??? Don’t act like you know the hustle game if you can’t stand the isht that comes with it. It takes all the Roughneck out the roughneck rapper when he has to call the cops. That’s the first place people go in this new generation. Thank God for police or else punks wouldn’t get theirs at all I guess.

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